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Name of the company

Trades name

Companys activity

smark marketing solutions

advice and consultancy

History of the company in detail

Advertising has been traditionally done?

the company was in charge of developing multiple works of advice and consultancy to
small and large companies becoming one of the best companies at the national level

What kind of advertising and what issues were addressed

advertising issues were addressed depending on the needs of our clients some examples
are familiar political and even natural issues

What were the objectives of previous campaigns?

the objectives were that the people had more knowledge of the companies that hired us to
do these jobs so they were able to achieve a greater impact with their products and we
achieved our goal

What are the characteristics of your product or service?

our service was one where we worried about the corporate image of our customers and
we achieved a positive change in order to attract more customers to their companies
What is the current position of your product in the market?
our positioning was to be one of the first three companies nationwide to offer quality
services at the best costs

present tense

Description of the product or service with all its features

the company provides its services at the national level currently in the city of bogota
medellin cali and barranquilla is addressed to all small or large companies that are
interested in increasing the flow of customers through campaigns or corporate image

SWOT matrix (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

the internal weaknesses of the company are the lack of technologies that are used by
other companies in the same sector that can help optimize processes is basically a lack of

Opportunities (they are external, what the sale opportunities are

our external sales opportunities is that we are offering a modality that is distinguished from
other companies in this sector

Strengths (they are internal)

Threats (they are external)

our work team is basically the best and is the biggest strength with which our company has
externally our threats are the companies that are emerging day by day
Describe the three types of consumers:

End consumer: The person who consumes the product, but doesnt decide on the

Real consumer or objective: The person who makes the purchase decision.

Potential Consumer: The person who has a provisional contact with the product or
who will be the consumer in the future.

our final consumer is the customers of the companies to which we render our services

our real client are those who look for us who select the services they want and pay for this

those customers who are interested in our services make a quote and may in the future
become customers

Describe the type of competition your product or service has:

Main Competition

our service has a direct competition since we have in our sector several companies
dedicated to the same activity is direct the competition we must innovate to be a
differentiator in the market

Describe the goal to be achieved in your project.

to become a company initially recognized at national level offering excellent services and
differentiators to those of other companies
campaign of expectation
you need a change

we are not a company of extreme sports, so you can see your

company dedicated to this activity, we are your best option to
make a change to the image of your company

look for us marketing