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Risk Assessment Practical Assessment

In order to complete this practical risk assessment learners are required to construct a risk
assessment on a suitable task or location. Learners will be supported by their tutor/assessor in
choosing an appropriate task or location for completing their risk assessment. This could include a
learners workplace or domestic activity but should be sufficient to enable to provide coverage of
the qualification criteria.

The risk assessment activity is an opportunity for learners to fully understand and demonstrate the
risk assessment process. Learners must follow the 5 step process to risk assessment when
undertaking this activity by completing forms 1-3.

Once complete tutors are required to provide feedback to learners using forms 4-5 (where
appropriate) and when satisfied that learners have met the required standard this assessment
should be returned to HABC along with the centre declaration for moderation.

Learner Name:

Centre Name:

Centre Number:

Tutor Name:

Tutor Number:

Tutor/Assessor Declaration Confirmation ()

I confirm that I have read, understood and adhered to the qualification


I confirm that I have assessed the learners risk assessment and satisfied with

the standard of work submitted.

I confirm that I have verified the identity of the learner in accordance with

HABC requirements.

Signature: Date:

Learner Declaration Statements Confirmation ()

I confirm that the learner details stated on this document are correct and that I

fully participated in the training in order to complete this practical assessment.

Signature: Date:
Form 1
Risk Assessment Cover Sheet

A description of the
workplace to set the scene
Number of employees
The work activities
Description of the

Name of person completing Date of

the Risk Assessment Assessment

Form 2
Risk Assessment Form
1) The potential hazards 2) The specific persons 3) Record all existing 4) Assessment of risk with 5) Additional action / 6) Assessment of risk with
and how they may who may be at risk from controls that are in place the existing controls in control measures the additional action /
cause harm the hazard Place required & control measures
comments introduced
Form 3
Action Plan to Introduce Additional Control Measures

Action Required By Whom By When

Assessment Review

Frequency of Review Date Review Due

Form 4 Tutor Use only

HABC Level 3 Award in Risk Assessment (QCF)

Risk Assessment Activity Feedback Form
Learner Name

Date of Assessment

and sufficient? HABC Use
Feedback to Learner


People at risk

Existing controls

(Taking into account
number of people
exposed, severity
and frequency)

Further controls
identified and
built into an
action plan
Post further
(taking into account
number of people
exposed, severity
and frequency)

Review process

Feedback to Pass Refer*

*if graded refer, please complete further action required form. If graded pass, please complete the assessment
declaration section

Form 5 Tutor Use only

Further action required

Complete if graded refer

Date of
Tutor signature

Once the learner has addressed these actions, please complete a new Risk Assessment Activity Feedback Form and
submit all assessment documentation, feedback forms and details of further actions required to HABC for