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be going to: affirmative and negative

1 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

is going to cook arent going to wear re going to go are going to buy

m going to watch isnt going to meet

Were going to go swimming on Saturday.

1 Mum _______________ pasta tonight.
2 Rory _______________ us tomorrow.
3 They _______________ their coats.
4 I _______________ TV later.
5 Martha and I _______________ some souvenirs.

2 Rewrite the sentences in the negative.

Youre going to stay at home.

You arent going to stay at home.
1 Elsie is going to have lunch.
2 Karl is going to tidy his room.
3 Theyre going to get up late tomorrow.
4 Im going to play football.
5 Were going to read comics.

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be going to: questions and short answers
3 Write the questions. Then underline the correct answers.

you / do your homework? Are you going to do your homework?

Yes, I am going. / Yes, I am.
1 your dad / play golf tomorrow? ____________________________________
No, he isnt. / Yes, hes.
2 your friends / go to the beach? ____________________________________
Yes, theyre. / No, they arent.
3 Dave / wear his new jeans? ____________________________________
No, hes. / No, he isnt.
4 they / go surfing? ____________________________________
No, they arent go. / Yes, they are.
5 Bella / take her exams? ____________________________________
Yes, shes. / Yes, she is.

4 Complete the questions with the words in the box.

what when where who why

Who are you going to the park with? Peter.

1 _______________ are they going to meet? The cinema.
2 _______________ are you going to do on Friday? Play football.
3 _______________ are you going to wear your scarf? Its cold.
4 _______________ is Mark going to play tennis? 6.00 p.m.

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must / mustnt
5 Choose the correct answers.

You must / mustnt eat food in class.

1 Its cold. You must / mustnt wear a coat.
2 You must / mustnt drop litter in the park.
3 You must / mustnt use your mobile phone in the library.
4 You must / mustnt wear sun cream in the summer.
5 You must / mustnt put your rubbish in the bin.

Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2011