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Volvo 7900 Electric hybrid

Listen to your city

The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid
will make your city a better place. The rst thing
you notice is that its silent, and in the absence
of engine noise you can listen to the true sounds
of your city. What would it tell you? Perhaps a
little bit about how a new generation of public
transportation can make the city grow, prosper
and better serve its citizens.
The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid is silent. Its also
cleaner and its for real available now. Already
today Volvo can help cities to take the rst steps
on a new path, where the available funding is
used more efciently and where you can achieve
a breakthrough towards sustainability.

Our charging principle allows for a

variety of designs and suppliers for the
charging stations. Here is one of
several possible solutions.
A new day
is dawning

The future is here and now

Electromobility is the way to
Fuel efficiency save 75% sustainable transport solutions. Volvo
The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid is can ensure you are safely guided
extremely fuel-efficient. Extensive field through the technology change.
tests in demanding city-centre traffic
confirm the outstanding performance
of Volvos hybrid technology.
Flexibility in operation
From dense city centres to suburb
routes, Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid
Environmental performance offers great flexibility. It can run
The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid as an electric bus in selected areas,
provides environmental performance but performs as a hybrid on any
with a clear business upside. Reducing route. Rapid charging at end stations
energy use by 60% and CO2 on keeps productivity up and help
average by 75% and hazardous you keep your schedule.
emissions by even more.

Into the comfort zone True uptime Silent comfort The driver in charge
Many cities apply restrictions on city-centre Volvos hybrid technology has been given The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid runs in Driving a Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid is just
traffic. Zones where noise and speed are a top ranking in uptime by operators and electric mode for 70% of the average route. as smooth as with any other Volvo. Charging
limited are becoming more and more PTAs throughout Europe. The Volvo 7900 This makes for an extremely silent and is fully automatic, and so is the hybrid power
common, as are zero-emission zones. The Electric Hybrid shares this technology, comfortable experience for passengers on management. Add to that one of the best
Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid can cope with proven in operation by thousands of buses. board and those waiting at the bus stop as driver environments available, with world-
all this and Volvo can also provide the well as for residents along the route. class ergonomics.
necessary tools for zone management.
Cities of today are facing several challenges, and sometimes the demands seem
The urban contradictory. On the one hand there is a request for increased public transport

capacity, and on the other, there is a solid demand for reduced environmental
impact in terms of both exhaust emissions and noise.

Offering the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid sends a clear message to cities all over
the world; capacity and environmental care are no longer mutually contradictory.
Any city can start building a transport system that generates silence, helps improve
public health and saves masses of energy.

Any city can start the migration into the World of Green Efciency.
Welcome to explore the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid.
The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid enables the start of a paradigm shift in on-road public F U T U R E T E C H N O L O GY
transport. Operation in silent and emission-free zones is now a possibility. You can
even plan for indoor bus stops, and there are several other possibilities that will make
public transport by bus much more attractive.

For a city, the introduction is simple, smooth and most likely manageable within your
existing operational budget. You can start at any scale; from just a few vehicles on one
route, or as many as you like.

The infrastructure you need is quite limited; typically charging units at the routes end
stations. Battery condition as well as the charging processes are monitored remotely
and automatically. In daily operation the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid requires no
more attention than any other bus.

The future is

here and now

Standing by you

all the way

Volvos hybrids are well-proven and top-ranked in commercial operation,
yet the technology of electric hybrids as such may be new to many cities.

With our support and guidance you can introduce Volvo Electric Hybrids
with complete peace of mind. In fact, the operational and nancial risk is
substantially lower than with conventional technology and traditional
ownership. Vehicle health monitoring and optimised maintenance are
included in the offer so availability will never be an issue. Theres no need
to wait. Implementation can be done in increments route by route. And
since the buses are hybrids, they can be taken into operation even before
completing the charging infrastructure.

clean and safe
The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid runs in electric mode on average for 70% of
the route. Silent and with zero emissions. This means less noise and cleaner
air along the route and at terminals and bus stops. The diesel engine will
assist only when required, charging the battery as well. Just like Volvos other
hybrids the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid also charges the battery by recovering
energy when braking and when going downhill.
Silent zone Zero emission zone Safety zone

In cities with restrictions the Zone Management function helps the driver
comply with these rules. The driver gets a reminder when approaching a restricted
zone, and it is even possible to enforce electric drive inside such zones.

Zone Management is a service, enabling compliance with

restrictions in various kinds of sensitive areas.

Save up to 60%
of your energy cost
100 %
The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid saves an average of 75% of the diesel fuel,
in operation compared to a regular diesel bus. CO2, NOx and particulate emissions
80 % are reduced in proportion. But what about the electricity?

60 % There must be a cost, monetary and environmental, for the energy replacing the 75% of diesel
Energy saving
fuel. The simple answer is yes. The diesel saved is replaced by electricity from brake energy
40 % recuperation and charging, and since running a bus on electricity is far more efficient, the cost
Electricity and the total energy consumption are substantially lower. The total energy saving, electricity
20 % included, can reach 60% and the environmental cost is lowered by a similar amount.
Diesel Hybrid Electric Hybrid

With hybrid technology, much of the vehicles dynamic energy can be

recovered when braking or going downhill. The result is that masses
Charging station Charging station
of diesel fuel can be replaced by a small amount of electric energy.
The total energy savings are shown in the diagram. The diesel reference Electric drive
Hybrid drive
is based on data reported as yearly average for a European route of
10 km, average speed 18 km/h, with 6 min charging at each terminus. Volvo Electric Hybrid principle

Charging for

The Volvo Electric Hybrid Driveline is an extension of the well-proven driveline
used in the Volvo 7900 Hybrid. The difference lies in a more powerful electric
motor, increased energy storage and equipment for opportunity charging.
This typically permits electric drive up to 7 km between chargings or 70%
of a route.

The Volvo Opportunity Charging System provides automatic charging of batteries in

the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid. The system is designed to be part of ordinary bus
stops and it includes the complete interface between the energy grid and the vehicle.
Charging starts automatically when the bus stops in the right position.

The charging contacts reach the bus from above, which is optimal in terms of safety.
All moving parts are integrated in the pylon, while the contacts on the bus are
fixed-mount connectors. This minimises the need for additional maintenance on
the vehicle and reduces the vehicle weight, thus increasing passenger capacity.

The main components of the 10

Volvo Electric Hybrid system 9

1. Diesel engine 8
2. Electric motor/generator (I-SAM) 6 5 4

3. Gearbox
4. ESS (Electrical Storage System) 3 2 1

5. Power electronics
6. Charging interface onboard
7. Charging interface offboard
8. Power Charger
The main prerequisites for charging electrically powered vehicles are safety, reliability, short charging
9. Grid
times and ease of operation. Volvo Opportunity Charging System delivers on all these criteria, thus
10. Electried auxiliaries
ensuring uptime and energy efciency.

Performance in the

Long run
The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid shares the technology of the well-proven
Volvo 7900 Hybrid. The difference is the extended range in pure electric
mode and, of course, the equipment for external charging. Volvos parallel
hybrid technology presents an outstanding track record. Experiences from
operators in many major cities show clearly that the hybrids uptime and
availability is second to none. And in some cases the Volvo hybrids out
perform all other buses.

With rapid and efcient charging, typically six minutes at end stops,
the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid will keep your schedules unaffected.

The drivers

In charge
Driving the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid is effortless and
uncomplicated. The procedure at charging stations is fully
automated and the driver doesnt even need to push a button.
Just stop in the right position and the charging process starts.
Charging time is only six minutes, so your schedule is safe.

The drivers environment is probably one of the best available,

with world-class ergonomics and superior visibility. Moreover,
the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid offers great comfort due to
silent and smooth drive when in electric mode. Theres no
doubt this bus is designed around the driver.

Designed around the driver. The adjustable dashboard features easy to read instruments and controls
located within convenient reach. The instrument cluster displays only relevant information, minimising
distraction and helping the driver stay focused and alert.

Living the

CITY life
The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid is outstanding when it comes to
energy efciency, low noise and exhaust emissions. But it also offers
great exibility. It can run in pure electric in restricted areas for as
long as ve kilometres. And since it is a hybrid it can be put into
trafc on any city route, unlike other alternatives such as overnight-
charge buses, trams and trolley buses. The hybrid driveline allows
detours and replacement of other buses even where there is no
access to charging equipment. Thats how the Volvo 7900 Electric
Hybrid provides enhanced opportunities and exibility in trafc
planning and when managing your eet.

The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid opens up for new possibilities.

The city can offer public transport in sensitive areas, such as low
speed, silent and zero-emission zones close to schools, hospitals
and residential quarters. It is even possible to open up for indoor
bus terminals, which could be an attractive solution in shopping
malls, railway stations and airports.

On Board
The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid welcomes your passengers silently and gently.
Electric drive is not only free from engine noise; it also offers a smooth and
comfortable ride. On board the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid the passengers meet
an efcient layout, comfortable seats and a bright and roomy ambience. Wide doors,
electrically powered, make for swift and easy boarding and exit. And the low noise
makes it easier to talk to others, listen to music or simply enjoy the ride.

Silent. Silence is a relief. It enables conversation, and when listening to music you can lower Comfortable. Ergonomical, comfortable seats and a smart layout make every ride
the volume and the stress level. Your passengers will denitely appreciate it. in the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid a pleasure.

A perfect

The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid comes with a set of services included.
Furthermore, and depending on your needs, you can opt for other
value-adding services.

Our service portfolio is extensive, giving you freedom of choice when

creating your perfect set-up. All services are designed to respond to
the main concerns of your operation.

Vehicle Management Fleet Management Parts Supply Service Contracts

Moving towards 100% Cost reduction based on Ensures the availability of Give the desired level
uptime at minimum cost. detailed and aggregated Genuine Volvo Parts and of assurance against
information on vehicle usage. right-sizing of your spare unplanned stops and costs,
parts stock. at a fixed monthly rate.

Traffic Management Zone Management Hybrid Battery Contracts Financing

Supports vehicles dispatch, Manages zones and No worries about the Gives the operator a
operation monitoring and secures compliance need for battery condition financial partner who
regulation of all the services, with traffic restrictions. or capacity. really understands the
as well as driver and customers business.
passenger information.

The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid is an extension of the Volvo offer. Still, it is well-
Tried. Tested. proven in eld trials and the technology inside has been in commercial operation

for many years in our previous hybrid models.

Volvo offers a unique combination of environmental performance, energy efciency

and reliability. Ultimately this will make public transport more attractive, by serving
passengers better and by using tax money in a more responsible way.

Gothenburg Edinburgh
The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid has been in traffic on one of the most demanding routes in Leading Scottish operator Lothian has operated Volvo hybrids since early 2013. Both the public
the city of Gothenburg. Steep climbs and very busy traffic. The verdict is clear. Passengers and their drivers are very positive in their view of the new buses. Lothian even registered a
appreciate the low noise, the smooth ride and the environmental performance. Residents 10% increase in passengers on the routes operated by hybrids, so the appreciation definitely
along the route note a distinct reduction in disturbance and the operators staff appreciate is for real. After evaluation of the ten first Volvo 7900 Hybrids, Lothian ordered 40 more.
the environmental effects as well as the silent and comfortable working environment. They also plan for, and look forward to, the imminent introduction of electric hybrids.

See the lm at See the lm at

Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid
Facts and figures
Dimensions and weights Axles, suspension and steering Passenger capacity
Length [m] 12.0 Front axle Volvo RFS-Low beam axle No. of passengers 80
Width [m] 2.55 Rear axle Portal, double reduction axle, No. of seats, max 32
with optimised ratio
Height [m] 3.28 Type of seats Volvo City bus seats
Suspension Electronically controlled air available in several variants,
Permitted GVW [kg] 19 000
suspension with kneeling function optimised for easy cleaning
and maintenance.
Power steering Electrically powered
Powertrain electric hybrid system hydraulic steering
Conguration Tyres 275/70R 22.5" Doors and door system
Emission standard Euro 6 Rims Steel rims available Door system Electric
Diesel engine Volvo D5K 240, 4-cylinder, in-line diesel engine Door layout 2+2+0
with common rail injection Brakes
Output [hp] 240 Volvo electronically controlled disc brakes (EBS). Climate system
Torque [Nm] 918 Brake Blending function (all). The electric motor
functions as a retarder and recovers braking energy. Zones Separate climate zones
for driver and passengers
Electric motor Volvo I-SAM
Power output, max [kW] 150 Ventilation and Powerful ventilation,
Drivers environment
Torque, max [Nm] 1200 heating roof heating units
Spacious drivers environment with wide range AC max [kW] 28
Energy storage system High capacity Lithium-Ion battery
of individual adjustment possibilities.
Transmission Volvo I-Shift automated gear-changing system
Volvo dashboard meets EBSF and VDV demands.
Swivelling driver seat.
Charging system
Opportunity charging.
Fully automatic fast charging sequence.
Rapid charge time: up to 6 min.

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