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You have 2 hours to complete this test.

There are 50 problems on this test.
You may right anywhere on the test, but only bubble in the correct answer on the scantron.
Please do not write on the scantron.There is only ONE correct answer. Additional paper may be
No calculators allowed on the test.
And most importantly Try your best. Jest keep in mind the consequences if you dont get a good
grade. Strive to be the best and become a council leader.


1.While setting problems on Brilliant, Calvin absentmindedly eats through 7 identical bags of
gummy worms. He looks up the 'nutritional information' on the bag, and notices that each
bag of gummy worms contains 6 servings, and each serving has a whole number of calories.
Given this, Calvin calculated that he consumed just under 1000 calories. What is the
maximum possible number of calories that Calvin could have consumed from these bags of
gummy worms?
2. 6 points are on the plane such that any 2 points are at most distance 2 apart. What is the
most number of pairs of points which are strictly greater than square root of 2 apart?

3.A ski jumper launches from a ski jump that is oriented parallel to a hill. The jump has a
vertical drop of 50 m and the coefficient of friction between the skier and the jump is 0.05.
The launch point is 5 m above the hill and there is a small lip at the bottom of the jump so
that the skier launches horizontally. How long in seconds is the skier in flight?

Details and assumptions

Neglect air resistance.

The acceleration of gravity is -9.8 m/s squared .
The hill slopes down at an angle of 0= 30 degrees below the horizontal.
The skier started from rest at the top of the jump.
4.How many 4-digit numbers are there such that the thousands digit is equal to the sum of
the other 3 digits?

Details and Assumptions:

The number 12=012 is a 2-digit number, not a 3-digit number.

5.Over the summer, Calvin, along with a group for friends, went to Ten Flags (an
amusement park). There are 10 "must-ride" roller coasters. At the end of the day, everyone
rode exactly 5 of these 10 rides (due to the dastardly long lines). Furthermore, any 2 different
people rode at most 2 rides in common. What is the highest possible number of people in this

Details and assumptions

Calvin is to be included in the count. You should not exclude him from amusement parks.

6.A grid with 3 rows and 52 columns is tiled with 78 identical 2 x 1 dominoes. How many
ways can this be done such that exactly two of the dominoes are vertical?

Details and Assumptions:

The dominoes will cover the entire board. They are not allowed to jut over the
board, or overlap with each other.
Rotations and reflections (of the board) count as distinct ways.
Convention: rows are horizontal and columns are vertical.