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PRE-TEST in English 9

Name : _____________________________________ Score : ______

Grade and Section : ___________________________ Date : ______
Simple Recall : Directions : Read each question carefully then choose an answer from the given. Write it on the space provided.
Poem Narrative William Shakespeare Tone Beowulf
lyric dramatic Extended metaphor mood King Arthur
Literary device Kennings Punctuation mark Informative text hyperbole
__________1. It is an old English epic about a warrior who fought and defeated a monster named Grendel.
__________2. He is a legendary British leader who has ruled Camelot and has won the heart of Guinevere.
__________3. It is a meaningful musical expression of significant human experiences where powerful words are used to signify
the beauty of life.
__________4. They combine two words to create an evocative and imaginative alternative word.
__________5. The speakers attitude towards the subject can be gleamed from the quality of the language the poet used.
__________6. It is a type of poetry that narrates events and tells stories.
__________7. It is used to create sense, clarity and stress in a sentence.
__________8. It is a feature of a lyric poem that presents comparison over several lines throughout the poem.
__________9. It refers to the typical structure used by the writers in their works to convey messages in a simple manner to the
__________10. It serves to inform, provides or discloses information, instructive or instructional.

Matching Type : Directions: Match the literary device in Column A with an example in Column B. Write the letter on the space
Column A Column B
___1. Simile a. The bussing bee flew away.
___2. Onomatopoeia b. A big bully beats a baby boy.
___3. Consonance c. Raj rejects the tape deck and ejects projectile.
___4. Assonance d. Your love is like the sun that lights up my whole world.
___5. Alliteration e. The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

Identification : Directions : Write S if the given words ( pair) have the same vowel sounds, D if they dont have. Write your
answer on the space provided.
_____1. Key k ( letter) _____4. Red read ( past tense )
_____2. Sweet suite _____5. Vouch - pouch
_____3. Stick steak _____6. Law so

Identification : Directions : Write S if the given words ( pair) have the same meanings, A if they dont have. Write your answer on
the space provided.
_____1. Dwelling abode _____4. Tally - score
_____2. Yearning craving _____5. Indolent - lazy
_____3. Built wrecked _____6. Rich affluent

Punctuation : Directions : Rewrite each sentence then provide the correct punctuation.
1. romeo and juliet is the greatest love story of all time
2. theres a hero if you look inside your heart
3. ouch the stove is hot
4. jerry won the game and shouted horray
5. love is like a rose

Grammar : Directions : Identify the part which contains the error. Write the letter of the answer on the space provided.
_____1. I want to finish my study.
_____2. My friend and me went to Ozamis last week.
_____3. My mother wants to prepared everything before we leave.
_____4. His parents will arrived next week.
_____5. Did you sent me an email?
_____6. Please louder your voice.
_____7. Her hobbies include singing and to dance.
_____8. She found it difficult to breath.
_____9. I want to give you advices.
_____10. I wish I am a fairy so I could turn you into a princess.