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Ministry Announces Tough New Traffic

Rules, Penalties
Abu Dhabi: All passengers in a car will be
required to wear seat belts failing which the
driver of the vehicle will be fined Dh400
and slapped with four black points,
according to a draft law on traffic
regulations and penalties approved by the
Ministry of Interior on Wednesday.

The new regulations, covering a

comprehensive range of traffic discipline
and violations, will be implemented across
the country following their publication in the
UAE Gazette.

The date of implementation of the

regulations is to be confirmed.

Officially signed by Lieutenant General Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime
Minister and Minister of Interior, the new regulations cover multiple violations, the penalties
for which include heavy fines, black points, and impounding of vehicles.

Reckless driving will incur a fine of Dh2,000, 23 black points, and impounding of the
vehicle for a period of 60 days. The same punishment and fine will be applied to drivers
who endanger the lives of others. Reckless driving will also apply to buggy drivers, who
will receive a Dh3,000 fine and have their buggy impounded for three months. Drivers
caught under the influence of alcohol or drugs will have their license suspended for one
year, starting from the day of the verdict.

Other regulations:
Driving at 80km/h over the speed limit: Dh3,000 fine, 23 black points, and car impounded
for 60 days.
Lack of child safety seat for children up to four years of age: Dh400 fine and four black

Driving without a licence plate: Dh3,000 fine, three black points, and vehicle impounded
for three months.

Stopping cars on the road and blocking traffic: Dh1,000 fine.

Drivers who litter on the road: Dh1,000 fine and six black points.

Carrying dangerous or flammable materials without official permission: Dh3,000 fine, 24

black points, and vehicle impounded for 30 days.

Window tinting: Cars can have their windows tinted at 50 per cent, which has been
increased from the 40 per cent limit. All windows except the front windshield can be tinted.

Drivers who drive with learners permit will be suspended from driving for one year and get
24 black points, and they will not be allowed to reapply for a driving license during that

Drivers with black points will have the points dropped one year from the date they pay
their fine, provided they do not receive any other violation during the period.

Heavy vehicle drivers who commit any traffic violations will have their licenses suspended
for one year and receive a Dh3,000 fine. The drivers will have to take training sessions
after the completion of the suspension term.

Motorcycle riders without a helmet: Dh500 fine and four black points. The same
punishment will be applied if pillion riders are not wearing a helmet.

Car rallies on occasions such as National Day must receive permission from authorities or
risk a fine of Dh500, four black points, and impounding of the vehicle for 15 days.

Full list
1.-A: Driving a vehicle dangerously in a way
that endangers his or other peoples lives 3-Driving under the influence of drugs or
Dh2,000 similar substances
23 points 60 days confiscation Penalty to be decided by the court
B: Driving in a way that harms public or 60 days confiscation license to be suspended
private properties for one year starting from the date the driver
Dh2,000 completes his punishment
23 points 60 days confiscation 4-Driving without a number plate
2-Driving under influence of alcohol Dh3,000
Penalty to be decided by the court 23 black points 90 days confiscation
23 points, 60 days confiscation

5-A:Driving a heavy vehicle dangerously in a 16-Failure to abide by loading and unloading in
way that endangers his or other peoples designated areas
lives Dh1,000
Dh3,000 4 black points
License to be suspended for one year 17-Heavy vehicle overtaking in areas where it is
B: Driving a heavy vehicle in a way that prohibited
harms public or private properties Dh3,000
Dh3,000 License to be suspended for one year
License to be suspended for one year 18-Driving a heavy vehicle that does not abide
6-Heavy vehicle jumping the red light by safety standards
Dh3,000 Dh2,000
License to be suspended for one year Six black points
7-Heavy vehicle causing his or another 19-A: Driving a vehicle against traffic
vehicle to overturn Dh600
Dh3,000 4 black points Light vehicle to be confiscated
License to be suspended for one year for 7 days
8-Heavy vehicle not abiding by lane B Entering with a vehicle into prohibited areas
discipline Dh1,000
Dh,1500 8 black points - Light vehicle to be confiscated
12 black points for 7 days
9-A: loading a heavy vehicle in a way that 20-Driving with a car that causes noise
endangers others or the road pollution
Dh2,000 Dh2,000
Six black points 12 black points
10-Entering prohibited areas 21-Driving a vehicle that causes environmental
Dh1,000 pollution
4 black points Dh1,000
11-Leaking, spilling or dropping of heavy Six black points
vehicles load 22-A: Driving an uninsured vehicle
Dh3,000 Dh500
12 black points Four black points, 7 days confiscation
12-Failure to fix reflective tapes on heavy B: Driving unlicensed vehicle
vehicles Dh500
Dh500 Four black points, 7 days confiscation
13-Driving industrial, construction and 23-Driving a vehicle that is licensed from a
mechanical equipment without a license foreign country illegally
Dh1,500 Dh400
14-Failure to raise the exhaust pipe in heavy 24-Driving a vehicle on a different license for a
vehicles different type of vehicle
Dh1,500 Dh400
15-Failure to cover a heavy vehicles load 12 black points

25-A: Driving a vehicle on an expired license 34-Exceeding the maximum speed by not more
Dh500 4 black points than 80km/h
7 days confiscation Dh3,000
B: Driving a vehicle on an expired 23 black points
registration 60 days confiscation for light vehicles
Dh50,0 4 black points 35-Exceeding the maximum speed by more
7 days confiscation if the registration more than 60km/h
than three months ago Dh2,000
26-A: Driving a vehicle that does not abide 12 black points
by safety standards 30 days confiscation
Dh500 36-Exceeding the maximum speed by not more
B: Driving a vehicle that is unfit for driving than 60km/h
Dh500 Dh1,500
27-A: Driving a car with one number plate 6 black points
Dh400 15 days confiscation
B: Driving a car with faded numbers on the 37-Exceeding the maximum speed by not more
plate than 50km/h
Dh400 Dh1,000
28-Driving a vehicle at below the minimum 38-Exceeding the maximum speed by not more
speed set for the road (if any) than 40km/h
Dh400 Dh700
29-Swerving suddenly 39-Exceeding the maximum speed by not more
Dh1,000 than 30km/h
Four black points Dh600
30-Reversing dangerously 40-Exceeding the maximum speed by not more
Dh400 than 20km/h
Four black points Dh300
31-Overtaking dangerously 41-Disregarding policemans instructions
Dh600 Dh400
Six black points 4 black points
32-A: Using the mobile while driving 42-Overtaking from the hard shoulder
Dh800, four black points Dh1,000
B: not focusing on driving and being Six black points
distracted in any way 43-Entering the road dangerously
Dh800, four black points Dh600
33-A:Jumping a red light (light vehicle) Six black points
Dh1,000 44-Overtaking in prohibited areas
12 black points Dh600
30 days confiscation 45-Running away from a policeman
B: Jumping a red light (motorbike) Light vehicle: Dh800 and 12 black points, 30
Dh800, four black points days confiscation
30 days confiscation Heavy vehicle: Dh1,000, 16 black points

46-Causing death to somebody 64-Parking illegally (Dh500)
Fine to be decided by court 65-Parking in a way that endangers road users
23 black, 60 days confiscation or blocking their way (Dh400)
47-Causing a serious accident or injuries 66-Parking on pavements (Dh400)
Fine to be decided by court 67-Writing or posting on the vehicle without a
23 black points, 30 days confiscation permit (Dh500)
48-Escaping after a minor accident 68- Exceeding the percentage of car window
Dh500 for light vehicles, 8 black points, 7 tinting, or tinting a vehicle. which is not allowed
days confiscation to be (Dh1500).
Heavy vehicle: Dh1,000, 16 black points 69-Failure to give pedestrians priority at the
49-Allowing a child below 10 years or designated crossings (Dh500), and 6 black
145CM height to sit in the front points
seat (Dh400) 70-Faiure to abide by traffic signs (Dh500)
50-Failure to fix chid seats for children 71-Literring from vehicle windows while driving
under 4 years (fine of Dh400) (Dh1000), 6 black points
51-Failure to wear seatbelt by driver or by 72-Placing traffic signs and cones in a way that
any of passengers (Dh400 fine) for both harms the road or block traffic (Dh550)
driver and passengers, with 4black points to 73-Engine or sassy modifications with permit
be issued against the driver. (Dh1000), 12 black points and confiscation of
52-Failure to leave a safe distance (Dh400 30 days
fine) and giving 4 black points 74- Rubber neck and crowds at the scenes of
53 Entering road without making sure it is traffic accident (Dh1000)
clear (Dh 400), and 4 black points 75-Using the vehicle for undesignated purpose
54-Faluire to give priority to emergency , (dh300), and 4 black points
police and protocol vehicles Dh1000), 6 76-Transporting passengers illegally (Dh3000),
black points and 24 black points, confiscation for 30 days
55-Parking vehicles at fire extinguisher hose 77-Transporting inflammable ale or dangerous
and areas designated for people with materials without permission (Dh3000), 24
special needs (Dh1000), 6 black points black points and confiscation for 60 days.
56- Stopping in the middle road with valid 78-Transporting passengers in vehicle that is
reason (DH1000), and 6 black points not licensed for passengers (Dh1000), and 4
57-Stopping in the yellow box (Dh500) black points
58-Parking vehicles on the left-hand side of 79-Transporting extra passengers (Dh500), 4
the road in prohibited areas (Dh1000) black points and confiscation for 7 days
59-Stopping at Zebra crossings (Dh500) 80-Failutre to take safety precautions when the
60-Parking behind other vehicles and car breaks down (Dh500)
blocking their way (Dh500) 81-Failure to wear helmet by motorcyclists and
61-Stopping taxis in prohibited areas passengers (Dh500), 4 black points for the
(Dh500), and four black points driver
62-Stopping vehicles and road turns 82-Expired tyres (Dh500), 4 black points, and
(Dh500) confiscation for 7 days.
63-Parking in a way without securing the car 83-failure to use indicators for road directions
(Dh500) (Dh400)

84-Failure to give priority to cars coming 101-Overloading a light vehicle (Dh500, 4 black
from the back or the left-hand side (Dh400) points)
85-Failure to get the car technically tested 102-Dropping or spilling load from a light
after any major engine or Shasi vehicle (Dh500)
modifications (Dh400) 103-Illegal use of commercial number plates
86-Light vehicles failure to abide by lane (Dh500, 7 days confiscation)
discipline (Dh500) 104-Driving during the night or foggy conditions
87-Broken Car lights (Dh400), 6 black points without turning on the headlights, or driving in
88-Broken indicators or back lights (Dh400), foggy conditions in violation of authorities
and 2 black points instructions (Dh500, 4 black points)
89-Pedestrians failure to abide by signals, 105-Using a cars sound system or honking in a
or crossing from undesignated areas way that disturbs others, or driving at
(Dh400) residential areas, education zones, hospitals in
90-Schoolbus driver failing to activate the a way that endangers lives of others (Dh400, 4
stop sign or abide by traffic instructions black points)
(Dh500, six black points) 106-Failure to present registration or driving
91-Driver failing to stop when the bus license (Dh400)
drivers activates the stop sign. (Dh1,000, 10 107-Driving school vehicles in times and areas
blkack points) that are prohibited (Dh400)
92-Using a leisure bike with three or more 108-Teaching someone to drive in a car that is
wheels (Dh3,000, 90 days confiscation) not labelled as learning vehicle, or teaching
93-Driving on lanes designated for buses or without a license (Dh500)
taxis (Dh400) 109-Not presenting a learners permit (Dh300)
94-Participating in a motorcade without a 110-Failure to hand over a driving license when
permit (Dh500, 4 black points, 15 day the maximum black points are accrued in the
confiscation) first traffic violation (Dh1,000)
95-Changing the vehicle colour without 111-Failure to hand over a driving license when
permission (Dh800) the maximum black points are accrued in the
96-A: Towing a car or a boat without a second traffic violation (Dh2,000)
permit or towing a car or boat in an unsafe 112-Failure to hand over a driving license when
manner (Dh1,000) the maximum black points are accrued in the
97- Broken or absence of back or sidelights third traffic violation (Dh3,000)
on the tow truck (Dh500, 4 black points) 113-Failure to pick up confiscated car once the
98- Obstructing the traffic in any other way confiscation period is over (Dh50 per day, a
not mentioned in this table (Dh500) maximum of Dh3,000)
99- Making a u-turn from undesignated 114-Failure to pick up confiscated heavy vehicle
areas or in an incorrect manner (Dh500, 4 once the confiscation period is over (Dh100 per
black points) day, maximum Dh3,000)
100- Loading a light vehicle in a way that
endagers others or the road (Dh500, 4 black

Source: Gulf News 23 March 2017