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STEP C Christian Response

Key Understanding Learning Point

C2 Catholics celebrate the two main parts of C2.2 Illustrates furnishings, responses and actions used
the Eucharist during the Liturgy of the Word.

Catholic Teaching Focus for this lesson

During the Last Supper, Jesus and the Apostles listened to and recited passages from the Bible. They
remembered Gods great kindness to the People of Israel.

This is represented through the first part of the Mass when everyone listens and responds to readings
from the Bible. Everyone who is present:
- sits during the first reading
- recites the response between the verses of the Responsorial Psalm
- stands for the Gospel and sits again when the priest explains the readings in the Homily.

Prior Knowledge

In year two, students have visited a Parish Church to learn what furnishings, vessels ect the church
contains. If many students have no understanding or experience may need to re visit church. Students
focus for this area would have been looking at the special actions in and outside of Mass.

Students would have completed lessons that helped them understand as Catholics we celebrate the
Eucharist to say Thank you to God. Understanding that saying thank you is helping our relationship with
God grow closer through the Eucharist.

In their last lesson students would have completed a recall of what is found in the church, through drawing
and labelling the furnishings found within the Church.
Catering for Learner Diversity

Extension students who complete the worksheet ahead of time are able to use the class iPads to film
the reader and responses that will be used during the mass. Students would create a short iMovie film
explaining what is said during the Liturgy of the word.

Engagement through role-play students will be able to actively participate in the activity that
demonstrates the Liturgy of the Word responses. Assistance needed for writing aspect students are able
to have an altered version with less writing and more drawings to help understanding.

Special Considerations during role play for students who struggle in group situations or cannot read
the script have work in a group with the EA or teacher, in a more structured environment where they role
play can be performed a lot slower.

Evidence of Learning for Assessment and Reporting

Students worksheets for the Liturgy of the Word will be marked as students are working to ensure that all
students have completed the correct response
Anecdotal notes will be taken of students in their groups while they are completing their role-play
responses to assess their understanding of the Liturgy of the Word process during Mass.
Religious Capabilities Spiritual Capabilities

To follow & Justice
To wonder
To worship become a Charity Fortitude Temperance
and To relate and
God & become missionary
become become loving
reverant disciple of

General Capabilities

Critical and
Literacy Creative
Ethical Competency Intercultural
Written Numeracy ICT thinking
Behaviour Working in Understating
responses Completing role
play activity
LESSON PROCEDURE - STEP C Christian Response

Lesson Objectives state how the students will demonstrate their understanding of the learning point and the
skills they will use in doing this
1. Students will demonstrate understanding of Liturgy of the Word responses through role-play
2. Students will represent knowledge of the Liturgy of the Word responses through images and words

Integration with other Learning Areas Classroom management practices

The Arts students participate in role-play activities Students will role play the activity in the group desks
when using scripts to perform roles that represent the they sit in.
responses and actions during the Liturgy of the Word
Roles will be assigned based on student number at
English writing responses for the Liturgy of the Word desks (pre assigned).
Behaviour management:
- Warning, 1, 2, 3
- Positive reinforcement of good behaviours
- If students are misbehaving during role-play
they will sit out and complete the written work

Timing Steps of the Lesson Resources

Introduction outline how you will introduce the learning point

5 minutes Begin the lesson with students sitting on the mat. Explain
that today we will be focusing on the two parts of Mass. In
Mass there is the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the
Eucharist. Both important as the represent the Last Supper.

Today we will look solely at the Liturgy of the Word, this

represents the beginning of the Last Supper where Jesus
and his disciples listen to and recited passages from the
Bible. In groups you will be role-playing the actions and
responses of the Liturgy of the Word, then individually you
will be looking at some pictures and writing down the actions
and responses you role played.
Digital Display
includes script
Before students role play in groups run through the scripts
the students will be using, so students are familiar with what
they will be saying. Get one group to demonstrate so there is
no confusion for students when they need to begin activity.
Students will be given the role play cards. One student will Scripts for role play
10 minutes be the first reader, the responsorial psalm, the second
reader and before and after the gospel. The students who
are not reading they need to complete the responses.

Allow all students the opportunity to complete their part in

the role play of the Liturgy of the Word. Rove and observe
each group ensure students are on track and behaving Liturgy of the Word
appropriately while completely the activity. Allowing students Activity Sheet to be
to ask any questions if they are confused by the activity. placed on desks

Ask students to return to desk. As a class complete the

Liturgy of the Word activity. Students will complete the work
sheet which will be able to be taken home for them to use at
home, to assist them in remembering the steps of the Liturgy
of the Word.

While running through the Liturgy of the Word with students A3 Card
as they fill in their sheet, the responses will be stuck onto Pre- printed Liturgy of
colourful A3 card. Creating a poster which will be displayed the Word responses.
in the classroom as a reference point for the students.
Bring students to the mat to conclude the lesson and
5 minutes reiterate the focus for learning. Explain its important to be
able to participate in the Liturgy of the Word during mass, it
allows us to be fully involved and understand Mass.

Tell students the work we completed today will be taken

home and should be kept in a safe place. It will remind
students on Sundays before mass, how to respond during
the Liturgy of the World.

Conclude the class with a prayer of Thanks, led by teacher

but all students say: Displayed on
Dear God, Whiteboard
Im thankful
For all You give:
For food,
For love,
A place to live.
I thank you for my family too
And I want you to know
that I love you.
Responses to be printed and used on A3 card for Class Poster.