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First speaker

good morning to the respected speaker, cautious time keeper, honorable judges, members of the opposite team and members
of the floor.
Before I put forward my case today I would like to define todays motion school athletes should be rewarded with cash
money. According to the Longman dictionary of contemporary English published in 2016, A school is an institution designed
to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers while
athlete is someone who is good at sports and competes in sports competitions. Reward means something tangible that is
value to young people in recognition of their service, effort, or achievement. Cash money means coins and bank notes in cash
that used to buy things

. In short our motion today is defined as the school students who excel in sports should be rewarded some cash money as a
recognition to appreciate their effort and achievement .
Today I the first speaker of the government team strongly believe with the motion school athletes should be
rewarded with cash money. I the first speaker of the government team will present one argument, .................. as the second
speaker will give two arguments and ........................ will rebut all the arguments presented by the opposite team.
now, let me deliver my argument

Performance in sports activities serves as a crucial indicator for ranking position among athletes. Today in Malaysia,
improving athletes' performance and ensuring continuity of athletes is pertinent for the national sports development in
realizing the potential among citizens who have passion for sports. Cash money is a great motivator. Cash money as rewards
can motivate the athletes to the limit.

Beck (2004, ) defined Motivation as an internal state which is the driving force that activates behaviour or gives directions to
thoughts, feelings and actions of an organism. . The desire to have money is ingrained in people today as explained by Ventura
(1995) when he said that money has become the absolute standard of access and status.
In order for the school athletes to win or break records in a competition, they must be greatly motivated to attain that goal. In
other words, the motivation must be great enough for them to do the extraordinary. Besides having the inward desire to win,
external motivators such as money can be an add-on factor to push an athlete to strive for more. I believe by encouraging such
excellent spirit will bring about excellent performance in sport.
To conclude, cash prize has definitely motivates the athletes to push themselves to greater height.

Once again before I rest my case I would like to stress that school athletes should be rewarded with cash money.