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Connecting words

Los linking words, nos ayudan a conectar a oraciones. Nos ayudan a no parar y ser
ms fluidos.

But pero when cuando tough aunque after - despus

So entonces because porque before antes Besides adems

On the other hand- por otro lado or

Other words: (De secuencia)

After that -> despus, luego

Then luego, despus


1. I dont like cooking because Its tiring.

2. After breakfast, I usually watch tv.
3. My friend Juana is beautiful, but she doesnt have a good attitude.
4. Before my wedding, I bought a lot of presents for my husband.
5. My friend likes riding bikes, she doesnt have one, tough.
6. I watch tv when my mom is not at home.
7. I like to eat pizza so I always go to Pizza Hut every Sunday.

Complete the sentences with: but, so, when, because, after, or

1. We could not attend the meeting ____________ the train was delayed.

2. I have not finished the report yet _____ I hope to finish it tomorrow.

3. The sofa was reduced to half price ______ we decided to buy it.

4. The company received a lot of new orders ______ still made a loss at the end of the

5. David was cold,_____ he closed the window.

6. Martin wanted to see the film, ______ he fell asleep half way through.

7. To get to town, you can take the bus______ you can walk.

8. Joanne loves playing basketball______ she plays really well.

9. I like dancing, I don`t want to go to the disco tonight________.

10. I like him ________ I won`t go out with him.

11. She needed some help with math _______ she took some private lessons.