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Andrs Efrn Castillo Estrada

Zapote 85 16 92 44 22 34 16 46

Objective: to secure a promising position that offers both challenge and an opportunity to


Salesiano Don Bosco 1996- January 2007

Orleans Institute

Editus Academy for Music and Arts

UCR (Escuela de Artes Musicales)

Cyber U: Centro de Capacitacin de Alta Tecnologa

Computer Skills:

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Office

Internet explorer

Adobe Audition Illustrator CS Photoshop CS

Steinberg Cubase

Guitar Pro

Sony Sound Forge

English Level:

100% Level of English and Spanish both written and

MAY 2008 - NOVEMBER 2009



Wants to delight customers, above and beyond the call of duty

Has intimate knowledge of the customers needs
Has empathy for the customers situation
Is able to communicate clearly, both written and in speach
Talks in a way the customer can understand
Has a "thick skin" and is able to handle complaints, even when handling
unpleasant customers
Works accurate and with eye for detail
Handles in the best interest of both customer and company

December 2009 - October 2011

Technical Support Agent
Delivering service that's always on time and always relevant - SYKES works hard to help our
clients overcome even their most complex business obstacles. We can do the same for you. I am
uncharged to provide technical and customer service support to the AT&T account, both in
english and spanish ass well.

November 2011 - December 2012


Leading Market Research Company in Latin America. We provide customer

service and data processing to our international clients. Sales skills are a must
since we make cold calls to customers in the USA to gather information about
all sorts of topics. I work for the ADMAX generating quality leads for
Universities and Colleges on the USA.

Dear Personnel Director,

I am submitting this letter and attached resume with eagerness for your review and
consideration regarding any possible employment opportunities within your organization.
As outlined in the enclosed resume, my background based on a practical combination of
education experiences. I possess strong interpersonal, time-management, teamwork and
service-oriented skills.
As my experiences have proven, I am a dedicated individual who can provide a unique
approach to your organization. Any opportunity for an employment would be greatly
Thank you for your time.
Most Sincerely,

Andrs Castillo Estrada