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One of the primary issues associated with gamification revolves around the facilitators ability to

adequately and appropriately evaluate the users progress and competencies. How does your model
address these concerns for your field?

My model addresses these concerns by incorporating quizzes and short games to test the knowledge of
the participants as they progress throughout the game. Successfully passing these assessments will
allow them to advance to the next level. I think it is important that participants are able to do the
activities as much as they would like so they can keep trying to get a better score. It should not be
designed to set them up for failure, but it should be challenging and fun. Since I work for an electric
cooperative, I will use lightning bolts as the reward for completing the challenges. Once the appropriate
number of lightning bolts are earned for each level, a badge or promotion will be awarded. The
progress of the user will be depicted as a lineman climbing an electric pole, reaching a certain level as
the game progresses, with the top being the aim. The goal of the model is to get the members power
back on. This cannot be accomplished until the user reaches the transformer at the top of the pole. The
five levels of promotions that I will use are as follows: Apprentice Lineman, Lineman, Foreman,
Operating Superintendent, and District Manager. I would like to incorporate a leaderboard so that
employees can compete with others along their journey and successful completion of the game. Having
a form of competition will encourage employees to do well and possibly encourage discussion and
collaboration among employees that are going through the process at the same time.