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Date/ Assessment Need Nursing Diagnosis Objective of Care Nursing Intervention Evaluation
Subjective: P Risk for Deficient fluid Short Term: Independent: Short Term:
Oct. Verbalized,masakit pa H volume r/t excessive After 20-30 Evaluated pattern After 20-30
3, ang aking tiyan. Y losses through minutes of of defecation. minutes of
2017 Watcher verbalized, S frequent diarrhea as providing nursing R. Defecation pattern providing
,kahapon pa sya I evidenced by dry skin, intervention: will promote nursing
7-3 nagsimulang O pale lips and Lost body immediate treatment. intervention:
dumudumi at ika-2 L conjunctiva and fluids will be Assessed vital Goal met as
beses syang dumumi O watchers verbalization replaced. signs evidenced
ngayong araw at basa G R. hypotension by lost
parin eto masyado. I R: Diarrhea is an Long Term: (including postural), body fluids
C increase in the After 2-4 hours of tachycardia, fever was
frequency, volume and proving nursing can indicate response replaced
Objectives: NEED fluid content of stool interventions: to or effect of fluid with PLR
VS taken as follows: that may cause fluid The patient loss. 500cc fast
o T: 35.8C E and electrolyte will maintain Encouraged to drip for
o P: 109 bpm L imbalance due to the adequate fluid maintain bed rest 210cc and
o R: 28 cpm I fluids that was lost volume as and avoidance of changed to
o BP:100/70mmH M through watery stool evidenced by exertion. bottle #2
g I which can be risk for good skin R. To decrease stress D5LR 500cc
Dry skin N deficient fluid volume. turgor, moist and anxiety that can regulated @
Skin turgor - 2 sec A skin, pinkish aggravate diarrhea. 50cc/hr.
Capillary refill - 2 sec T Source: conjunctiva Encouraged to
Pale conjunctiva and I Nursingcrib (2017). and lips, and increase oral fluid
O Mursing Care Plan balance intake
lips intake.
N Diarrhea. Retrieved on and output.
Restlessness noted R. increase fluid
Irritability noted August 29, 2017 from: intake replaces fluid
Facial grimace lost in liquid stools.
m/nursing-care- Encouraged to eat
plan/nursing-care- foods rich in
plan-diarrhea/ potassium such
as banana.
R. when a client
experience diarrhea,
the stomach contents
which is high in
potassium get
flushed out of the
gastrointestinal tract
into the stool and out
of the body, resulting
in hypokalemia.

parenteral fluids
given by NOD as
R. Maintenance of
bowel rest requires
alternative fluid
replacement to
correct losses.
given by NOD as
antidiarrheal and
R. To reduce fluid
losses in the intestine
and to prevent
further spread of the