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Year 9 Visual Arts Assessment Task 4 Bauhaus


Overall Weighting: This assessment is worth 15% of your overall mark for the year.

Practical: The practical component of this assessment task, combined with your classwork is worth 60% of the
total mark.

Presentations: Your group presentations are worth 40% of the total mark.

Assessment Task Description

Practical: Over the course of this Unit of Work, you will make a lamp out of plasticard and a
readymade lamp fitting, inspired by Bauhaus architecture.
Group Presentations: In groups of three to five, you will create and present a 5 minute
multimodal presentation on a modern product which you feel has been influenced by the
Your presentation must make use of film, slides, spoken dialogue and at least one other
mode. You may present in person or your presentation can be entirely filmed and simply
shown to the class when the time comes to present. More information on multimodal
presentations is included on the Unit Micro-Site:
You will be marked based on how well you identify features of design that are influenced by
Bauhaus styles and how well you justify and back up your judgements with examples of
Bauhaus art and design that parallel your chosen product.
Marking Criteria

Criteria Outcomes Marks A B C D E

Practical (60 marks)

Process work explores the world of the Bauhaus 5.2 20

and applies it to the final project.
The project itself genuinely and eloquently 5.4 20
draws inspiration from Bauhaus architecture.
The final project is refined, with good fit and 5.6 20

Group Presentation (40 marks)

The presentation acknowledges and discusses 5.7 20

the Bauhaus fusion of Craft and High Art and its
ongoing influence in both fields and the field of
The presentation demonstrates an 5.8 20
understanding of the relationships between the
Bauhaus, the world that the Bauhaus was part of
and the ongoing influence of the Bauhaus today.