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Process Color Codes KEIM Natural Stone shades

S003 S087 S165

CMYK: C:31 M:41 Y:63 K:3 CMYK: C:42 M:46 Y:47 K:5 CMYK: C:40 M:33 Y:43 K:1
RGB: R:185 G:150 B:101 RGB: R:158 G:135 B:122 RGB: R:170 G:163 B:143

S005 S089 S168

CMYK: C:36 M:40 Y:57 K:3 CMYK: C:36 M:40 Y:41 K:1 CMYK: C:22 M:19 Y:30 K:0
RGB: R:175 G:150 B:112 RGB: R:178 G:154 B:141 RGB: R:209 G:202 B:182

S007 S103 S183

CMYK: C:37 M:37 Y:52 K:2 CMYK: C:40 M:42 Y:58 K:6 CMYK: C:55 M:46 Y:45 K:10
RGB: R:175 G:156 B:124 RGB: R:162 G:139 B:106 RGB: R:125 G:124 B:120

S017 S105 S187

CMYK: C:32 M:37 Y:51 K:1 CMYK: C:36 M:36 Y:49 K:1 CMYK: C:38 M:33 Y:36 K:0
RGB: R:185 G:160 B:127 RGB: R:178 G:159 B:131 RGB: R:174 G:167 B:156

S019 S107 S189

CMYK: C:30 M:34 Y:48 K:1 CMYK: C:34 M:34 Y:49 K:1 CMYK: C:29 M:23 Y:31 K:0
RGB: R:191 G:168 B:135 RGB: R:183 G:165 B:133 RGB: R:194 G:189 B:174

S041 S109 S193

CMYK: C:32 M:63 Y:63 K:13 CMYK: C:24 M:26 Y:40 K:0 CMYK: C:50 M:41 Y:48 K:6
RGB: R:166 G:101 B:81 RGB: R:204 G:186 B:156 RGB: R:141 G:138 B:123

S043 S110 S195

CMYK: C:34 M:61 Y:65 K:15 CMYK: C:50 M:49 Y:56 K:15 CMYK: C:45 M:37 Y:43 K:2
RGB: R:160 G:103 B:79 RGB: R:132 G:116 B:98 RGB: R:155 G:152 B:138

S049 S112 S198

CMYK: C:25 M:48 Y:61 K:2 CMYK: C:43 M:43 Y:51 K:5 CMYK: C:37 M:31 Y:42 K:0
RGB: R:196 G:142 B:102 RGB: R:158 G:140 B:119 RGB: R:176 G:169 B:148

S053 S113 S199

CMYK: C:40 M:57 Y:60 K:16 CMYK: C:44 M:41 Y:51 K:5 CMYK: C:35 M:28 Y:37 K:0
RGB: R:149 G:106 B:88 RGB: R:156 G:142 B:119 RGB: R:180 G:175 B:158

S057 S114
CMYK: C:39 M:53 Y:55 K:10 CMYK: C:35 M:35 Y:42 K:1
RGB: R:158 G:119 B:101 RGB: R:180 G:163 B:144

S059 S115
CMYK: C:40 M:52 Y:53 K:10 CMYK: C:35 M:37 Y:47 K:1
RGB: R:156 G:120 B:105 RGB: R:179 G:159 B:133

S063 S117
CMYK: C:34 M:49 Y:49 K:4 CMYK: C:35 M:34 Y:42 K:1
RGB: R:177 G:136 B:119 RGB: R:181 G:166 B:146

S065 S119
CMYK: C:34 M:44 Y:46 K:2 CMYK: C:26 M:25 Y:36 K:0
RGB: R:179 G:146 B:128 RGB: R:201 G:187 B:164

S066 S122
CMYK: C:32 M:42 Y:43 K:1 CMYK: C:21 M:21 Y:28 K:0
RGB: R:185 G:153 B:136 RGB: R:210 G:198 B:182

S068 S143
CMYK: C:33 M:46 Y:52 K:3 CMYK: C:42 M:40 Y:56 K:5
RGB: R:180 G:141 B:117 RGB: R:159 G:143 B:112

S070 S145
CMYK: C:24 M:36 Y:42 K:0 CMYK: C:46 M:39 Y:52 K:5
RGB: R:202 G:168 B:144 RGB: R:150 G:143 B:119

S071 S147
CMYK: C:44 M:57 Y:59 K:20 CMYK: C:43 M:37 Y:57 K:4
RGB: R:136 G:101 B:85 RGB: R:159 G:148 B:113

S073 S148
CMYK: C:46 M:55 Y:59 K:19 CMYK: C:30 M:28 Y:48 K:0
RGB: R:135 G:105 B:87 RGB: R:193 G:177 B:139

S075 S149
CMYK: C:44 M:53 Y:58 K:16 CMYK: C:40 M:38 Y:53 K:3
RGB: R:142 G:111 B:92 RGB: R:166 G:150 B:119

S079 S153
CMYK: C:38 M:46 Y:55 K:6 CMYK: C:56 M:41 Y:50 K:9
RGB: R:167 G:136 B:109 RGB: R:124 G:130 B:117

S080 S155
CMYK: C:45 M:43 Y:40 K:3 CMYK: C:55 M:44 Y:51 K:11
RGB: R:153 G:141 B:137 RGB: R:124 G:124 B:112

S081 S157
CMYK: C:49 M:52 Y:48 K:12 CMYK: C:50 M:39 Y:47 K:5
RGB: R:137 G:115 B:110 RGB: R:141 G:141 B:127

S083 S161
CMYK: C:46 M:48 Y:50 K:10 CMYK: C:44 M:39 Y:50 K:4
RGB: R:144 G:124 B:111 RGB: R:155 G:145 B:123

S085 S163
CMYK: C:41 M:49 Y:50 K:7 CMYK: C:39 M:33 Y:45 K:1
RGB: R:158 G:128 B:114 RGB: R:171 G:164 B:141

Colour variations may occur due the technical limitations associated with the printing reproduction process.