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Positive sentences

1. Look! They (leave) the house.

2. Brian (cycle) 30 km every day.

3. Samantha (do) her homework at the moment.

4. My parents (shop) right now.

5. He usually (get up) early in the morning.

Negative sentences
1. You (see / not) her every day.

2. The baby (sleep / not) at the moment.

3. I (read / not) a book now.

4. We (go / not) to school on Sundays.

5. He (watch / not) the news every day.

Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present or Present Progressive.

1. (you / go) on holiday by plane sometimes?

2. (they / play) computer games every day?

3. (she / eat) dinner at the moment?

4. What (they / do) right now?

5. (she / visit) her grandma very often?

Sieh dir das Bild von Jenny an und ergnze die sentences (Simple Present oder Present

1. Look! Jenny (go) to school.

2. On her back, Jenny (carry) her school bag.

3. The school bag (be) very heavy

4. Normally, Jenny (wear) black shoes, but today she (wear) red wellies.

5. And look, she (wear) a raincoat because it (rain) outside.

6. Jenny (not / want) to get wet.

Check answ ers


1. Have you got tomatoes?

2. There are exercise books on the floor.
3. Did you get the ketchup? No, they hadn't got .
4. You should eat fresh fruit.
5. We had to wait for minutes.
6. Is there lemonade left?
7. They didn't sing songs.
8. Here are cornflakes, but there isn't milk.
9. I'm looking for good music.
10. There is no butter in the fridge. Let's go and get .


1. pupils
2. time
3. money
4. dollars
5. milk
6. children
7. water
8. fun
9. dogs
10. people

A few / a little

1. electricity
2. suitcases
3. rice
4. water
5. bottles of water
6. coal
7. scarves
8. information
9. dollars
10. sand