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Mila Malenko, Maine Lori Handrahan, Ph.D.

Contact: (202) 901-2585

This is my daughter Mila. She has not

seen her mother since she was 4. She is
now 10. I do not even have a picture of
Mila after the age of 4.
Maines Medical Forensic Examiner
(Spurwink) confirmed, 100%, my
daughter was raped by her father, Igor
Malenko, when she was 2.
Child Protection Services (CPS)
refused to protect her. CPS staff were
fired, we were told, for their conduct
yet no one protected Mila.
Two judges issued 3 protection orders,
placing Mila in my sole custody. Three
times these were case-rigged to Judge
Moskowitz in Portland.

Judge Moskowitz dissolved all 3 protection

orders and placed Mila in her fathers sole
custody. He has done this to many children
and mothers. There has been an outcry in
Maine. We have begged the FBI to
investigate the racketeering and corruption.
The FBI has been non-responsive.
Milas father is a criminal alien from the
former Yugoslavia. He was scheduled to
be deported for crimes he committed. He
was removed from the deportation list and,
illegally, provided a green card based on
fraud. He has a long history of violence, Spurwink Co-Directors Sworn Affidavit of Milas Sex Abuse by her Father
including DV against a second ex-wife and
child & an assault which left a teenage boy disabled for life.
Malenko has free legal representation, for 8 years, from
Michael Waxman; a lawyer who professes to be
nurturing a bond with my beautiful daughter.
Waxman spends weekends with Mila, gives her presents,
takes her to his parents summer home, throws birthday
parties for her. He says he cares about Mila and loves
her in a way her mother cannot. He vowed to take Mila
from me so she can be loved.

Maine Overseers of the Bar Motion Against Michael Waxman

The Overseers of the Bar charged Waxman with 13

counts of violating the Bar. Judge Donald Alexander
protected him. Waxman retained his law license. His
personal wealth is said to be hundreds of millions.

We are requesting a federal investigation into Maine

courts, particularly Judge Moskowitz, and into
Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) officials
who illegally removed Malenko from deportation and
provided a fraudulent green card.

Please see my Medium profile for more information:

Judge Moskowitz & Michael Waxman; Judge
Moskowitz & Mila in Maine; Judge Moskowitz, Mila &
Meth; and Maines Shameful Secret: Child Rape.

Mila must be returned to her mother.

Spurwink Report Forensic Interview with Mila

Homelands Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office (VOICE)
Igor Malenko - South Portland, Maine - Qualifies under 1, 3, 4 and 7

Convicted of a Criminal Offense - Committed Acts Which Constitute a Chargeable Offense

1. Domestic Assault of wife child witness. On Temporary Green Card. (2007) Arrest. Police record. 1 year court
filing placing restrictions on liberties. Deportable offense.
2. Confirmed by Maines sexual assault forensic examiner for sex abuse of 2-year-old child, Mila Malenko,
(my daughter US Citizen) and his own daughter. (2009-2010). This is admissible with the PFA Court
Transcript and the Spurwink Reports. Dr. Ricci, Director of Spurwink Sexual Abuse Program, testified
extensively and strongly recommended supervised contact only. Constitutes a chargeable offense.
3. NOLO CONTENDE to Domestic Abuse Protection Order for wife and 3-month-old child. On Temporary
Green Card. (2009). Restrictions on liberties included no gun ownership, supervised visits with his child for 3
hours per week, passport taken by court. Deportable offense.
4. Domestic Abuse Protection Order for wife and child upheld. On Temporary Green Card. (2009). Second
court order with supervised visits of child and restrictions in place. Deportable offense.
5. Shoplifting with 3-year child, Mila Malenko. Arrest and guilty plea. (2010). Shoplifting is a deportable offense.
Shoplifting with a child under 4, should have resulted in a charge for child endangerment. Deportable offense.
6. Failure to pay child support. Temporary and Permanent Green Card. (2008-2010). Documented by DHHS and
2 court orders. Over $5,000 in back support making it a Federal Offense. Maine DHHS refused to enforce the
court order. Deportable offense.
7. Extensive evidence, medical reports and medical affidavits, of physical violence and abuse of Mila Malenko
age 2-4 years, including blunt force trauma to her head, and a near fatal dose of methamphetamine. Malenko
should have been charged for child engagement. Constitutes chargeable offenses.
8. Two Convictions for Driving Unauthorized Vehicle (1/22/2009 & 7/03/2010) No valid inspection sticker
committed with 3/4-year-old child, Mila, in the car. Constitutes chargeable offense.
9. Felony stalking of his ex-wife, at her place of employment, American University, including extensive contact
with university staff, students and faculty attempting to get his ex-wife fired. The felony stalking was
investigated, extensively, by Washington DC Metro Police. Felony stalking constitutes a chargeable offense.
10. Domestic Violence of ex-wife via felony stalking, a judge has ruled attempt by an ex-spouse to interfere with a
former spouses employment constitutes a chargeable offense of domestic violence. US Citizen Lori Handrahan,
lost her employment as a result of Malenkos extensive stalking of her on American Universitys campus.

Engaged in fraud or willful misrepresentative in connection with an offical matter before a government agency

Malenko committed fraud on his application, his interview for permanent green card and his filing for US citizenship.

1. The dates he lists on his application for his Yugoslav Military Service (JNA) are not his service dates. May
have been a participant in war crimes during the siege of Dubrovnik based on the Ministry of Defense (MOD)
records released upon request by US Embassy in Macedonia.
2. Failed to list on his application CMT of nearly killing another child at 16 years old (US Embassy helped
obtain court documents) and psychiatric discharge from the JNA.
3. Interview for his permanent green card. Fraud regarding CMTs committed while on a temporary green card
(domestic assault on wifechild witnessing and nolo contende to domestic abuse for wife and child). Went for
interview alone without US Citizen wife. US Citizen wife had filed a Protection Order for Abuse on behalf of
herself and their 2-year-old daughter. He was married to his US Citizen wife (his sponsor) for less than 2 years.
She did not file for his permanent green card with him. At the time he went for his interview for a permanent
green card he was under a protection order for abuse of wife and childboth US Citizens.
4. Malenko was not eligible for a permanent green card.
5. Due to the 5-year rule, where an alien on a green card must show good character by no criminal record,
Malenko was not eligible for US Citizenship. His US Citizenship application is based on fraud and thereby his
citizenship is revocable.
6. Malenko committed extensive fraud and willful misrepresentative to the government agency of Maines Health
and Human Services lying extensively about his own abuse of Mila Malenko, his daughter, and his own past
record of violence.