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Latn Amrica animal and extincin

Nane: Almendra Storti

Year: 5 A

Endangered animals in Latin America chinchillas.
These animals are chinchillas the chinchillas are
of the Andes in Chile, Peru, Bolivia and
Argentina. They are in danger of laryngeal
extensional chinchillas has long ears and a long
tail is the brevecita chinchillas Gray has short
ears and a short tail

Animales en extincin en Amrica Latina

chichillas. Estos animales son chichillas las
chichillas son de los Andes en Chile, Per,
Bolivia y Argentina. Estn en peligro de
extensional chichillas larngea tiene orejas largas
y una cola Larga es Gris las chichillas brevecita
tiene orejas cortas y una cola corta

Chinchillas are hunted for their fur to make
coats experiments also used for hunting is
prohibited and penalties are established for those
who do not comply

Las chichillas son casadas por su piel para hacer

abrigos tambin son utilizadas para experimentos
su caza est prohibida y se establecen multas
para quien no cumpla

Ignacio: Squirrel -like mammal lives in burrows

Is fine gray hair and extremely soft
Juan Manuel: There are two species live in the