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Marisol Terrones

Oct. 22, 2015

Book Buddy is 1st grader
Book Buddy Lesson Plan #3

Literacy Description of Planned Activities Comments

Rereading for We will read, Bears by Melvin and Gilda When the student began to
Fluency Berger for fluency. read the book. I was
(5-10 min) surprised. She read it very
smoothly. The words we had
trouble with in the previous
lesson, she recognized easily.
She read the book with great
fluency. I did notice that the
student did pay attention to
punctuation because after
each sentence she would
briefly look at the picture on
the page.

New Reading 1. I will introduce the book, Click, The students response to the
(10-15 min) Clack, Moo Cows That Type by book was shown with
Read new book Doreen Cronin (narrative book). excitement. She showed
2. I will read the book. curiosity in what the book
3. The student and I will choral read. was going to be about. As I
4. The student will read the book. read the book I could tell the
5. After the reading the book, we will student was hooked.
have a discussion that includes the The student learned new
story elements. vocabulary that was in the
book. The student also
learned how to carry a
discussion about the
elements in the book without
writing them first. She also
got to see that books can
really be about anything, and
they can be funny.

Writing Activity Writing response: My book buddy needed some

(10-15 min) 1. After discussing the elements, we assistance with the story map
will fill out the story map. but only some concepts like
2. Whiling filling out the story map, problem and solution but the
the student will use a couple of rest of the elements the
words from the book. student could write about.
3. We will make a cow out My book buddy also used
construction paper after filling out vocabulary from the book.
the story map. After the filling out the story
map, we made a cow out
construction paper.The
student was very excited to
make her own cow. I thought
it tied in very well with the
Overall my lesson went very
well. I noticed that having a
fun book to read can really
encourage the student to
read and interact in the