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Academic and Research Vice-rector

Activity 3 Writing assignment

General description of the course

Faculty or Vicerrectora de Relaciones Internacionales

Academic Unit
Academic Level Professional, specialization, master
Academic Field Common basic interdisciplinary training
Course Name English b1
Course Code 900003
Course Type Methodological Can be yes No
Number of

Description of the activity

Type of the Individu Collaborativ Number

activity: al e of weeks
Moment of Intermediat
Initial Final
evaluation: e:
Evaluative score: 70
Monitoring and
Closing date:
Starting date: September 10th, 2017
October 16th, 2017
Competence to develop:
Build a text that accounts for work produced with the support of the
E-Tutor and e-students. Through this exercise, the student will e-
recognition and ownership of the contents of the units, their
environment and the context to express themselves according to
their level.
Topics to develop:
Grammar, Unit 1 and 2
Should, simple past tense, modal verbs of advice: should,
ought to, had to, comparatives, go +ing
Recommendations, describing the weather, giving advice.
Description of price and length, past events, recreational

Steps, phases of the learning strategy to develop:

Central task - Writing assignment - Production
Phase 1: Students work in collaborative groups.
Phase 2: Students present a written text.
Phase 3: Students give feedback and reflection on the task.

Pasos, fases de la estrategia de aprendizaje para desarrollar:

Tarea central - Asignacin de escritura - Produccin
Fase 1: Los estudiantes trabajan en grupos de colaboracin.
Fase 2: Los estudiantes presentan un texto escrito.
Fase 3: Los estudiantes dan retroalimentacin y reflexin sobre la
Activities to carry out:
Step 1
Introduce yourself (Name, age, address, phone number and
Actividades a realizar:
Paso 1
Presntese (Nombre, edad, direccin, nmero de telfono y
my name is adriana sofia rodriguez
I am 23 years old, I live in the city of sogamoso, I am technology of safety and health in the work, I
am coordinator in heights, technician in guianza turistica and hotelera and at the moment I work
in a multinational in open sky mining.

Step 2
Read carefully the following requests and select one to develop, at
the end there will be each students developing a different part of the
final work.
Be aware that if there is one mate absent in the forum the rest of
the group must fulfill all the parts in the writing assignment final
Once you have solve the question, post it in the frum for all the
mates to know and check it.

Paso 2
Lea atentamente las siguientes solicitudes y seleccione una para
desarrollar, al final cada estudiante desarrollar una parte diferente
del trabajo final.
Tenga en cuenta que si hay un compaero ausente en el foro el
resto del grupo debe cumplir todas las partes en el documento final
de escritura final.
Una vez que hayas resuelto la cuestin, publcala en el foro para que
todos los compaeros la conozcan y comprueben
Question 1.
The answers to the questions are entirely up to you. There is no
right or wrong only ideas. Once an idea appeals to you, follow it
through. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly a story will
emerge from the answers you give.
Martha slammed the door in Jairos face because
The train crashed because.
Raul read his wifes diary and discovered.
The small boy ran away from
Silvana had never seen a look so scared before.
Ben climbed the mountain and .
According with the information above, write a story, use at least 4 of
the 6 sentences:

Pregunta 1.
Las respuestas a las preguntas dependen totalmente de usted. No
hay ningn bien o mal, slo ideas. Una vez que una idea te atrae,
sigue adelante. Usted se sorprender gratamente de cmo
rpidamente una historia surgir de las respuestas que usted da.
Martha cerr la puerta en la cara de Jairo porque ............
El tren se estrell porque ....
Ral ley el diario de su esposa y lo descubri. .......
El nio pequeo huy de ...............
Silvana nunca haba visto un ............... aspecto tan asustado
Ben subi la montaa y ..........
De acuerdo con la informacin anterior, escriba una historia, use al
menos 4 de las 6 oraciones:

Question 2
Story without a middle
There are three main parts to a story:
The BEGINNING says where and when a story happens and who the
people or characters are.
The MIDDLE tells what happens to these people.
The CONCLUSION tells how the story ends.
Read the story below. It has a beginning and a conclusion but no
Sally sat at the back of the classroom, looking out of the window.
She didn't hear what the teacher said because she was thinking
about her big problem.........
Sally jumped up and ran to the phone. She just knew everything
was going to be alright again.
Now write two ideas what Sally's problem could be:
Choose the idea you like best, and write about it. Write the story
again putting your middle between the beginning and the end of the
story of Sally's problem.
Pregunta 2
Historia sin un medio
Hay tres partes principales de una historia:
El COMIENZO dice dnde y cundo sucede una historia y quines
son las personas o los personajes.
El MIDDLE cuenta lo que le sucede a estas personas.
La CONCLUSIN cuenta cmo termina la historia.
Lea la historia a continuacin. Tiene un comienzo y una conclusin,
pero no medio.
Sally estaba sentada al fondo del aula, mirando por la ventana. Ella
no oy lo que la maestra dijo porque estaba pensando en su gran
problema .........
Sally se levant y corri hacia el telfono. Ella saba que todo iba a
estar bien de nuevo.
Ahora escriba dos ideas sobre el problema de Sally: mascota estaba enferma.
2. se le olvido un trabajo.
Elige la idea que ms te guste y escribe sobre ella. Escribir la historia
de nuevo poniendo su centro entre el principio y el final de la historia
del problema de Sally
su mascota estaba enferma, su gata llamada tina haba
enfermado, pues ella no saba que le habra sucedido aunque
ella pensaba que podra ser que algo le sent mal, aunque la
llevo al veterinario la dejaron hospitalizada y an segua muy
enferma pues no saba el motivo de sus quejas los ltimos 3
das, Sally no saba si podra acompaarla en la veterinaria,
estaba muy pensativa y triste porque tina era su mejor amiga
y quera que se alentara para que pudieran jugar como
siempre lo hacan as que no resisti ms quera saber cmo
estaba tina entonces
Question 3

Book review
A book report gives the author's name, the book title, and says what
the book is about.
Read this book report by one of last year's students.
AUTHOR: Robert Benchley
TYPE OF BOOK: Adventure
CONTENT: It's about a big shark which eats people when they are
OPINION: I liked the story. It was exciting and a bit frightening.
I've seen the film - that was good too.
Answer these questions about the book report.
1. What is the book about?
2. Who wrote it?
3. What did the student think about the book?
4. Was it a love story?
Now read this book review by another student.
"I didn't like the story about the ship; it was boring and the pictures
in it weren't very good. J.R Smith wrote "The Sinking of the Titanic"
because his father was killed when the ship hit an iceberg. More than
1,000 people died when the ship sank. I don't like True Life stories -
I prefer adventures."
The book review is a bit mixed up. Rewrite the information under the
headings below.

Question 4
Making sentences:
Some of the words in these sentences have been put in the wrong
place. Can you fix them? Write the words in the right order. The first
sentence has been done for you.
(Hint: remember that sentences start with capital letters and end
with full stops!)
Example: work Your days are and Monday, Wednesday Thursday.
Your work days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
are work of hours Yours nine oclock to five oclock.
______________ ______________ of ____________
____________ nine o`clock to five o`clock.
get You lunch an hour for
____________ get an hour for ____________.
paid weekly You are
____________ are paid _____________.

to holiday You pay are entitled

_____________ are entitled to ____________ _____________.

Question 5
Nicknames for New York
Use the words in the box to complete the text below. Write the
missing words in the space.

Describe City
Newspaper Name
Biggest Community
Recorded Visitor
Choose Cities
Nicknames Popular

_____________ are used to describe people, places or things. Many

American ___________ have nicknames. They can help create
identities, build unity and help people feel a sense of pride in their
Some years ago, marketing and advertising experts were asked to
____________ the best nickname for an American ____________.
The winner was the nations biggest city, New York. The nickname
they chose was The Big Apple.
Where did the nickname Big Apple originally come from? In the
nineteen seventies, New York suffered from image problems. The
number of ____________ was falling. A campaign was launched to
give the city a new image and a new nickname. The New York board
chose the nickname The Big Apple
It was not the first time the nickname had been used to describe the
city. A journalist for a New York ____________ had used the name
The Big Apple to ____________ New York in the nineteen
The Big Apple was also the ____________ of a night club in the
Harlem area of New York City in the nineteen thirties, as well as the
name of a ____________ dance and hit song around that time.
The Big Apple is not the only nickname for Americas
____________ city. Almost one hundred nicknames that describe
New York have been ____________. Some of the best known
nicknames for New York are The Capital of the World, Empire
City, Gotham, The City So Nice They Named it Twice and The
City That Never Sleeps.

Step 3.
Compilator or rapporteur, will arrange all the introductions as First
Moment group

In the same document must appear the 5 questions checked and solved
correctly and named as Second Moment.

Paso 3.
Compilador o ponente, organizar todas las presentaciones como "First Moment group"

En el mismo documento deben aparecer las 5 preguntas verificadas y resueltas

correctamente y nombradas como "Segundo Momento".
for the Collaborative Learning
Products to Collaborative:
deliver by Upload the Final Document in PDF or Word format
student with following information:

1. First page: complete name, CEAD and academic

2. Include the contributions from all the students
who participated in the discussion with all the
Cargue el documento final en formato PDF o Word
con la siguiente informacin:

1. Primera pgina: nombre completo, CEAD y

programa acadmico.
2. Incluir las contribuciones de todos los estudiantes
que participaron en la discusin con todas las

General guidelines for the collaborative work

Planning of
activities for
Each student has to write at least 3 interventions
in order to accomplish the selected role.
Each student has to write at least two significant
Roles to
and objective comments regarding the opinions of
perform by the
other members of the group.
student in the
The comments should remark mistakes, aspects
to improve and contribute to the debate.
Collector: Articulate the contributions of all the
participants of the collaborative group in order to
consolidate the final paper; including only those
who took part of the whole process.

Reviewer: To verify that the final paper and

Roles and
process meet all the requirements stipulated by
the teacher.
for the
delivery of
Evaluator: To verify that the final paper meets
the criteria stipulated by the rubric. The evaluator
must inform the group about any corrections or
adjustments regarding the quality of the

Submissions: To keep track and inform the

group about the submission time, upload the final
paper on time, using the link provided by the
teacher or stipulated by the activity guide. To
notify the group members the final paper was

Alerts: To notify all the group members about

changes or news related to the submission or
elaboration of the final paper. To notify the
teacher through the collaborative forum and the
course messaging that the final paper was
It is necessary to use the APA standards in order
Use of
to provide a bibliography of the sources cited in
the document.
According to Diccionario de la Real Academia
Espaola Plagiarism is the action of substantially
copying other people's works, presenting them as
own creation." Therefore, plagiarism is a serious
offense; academically speaking it is equivalent to
theft. A student who plagiarizes does not take his
education seriously, and does not respect the
intellectual work of others.

There is no small plagiarism. Using any portion of

another person's work, without acknowledging the
author or source is plagiarism. Now, it is evident
that we all take some ideas from others when it
comes to presenting ours, and that our knowledge
is based on someone elses knowledge. But when
we rely on the work of others, academic honesty
requires that we explicitly announce the fact that
we are using an external source, either by citing
or by paraphrasing (these terms will be defined
below). When we cite or paraphrase, we clearly
identify our source, not only to give recognition to
its author, but also to allow the reader to look up
in a reference text.

There are certain academic events in which it is

not acceptable to quote or paraphrase the work of
others. For instance, if a teacher assigns his or
her students a task in which they are clearly
required to answer using their own ideas and
words, then the student should not consider
external sources regardless if they are properly
4. Evaluation rubric