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Managed Pressure Cementing system

Safe isolation through innovation

What is MPC?
The Managed Pressure Cementing system (MPC)
from Enhanced Drilling enables you to safely isolate
problematic zones - cost effectively - even in Narrow
Pressure Window scenarios.

02 By using MPC you are effectively very advantages that Enhanced Drilling 03
taking out an insurance policy on the made its name with on more than 500
integrity of the top-hole section of the RMR (Riserless Mud Recovery system)
well. How? Well, rather than taking the and CTS (Cuttings Transportation
conventional cementing method route System) jobs to date.
with its associated problems, MPC
offers the user a number of very real PRECISE CONTROL IS THE KEY
benefits including safety-enhancement MPC enables its operators to precisely
and cost/time advantages. control the pressure and flow of
returning cement. Constant pressure
These can help keep your project safe, is achieved at weak zones, preventing
on track and on budget - minimising losses to the formation.
the unforeseen and reducing risk, the
Gas and shallow water hazards are
simply yet effectively kept at bay.


In the case of an influx or loss, rapid
action can be taken by the MPC
operator, quickly and easily, to stop
any situation from escalating. Any loss
or gain can be identified and rectified
with Enhanced Drillings proven MPC
component, the Subsea Pump Module.

Reliable, high-performance
isolation. MPC.
Control is the key Still taken from Enhanced Drillings
MPC video.

to success. Discover more at

Constant, precise pressure management, plus reliability

when you need it most.

04 SAFER, FASTER, CHEAPER annulus above the critical zone in order 05

The system enables the management of to compensate for higher hydrostatic
wellbore pressure during the circulation pressure.
of cement slurry and its setting time.
MPC keeps the wellbore pressure at the
This is done in such a way that unwanted critical zone constant. The result? No
fluid exchanges between the wellbore losses and a cement job you can depend
and the casing annulus are avoided. on.

Crucially, MPC can use conventional With conventional cementing technique

cement rather than more costly foam in the setting stage, a loss in hydrostatic
or nitrified cements yet still achieve pressure brings with it an increase in
effective isolation. the likelihood of a fluid-bearing
formation flowing into the annulus
THE CHALLENGE SOLVED - which could ultimately lead to well-
With traditional cementing techniques, abandonment.
the challenge has always been to
effectively isolate shallow gases and BRINGING CERTAINTY TO THE TASK
water in the top-hole section where MPC offers the following advantages
unstable, unconsolidated formations when it comes to ensuring that the
exist. cement job is both in place and can be
depended on:
Low fracture gradients combined with
high-density slurries and circulation The ability to verify cement at
pressure mean that the chances of surface.
fracturing the formation are high,
resulting in losses. It enables the monitoring of pressure
during set-up.
The MPC system allows the operator to
unload the pressure as the heavier fluid Pressure can be applied to verify that
(spacer, cement slurry) flows up the the barrier is in place.
Precise pressure management, MPC - the solution
plus reliability when you need it to two major challenges.
most: MPC. Rapid system response that keeps both your team
and your well safe.

6 A POWERFUL RISK-REDUCTION TOOL Other advantages include: 7

MPC enables the successful isolation of
high-pressure, unconsolidated water/ Enhanced safety thanks to the
gas bearing formations with high- systems rapid kick/ loss detection.
performance cement.
Significant cost and time savings
A major operator used the system in thanks to efficient mitigation of
the Caspian Sea off a semi-sub and was pressure-regime related issues
able to meet its top-hole objectives
with MPC - previous attempts in the Ability to set deeper surface casing
area at controlling gas via conventional
cementing technique had resulted in gas Superior wellbore integrity
leakage after cementing.
Reduced logistics requirements
This was not the case with MPC. No gas
flow either during or after cementing Simple, effective design and operation
was experienced. The well did not
become underbalanced at any time
during cement setting. THE TOP-HOLE TEAM - MPC AND RMR
RMR (Riserless Mud Recovery) is the
perfect complement to MPC.
MPC is the answer to two major It is an innovative way to return mud and
problems encountered with cuttings to the rig before the marine
conventional cementing techniques: riser is run, without discharge to the
seabed: there is no Pump and Dump.
Effective cement slurry placement in a
Narrow Pressure Window scenario RMR, which has been used on more
than 200-wells worldwide since
Gas flow after cementing. its first commercial deployment in
2003, enables top-holes to be drilled
more safely, quickly and with less
environmental impact.
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