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11/18/2014 How to hide the "Preferences" link from the E-Business Suite Homepage on site level | Oracle E-Business

on site level | Oracle E-Business Suite

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to hide the "Preferences" link from the E-Business Suite Translate
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Author: Cyriel van Schaik at 1:23 AM

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I got a question recently how the Preferences link, which resides on the homepage of E-Business Suite and other
framework pages, can be hidden from the users on site level.

There are several ways to accomplish this task. The most easy way is by just changing a profile option which
can be set on Site, Responsibility and User level. The profile option has the name General Preferences Show
Flag. The default value for this is NULL (which means Yes).

Use responsibility System Administrator and navigate to Profile - System and query for the profile option General
Preferences Show Flag.
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Another way to do it which involves a little bit more work but gets the thing done also is by changing 2 menu
definitions. Note that changing a menu definition will affect all the responsibilities using that menu (as a menu or

The top row of options in the framework pages are generated by either menu ICX_GLOBAL_MENU or
Tip Jar

Use responsibility System Administrator and navigate to Application - Menu. 1/3
11/18/2014 How to hide the "Preferences" link from the E-Business Suite Homepage on site level | Oracle E-Business Suite


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How to hide the "Preferences"
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Search for ICX_GLOBAL_MENU and uncheck Grant for the Preferences function. Do the same for the
ICX_STANDARD_GLOBAL_MENU. After changing a menu it might be needed to bounce the system to see the

Accounting (1) Accounting Hub (1) ADR (1) BI

Publisher (1) BIApps (1) Blackberry App (1) Cache (2)
Client Extension (1) Column Usages (1) Concurrent
Program (3) Context (1) Control Item (2) Cookie
(1) Customization (8) Data Definition (1) data
template (1) Dataloader (2) Dataloader Library (2)
Default Folder (1) Descriptive Flexfield (2)
Discoverer (4) Email (1) Email Synchronization (1)
EUL (3) Event (1) Expenditure Inquiry (2) FAH (1)
FastFormula (2) Flex Map (1) Folders (1)
Foundation (8) Function (1) Function Wrapper
(1) General Ledger (1) GL (1) Grants (1) Hierarchy (1)
HR (4) HR Locations (1) Human Resources (3)
ICX (1) Integration (1) Invisible responsibility (1) Locked
If you need to control this by responsibility and don't want to use the earlier profile option method and setting this (1) Login (3) Mass Update Progress (1) Messages
profile option value on responsibility level you can also exclude the menu function General Preferences on the (1) Monitor (1) Notification (1) OA Framework (4)
responsibility definition. OAF (1) OAM (1) OBIEE (2) OOW (1) Oracle Open
World (1) Oracle Support (1) Organization (1)
Organization Authority (1) OTL (5) Override Address
(1) Password Policy (2) Patch (1) Performance (1)
Personalizations (7) PJM (2) Pre-Approved
Batches (1) Primary Contact (1) Profile Option (4)
Project Authority (1) Project Management
(12) Reference Field (1) Request Group (1)
Resource Authority (1) Responsibility (2) Sharing

(2) SLA (1) SQL (19) SQL*Loader (1) Time

and Labour (2) Time Entry Rule (1) User
Preferences (2) Users (5) Utilization Authority (1)
Valueset (1) Versioning (1) Views (1) WF_ADMIN (1)
Workbook (2) Workflow (3) Workplan (2) XML (1)
XML Publisher (1)

Have fun implementing one of the options when your customer has this requirement.

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11/18/2014 How to hide the "Preferences" link from the E-Business Suite Homepage on site level | Oracle E-Business Suite


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