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The picture below shows what you and your family members celebrating Chinese New Year.
Based on the picture given, write about the celebration to your pen pal.

Chinese New Year

298, Lorong Kulim Square 4/1,

Taman Kulim Square,
09600 Lunas
Kedah Darulaman

09 January 2017

Dear James,

Hi, how are you and your family? I hope you are doing good there. Everyone is fine
here. In this letter I would like to write about how my family members and I celebrate
Chinese New Year as you wanted to know more about it.

Chinese all over the world celebrate Chinese New Year in January or February when
the Lunar Year usually begins. This year the celebration falls on 29th January. In Malaysia,
the Chinese celebrate the event with a festive spirit as it is the most important festival to them
and every Chinese home is made ready for the great event.

The preparations begin a month or earlier as there are many things to be done before
the great day arrives. My mum gets busy cleaning and decorating our house. Bright lanterns
and colourful decoration lights brighten our house. We also put up new curtains. Besides, we
place mandrin oranges plan in the garden. On the New Year day, we must wear new clothes,
therefore we prepare our traditional attire call Cheongsam and samfu. The New Year is
incomplete without traditional delicacies such as Nien Kau a glutinous rice cake and kuih

On the New Year eve, our family members and close relatives will gather for a reunion
dinner. It is a chance for family members to meet n greet while strenghtening the family
bonding. Here we enjoy a variety of dishes specially cooked with love. After the hearty meal,
the children will light up the New Year mood by playing firecrackes. The loud cracking of
firecrackers and colourful fireworks sparks the beginning of the New Year.

To me, the New Year is the most awaited day. I always enjoy and celebrate the day in a
positive note. After wearing my new clothes, we do prayers together and get blessings from
elderly people. We say Kung Hai Fat Choi to our relatives or wish them have a good year. In
return, we receive Hongbao is a red packet containing money. Then we go and visit friends
and relatives. We organise open house to celebrate the auspicious day the others. Only on this
day, we get to see the lion dance performance at my house as this is believed to bring in good
fortune to the family.

There are some taboo that you should avoid doing on the New Year day such as we are
not allowed to sweep or clean the house, to wash our hair and prohibited from using foul
language as this will drain away the good luck of the year. This is only the start of the Chinese
New Year celebrations which stretch on for a period of fifteen days. On the fifteenth day
which is known as Chap Goh Mei, another grand dinner is held to mark the end of the
festival. I always enjoy myself greatly during the Chinese New Year.

Thats the whole explanation of how my family n I celebrate the Chinese New Year.
Hopefully, next year you can join us to celebrate this auspicious day. Please send my regards
to your family. Take care and will write to you more after the celebration. Bye.

Your friend,

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