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First of all we need to thank you for your precious time. Right now, we are
doing an interview of around 15/20 minutes for the course of
Entrepreneurship and Business Plan of Catlica-Lisbon. We are developing
a business idea and we would want to hear more from our prospective
consumers, like you. Its a very interactive conversation that addresses
one of everyones major concerns at home: doing domestic chores. Your
help answering our questions will definitely be very precious.

First we would like to ask you four simple questions about yourself:

0. Gender? (Dont need asking: Male/Female)
1. If you dont mink answering, how old are you?
2. Are you currently working? (Yes/No/Stay at Home/Unemployed)?

Starting with the questionnaire, it is divided in three parts:

FIRST PART] Domestic Chores

1. How much time do you take doing domestic chores each week?
a. From these how much time do you spent doing laundry
(washing, drying, ironing) each week?
2. How do you rate doing domestic chores taking into account the
time taken in doing them? [1 (very unpleasant) 10 (very pleasant)]
3. From this set of problems choose the 3 for you that are the most
important (by ascending order):
I think doing laundry is very bad for the environment
I do laundry at home because laundries are very expensive
I do laundry at home because its very inconvenient for me
to take my clothes to a laundry
I dont know how to take care of my clothes
I think doing laundry is very time consuming
I dont enjoy doing domestic chores, like laundry
I dont trust laundries with my clothes because they ruin
I am really conscious with my own clothes and I require a
high-quality laundry service

SECOND PART] Laundry Services

1. What type of domestic chores do you do at home?
2. Do you outsource any domestic chore? (Yes/No)
a. If so, which do you outsource?
3. Do you use regularly laundry services? (Yes/No)
a. How often?
b. What type of service do you use (housekeeper/local
neighbourhood laundry/mall laundry/self-service
c. What are the main positive and negative aspects of using
such service?

THIRD PART] Our Service

We want to develop a pick-up and home delivery laundry service with the
same high-quality of laundries but a moderate price range. We also want
to have a personalized relationship with our customers so we are going to
develop loyalty cards with price discounts and a personalized box in which
you can put and receive your clothes. Further on we also want to develop
pick-up hotspots in universities where you can leave your box and youll
receive your cleaned clothes at home.

1. Would you be willing to use a laundry service with home delivery

and pick-up? (Yes/No)
a. How much more would we be willing to pay for this service
(per cloth)?
i. 0
ii. 0 - 0,5
iii. 0,5 - 1
iv. 1 -1,5
v. 1,5 - 2
vi. More than 2
2. How would you value such a service? [1 (very low) 10 (very high)]
3. What are the main aspects of such a service you would value the
a. And what do you think are the main advantages of such
4. What would be your main concerns using such a service?
a. And which kind of problems do you think we have to face in
building up such a service?
5. Have you any suggestions?

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