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You are now at your half birthday, a time when the Sun has looped to the opposite side of the sky to
the place the Sun occupied at your birth. Said another way, the transiting Sun is now situated in
Virgo, 180 degrees away from your natal Pisces Sun. This means it is a time to learn about the give-
and-take of partnerships. Later this month there will be a plethora of planets in Virgo, so you wont
be able to get things precisely your way. You will have to compromise and be somewhat conciliatory,
but if you are feeling you are giving up too much, then, of course. You will have no choice but to
speak up and air your thoughts honestly.

I am getting a little too far ahead of myself here, so lets start at the top of the month and see what is
coming up for you.

September 1-2 will be two sparkling days, when Mars, now in your house of work assignments, will
receive a beam from Uranus, now based in your salary and earned income sector. Uranus rules all
unanticipated events, so see what comes up you may hear that you have been chosen for a very
exciting assignment that may bring you surprisingly good pay. The same house as work assignments
is also the house of health, so your doctor may call with a welcome message or a surprising idea of
how to give you relief for a condition youve been wrestling with lately.

Next, on September 3-4, Mars will travel over the precise path and degree of the total solar eclipse of
last month, August 21 at 29 degrees Leo. On either one of these two September days, you may hear
news about another major work assignment that will have the power to elevate your status. This
news is likely to come to you whether you are self-employed, coming as new business, or if you work
for an employer, when you get the plum assignment that everyone in the department wants but only
you will be chosen to get.

If you heard news about a work opportunity on or near August 21, then these dates, September 3-4,
will give you more detail and a clearer picture. If you didnt hear anything, this movement of Mars
over these critical degrees will give you the lay of the land. It is alternatively possible that you will
hear news about your health, clearing up a mystery youve wondered about. These days are tied
directly to the August 21 eclipse.

You have been laboring under Mercury in retrograde since August 12, but Mercury will finally go
direct on September 5. Mercury has been moving back and forth over two of your houses of the
horoscope, including your house of work and health and also the house of partnership. In these areas
is the greatest danger of miscommunication, disagreement, delays, or need to do tasks over. If you
had a medical test and diagnosis that seems off to you, for example, then go for a second opinion or
redo the test. Mercury retrograde may have created a change in direction or change of mind about a
work project you were set to do. Mercurys mischief of Mercury is over, thank goodness.

If you have something important on your agenda this month, whether to sign a contract, to have a
meeting, or launch a new venture or product, for example, wait until you have moved a few days
beyond the date Mercury goes direct on September 5. Mercury is wild and wooly at the front and
end points of the retrograde. By delaying things, you will be ensuring the success of the venture or
new relationship you are about to form. Give yourself time to think you may find a better way to go
about the partnership or other venture.

The full moon will fall in Pisces, 14 degrees, highlighting a desire deeply personal and important to
you. Neptune will conjoin the full moon, so you may be on television or your photograph may figure
prominently in the press (for a good reason). Neptune is the planet of the silver screen and rules art
as well as image. If you have been working on a key creative project (and Pisces is always working on
one), it appears it is now reaching culmination, or at the very least, an important plateau. Give any
new moon a plus or minus five days.

You will work hard on any assignment given to you, for your reputation appears to be at stake, and
judging by the position of Saturn in your tenth house of fame and honors, you are right. (Saturn
always demands total concentration on the job at hand, to the exclusion of everything else.) Pluto, in
the form of a powerful friend who is also an authority figure, will help you in a big way at this full
moon see what comes up.

If you were born on March 5, you will feel the effects of this full moon the most. The same is true if
you have Pisces rising or the natal moon in Pisces at 14 degrees, or know you have a natal planet in
Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, and in each case, allow a tolerance of plus or
minus five degrees.

Lets talk about your finances for a moment, for many Pisces have reported being hit by scary
unexpected expenses that they had to deal with for some time, going back to April. You have Jupiter
in your eighth house of other peoples money, and Jupiter is there to protect you. You may have seen
large amounts come in, but you have also faced times when whopper bills hit you that made you feel

The reason for this is that on April 11 a full moon in Aries turned out to be quite a wicked one. Jupiter
was conjunct the moon (fabulous) but Uranus, planet of unpredictable events, was conjunct the Sun
and directly opposed to the full moon. You may still be smarting from that experience. Uranus
completely washed out Jupiters goodness.

You will have a number of helpful aspects in September that might brighten your financial picture.

The first set of days will arrive Friday, September 8 and Saturday, September 9, when a highly
successful friend or VIP may go the distance to speak up for you or make an introduction to a high
level authority figure.

Next, circle September 12. Venus and Saturn will be in divine, harmonious trine the most heavenly
aspect possible. At the same time, its interesting to note that Venus is the natural ruler of your eight
house of other peoples money, as well having dominion over your house of communication arts,
contracts, and short distance travel. Whatever comes up on this day seems to hit one or more of
these sweet spots money, and your ability to write, speak, edit, sell, market, and do public relations
or social media. If you like, you can sign a contract on this day and if you do find accord and sign,
this association is likely to last. Saturn is currently moving in your tenth house of fame, so this day
will rate four-stars in my book for advancing your professional progress.

Next, we have an extraordinary day, Friday, September 15, when Venus and Jupiter will be in ideal
sync. Venus is currently moving through your house of workaday projects, and Venus also rules your
eighth house of other peoples money. This tells me that you may get funding or payment related to
a work project. When it arrives, it will feel like a windfall. Set meetings for this day.

By Sunday, September 17, or Monday, September 18, you may suddenly, out of the blue, hear more
good news about a new work project and money that will come to you. Make sure your cell phone is
powered up.

Now we come to the new moon, September 19, that will light your house of partners. With the new
moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus, this house will be blazing with energy, and you seem very
focused on working intently one-on-one with a partner, or on getting engaged or married. Mars
presence there suggests you may have an occasional disagreement with your partner in love or
business, but with Venus in that house too, you can air your thoughts and still feel safe, confident
that the relationship will not break down.

Neptune will again be in a difficult position at this new moon September 21, this time toward
Mercury. I have to bring this to your attention because you have a crowd of planets in your opposite
sign of Virgo, and Virgos ruler is Mercury, giving Mercury a starring role. The condition of Mercury is
revealing that misinformation, misunderstanding, and crossed signals could play havoc on an episode
you encounter together after the new moon arrives, and this glitch can come up any time in the
coming six months. You will have to go the extra mile to be very clear and be sure you are getting the
right message from your partner too.

If you are thinking of getting married, talk about your plans and dreams, but you might not want to
act on this idea quite yet. Consider acting at the very end of October or in the first three weeks of
November. I say that because by next month Jupiter will move into Scorpio, a magnificent place for
Jupiter to be for you, because Jupiter will be in a water-sign like your Sun sign, in the best possible
position to support your interests. October 26 brings the luckiest day of the year more about that
next month.

Jupiter will change signs from Libra to Scorpio on October 10 to stay thirteen months, so I will have a
great deal to tell you. Youve not had the advantage of Jupiter in Scorpio since October 2005 to
November 2006, so this is an exciting upcoming trend. You will want to know all about it!


I have had so much to tell you this month that in the summary I will give you even more information
not mentioned above in the first part. There was no perfect place to talk about your health in the
main body of your report, and health will form a big theme of September, too.

The accent on your health is related to the grand total eclipse of the Sun, which occurred in your
house of health and well-being on August 21. This month, Mars will possibly bring you more news as
Mars travels over the same path as the solar eclipse this month, September 3-4. You may be dealing
with details about health matters that came up last month, too.

Lately, you seem to have had a strong determination to strengthen your health. There are many ways
to become healthier have an eye exam, take necessary tests, check in in with your dentist, join a
new group fitness class, or take lessons in a new sport. There are many possibilities. The more steps
you take now, the better. As you enter September, you are still feeling the effects of the August 21
eclipse that started you on a strong path to improve the state of your mind, body, and spirit. When
Mars orbits over the precise degrees of that August 21 solar eclipse on September 4, good news
about your health and also news about a project will likely come to you. Keep your antenna up.

Mercury started to retrograde last month on August 12 but will go direct on September 5. During
that period, Mercury was asking you to examine your daily habits to see if you could improve any in
your quest of a strong mind and body. The pace last month was leisurely, but after Mercury goes
direct, September 5, you will feel a gratifying quickening of the tempo.

Mercury was retrograding partly in your work sector, so you may have felt that projects were taking
long to complete and possibly running into overruns. No matter that was then, but this is now, and
youll love the change.

A very important full moon will arrive on September 5 in Pisces, the only one of 2017 that will light
your sign. Neptune, your ruling planet, will conjoin that full moon, suggesting you may see a key
creative project reach fullness, or conversely, you may now be green-lighted for a new highly creative
project that will be dear to your heart. An influential friend will likely be instrumental in your success
now. If you have a community of supporters, or a constituency, you will get enormous support from
them, too.

Saturn will be in hard angle to this full moon, September 5, so if you take on a new client or title, you
will work hard, but will have something substantial to show the world later, and so this work will
make you proud. We get out of life what we put into it, in equal measure.

Financially, you will do surprisingly well. Your first news will arrive immediately, on September 1-2,
when Mars and Uranus will be in sync, stimulating your earned income sector.

Then, on September 3 and September 4, when Mars moves over 29 degrees of Leo, which are the
same degrees of the total eclipse of the Sun on August 21, Mars may unlock the full message of the
eclipse or add detail to what you learned last month. The topic will have to do with your work or

For money, mark down September 9 as an excellent day for meetings, for Venus and Saturn will be in
alignment, and help you make a great impression, AND get you more money. Be persuasive the
force is with you.

A key date for seeing money pour in will be September 15, when Venus, traditionally associated with
love, but that is also associated with luxury and money, is now in your sixth house your workaday
sector and will be aligned to Jupiter, planet of good fortune. As a result, your bank account will
likely swell.

There is more! On or near September 17, you will likely get sudden news that your income about to
rise again, for Venus will be in ideal angle to surprise planet Uranus. What a good month for seeing
financial reward! This would also be an ideal day to buy electronic items or machines with moving

Now lets turn to an unusual cosmic event. An extraordinary gathering of heavenly bodies will move
through deep space and head toward your seventh house of established partnerships. The ancient
astrologers wrote that this house is essentially a partnership made official through a contractual
agreement. Marriage falls under this house, for marriage is a contract. Add, too, a serious business
partnership or collaboration, so if you are not contemplating marriage, you might be taking on an
expert, or working very closely with one you have now.

If you are the agent and represent a brilliant talent, or if you are the talent, fortunate to have a well-
known and seasoned representative, all this will crystallize after the new moon September 19.

Your near obsession with coupling up will not come about in a sudden way. While things are likely to
reach critical mass in the last third of September, at the new moon, September 19, Mars entry into
Virgo on September 5 will start this trend earlier in the month. Mars is set to arrive in Virgo and your
partnership house on September 5, stay until October 22. This says your focus on forming or
strengthening a partnership will be strong and sustained. Venus will arrive in Virgo and your
partnership house starting September 9 until October 14, a testament to how smoothly your
relationship can go now.

Mercury will be present too, bringing news and communication, and because Mercury is no longer
retrograde, you can make decisions and announcements without fear something will go wrong later.
I worry, however, because Neptune will oppose Mercury directly in a fairly tight mathematical
aspect, and thereby throw a veil over reality, adding confusion and fog. You will have to go the extra
mile to be very clear about all your communications with your various partners / collaborators to be
sure you and your partner(s) are all on the same page.

The actions you take in the days that follow this new moon on September 19 in regard to the forming
of a serious one-on-one relationship will have the power to change your life for a long time, possibly
forever. You now may choose a date to wed, get engaged, or actually be married that is so exciting!
Or, a very important joint venture, partnership, or collaboration may be solidified, with the aim of
allowing you to get ahead in your profession and to make a good profit.

Pluto will go direct on September 28, having been retrograde since April 20. This will allow you to
move ahead more productively on financial negotiations and settle them more quickly. You also will
get more and better help from a powerful friend who will intervene on your behalf to help you get to
where you want to be, personally or professionally. Watch the days that circle September 28 for clear
clues that things are looking up for you, dear Pisces.

What a month, dear Pisces! All things will be moving in the right direction, so stay optimistic. There is
no obstacle you wont be able to overcome.