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A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel shoved in his pants.

The bartender
asks him, "what the hell is that?" The pirate says "Arrr, it drives me nuts!"


CCNA, CCNP, Comptia A+, NET+, ITIL, SEC+

Think Python
SQL Server
GIT, Eclipse
Code Wars
Web Development
Git & GitHub

I started with "beginner" excercises, like:

leg press, started with 60kg up to 155kg

leg extension, started with 35kg up to 50kg

leg curl, started with 54kg up to 70kg

chest presses, started with 33kg up to 50kg

butterfly, started with 33kg up to 50kg

neck shoulder press (?), started with 15kg up to 30kg

lat pulldown, started with 47kg up to 65kg

seated machine rows (?), started with 35kg up to 50kg

After that, took me about 3-4 months, i switched the excercises:

smith machine - hack squat, started with 10kg up to 25kg

lunges, started with own weight and up to 25kg

incline barbell bench press, started with 10kg up to 25kg

lat pulldown (tight grip?), started with 50kg up to 60kg

back extensions (only because i had some trouble with cycling), started with
40kg up to 55kg


? There must be some

kind of way out of here ?

? Said the joker to the thief ?

? There's too much confusion now ?

? I can't get no relief ?

? No reason to get excited ?

? The thief, he kindly spoke ?

? There are many here among us ?

? Who feel life's but a joke ?

? But you and I,

we've been through that ?

? And this is not our fate ?

? So let us stop
talkin' falsely now ?

? The hour's getting late, hey ?

? All along the watchtower ?

? Princes kept the view ?

? While all the women,

they came and they went ?

? Barefoot servants, too ?

? Outside in the cold distance ?

? A wildcat did growl ?

? Two riders were approaching ?

? And the wind began to howl... ?



U --> UV Mapping(In edit mode)

Ctrl+E --> Edges (Mark Seam)(For Texture Mapping)
Ctrl+A --> Apply Scale (KOd prebacivanja sa lavera u layer postavlja skalu objekta
na 1)///Apply Menu
Ctrl+R --> Add Loop Cut
Shift+A --> Add Menu
Shift+D --> kopiranje
Alt+D --> Kopira zajedno sa svojstvima
Ctrl+G --> Makes Group (Grupira objekte) --> T (Rename Group)
Ctrl+L --> Link menu (Duplicates material from one object to another)
--> Object Data (Shift select dva objekta pa kopira sve sa jednog na drugi,
npr. vrata ormara sa urezima i bewel efektom)
Ctrl+J --> Combines objects, makes one object (First need to apply diferent
modifiers if they exist)
Ctrl+Alt+0 --> Moves camera into view
Ctrl+B --> Bewel Edge (Example: Makes smooth edges)
J --> Joins two or more points
O --> Turn On/Off Proportional Editing
S --> Scale Shift+AxisKey(xyz) --> Scaling along remaining axis
MauseWheel --> Scaling bubble (white circle)
I --> Inset (Diplicates and shifts loopcut inverds)