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Hostel Management Information System


This Project HOSTEL MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM targeted for the College Hostel
integrates the transaction management of the Hostel for better control and timely response. This
eliminates time delay and paper transactions being marked. The warden is provided with a better
control over the transactions like adding the details of new students in the hostel, modifying the details
of the students, deleting the students, viewing the students details in the Hostel. This projects main
motto is to reduce the effort of Wardens and provide better service to the students.

The goal of this project is to develop a system for the computerization of the Hostel. The common
transactions of the hostel includes the maintenance of mess bills, information about students in the
hostel, enrolling of new students and their payments and dues etc are stored into the databases and
reports are generated according to the user requirements.

Existing System

Up to now there is no extendible software availability for this process. The existing system of
The College Hostel is run manually by entering data in books and keeping track of all the data in the
books. Adding, searching is quite difficult if it is it the form of long books. So this software is well
required for the Hostel Management Information System.

The different processes involved are:

To maintain the hostel students details manually.

To maintain monthly bills.
To maintain the provisions details.
To maintain the information about the payments and dues.
Drawbacks of the existing system

The existing system has lot of problems such as

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The entire database is maintained manually which is rather tedious and error prone.
Time delay is more because the warden has to go through many records for entering the
transactions of different batches and generating reports etc.
Manual calculations may not result in 100% accuracy.
Improper interface.
Proposed System

The proposed system tries to solve the problems mentioned above. The main objective of the
proposed system is to provide information instantly as and when it is required. The main objective is to
make the Hostel information details more efficient and effective. This system should maintain different
data files, so that the data can be retrieved easily and in an efficient manner. The system is very
interactive. It should ensure process integration to the desired extent, various reports should be
generated as the need be. This system should also ensure that there is no redundancy in the recorded

Advantages of proposed system:

Redundancy is reduced; loss of data due to physical damages can be overcome by taking the
backup and recovery from the proposed system.
Provides data security and good accessing rights.
The proposed system provides efficient maintenance of information about the students in the
Because of computerization manual work is eliminated and manual errors can be overcome easily.
Generates reports as when needed.

Limitations of the proposed system

1. The main drawback of the proposed system is that, it is not web-based system.
2. The proposed system is not a client server system.

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Software Requirements
Operating Environment : Windows 2000/XP - SP2.

DataBase : Oracle

Front End : Java with jdk1.6.0.

Hardware Requirements

CPU : Pentium 4, 3.00GHz.

RAM : 512 MB

Hard Disk : 80 GB

CreativeSoft (Corporate Office)

# 412, Annpurna Block,Aditya Enclave,Ameerpet,Hyderabad
500016 Tel : +91-40-40159158Mobile : 91-9247249455