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By not declaring the unlawful tax benefits your integrity is clearly compromised

Firstly, you need to ascertain the facts. Your objectivity is threatened by the perceived threat of job
OBJECTIVITY losses. The short-term and unlawful actions to increase margins will not help the business model in the
By not declaring you are undermining both your professional competence as well as not acting with due
DUE CARE care and diligence as a professional accountant

CONFEDENTIALITY In this case there may a legal and professional right and duty to disclose. The issue will not go away and
you will be seen as complicit when the issue unfolds

BEHAVIOUR There is a need to comply with the relevant law and regulations on this matter. By failing to declare your
actions both discredits the profession and put you in disrepute

Firstly you must be clear that there is an issue and find out the facts. Should you find that fuel benefits are being unlawfully
declared you should take action. In this situation, you have to think about the long-term effects of your actions. By not declaring the
misleading tax bill the organization might keep afloat for the moment but it will not make the issue go away, and it will not
necessarily save the jobs at risk in the long run. Doing this would severely damage your integrity and professional competence,
and risk your reputation and future career.

You are legally required to disclose all information. This is clearly a tough decision to make, as jobs are at risk, but by refraining
from reporting you will only worsen the situation and by self declaring there may be ways to negotiate a resolution with the
authorities. The issue needs to be raised urgently with the line management and, if necessary escalate with options available to
Code of ethics: 110, 120
Syed Mehedi Hasan, ACMA, A 1094

You need to remain straightforward and honest both with the managing director and the board

OBJECTIVITY You cannot allow the undue influence of family issues to override your professional judgment

There is a need to act diligently in accordance with professional standards, the decision has been
DUE CARE approved by the board

You will not compromise confidentiality by further raising the issue with the board

BEHAVIOUR Failure to carry out the boards actions may mean failure to comply with relevant company regulation,
against your professional duty

As the issue have already been approved by the board, this situation risks putting you in a position where you fail to comply with
company regulation and your professional standards. To resolve this issue you need to be honest and straightforward towards all
parties involved. Make sure to act professionally, and not to let family issues influence your judgment.

Code of ethics: 110, 120

Syed Mehedi Hasan, ACMA, A 1094