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Orientation Team Project

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

1:08 AM
Ubiquity & technological capability for mobile telecommunication has created unprecedented
opportunities to
1. Improve quality of life
2. Use resources more effectively and efficiently
3. Improve processes and services
4. Create entirely new offerings

Identify an important challenge or opportunity facing business or society in a specific part of the
world in which the use of mobile communication and computing technology can either help improve
existing businesses or services (in terms of outcomes, efficiency, or quality) or help create new ones
to serve an unmet need.

Could be for-profit, social, non-profit or government sectors

Also adapt idea from one or more parts of the world for that specific part of the world chosen


Use 2 Slides to present in a compelling and self-contained manner the idea and the evidence
marshalled in support of its (1) usefulness, (2) impact and (3) viability

"Template will be provided for this"

Judging Criteria

Parameter Scoring Considerations Team S5 Approach


Idea How important is the need Market/ Opportunity size

or problem? estimates
How creative and Slide 1 - Using at least 3
innovative is the use of numbers to highlight the
mobile communication in its immediate need to solve the
solution? problem at hand

Viability How compelling is the data Slide 2

or evidence used to Implementation Budget or
demonstrate the idea's Breakeven period before
financial viability, sustainable organic growth
usefulness, and impact? sets in (based on proxy
High level operating model for
the solution

Visual Presentation How clear, insightful, Slide 1 - Needs to be a mix of

informative, and creative data-driven and story/narrative
are the two slides? driven description of the
Slide 2 - Should include the
model, and what successfully
solving the problem looks like
(in some visual manner?)

Understanding of context How well does the idea Slide 1 - At least 2 of the
and complexity reflect an understanding of minimum 3 data-driven points
the regional context in justifying the severity and
which it is set and the scope of the problem need to
complexity of the problem it be in frame of the regional
aims to solve? description
Slide 2 - There needs to be
takeaway in Slide 1 that
naturally leads to Slide 2 from
the POV of what happens if
the problem is not solved
(necessitating the solution?)
Slide 2 - List risk factors
needed to be

Mission Focus How well does the idea The solution needs to (in
reflect Yale SOM's mission some way) show layers of
to educate leaders for impact
business and society? Layer 1 - Solves the problem
Layer 2 - Effects on the
Layer 3 - Effects on the
community/ society
Layer 4 - At Policy/State level