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Movie Analysis

San Andreas Movie
By:Jezelle Mae M. Quintal

The San Andreas is a destruction movie. A 1300 km fault that separates California and
Los Angeles is called the San Andreas Fault line. Dr. Lawrence Hayes and his friend is a
seismologist wherein they have an ongoing research on predicting earthquakes a destructive
one will happen any time. Dr. Lawrence together with his friend goes to a bridge wherein they
can test their theory. It turns out that their theory is correct but suddenly the magnetic pulse
has rose from 2.2 to 7.1. Dr. Lawrences friend died from saving a kid because of a sudden
earthquake that they predicted will happen.
The main character Ray Gaines is a Fire department air rescue pilot. He has a daughter
named Blake Gaines. Blake wants her father and her mother to get back together but for Emma
it is impossible. Because of what happened to Blakes sister. Because of the 7.1 magnitude
earthquake ray needs to help rescuing. Another earthquake strikes and this time it is 9
magnitude. Ray change his direction to save his wife with his helicopter. Meanwhile Blake is
stuck in his step fathers car because of the fell rock on the front seat. Daniel her step father told
her to stay still and hell ask for other peoples help but failed to do so.
Ben saw Daniel panicking and ask him where is Blake but didnt answer instead he ran
for his life. Ben together with his younger brother Ollie rescued Blake and contact Blakes father.
Emma is pleased to know that her daughter is safe and shocked because of Daniels action. They
had been told to go to a higher ground and Ray will get them.
Dr. Lawrence with his squad predicted that it is not yet finished. And broadcast that the
most destructive earthquake will strike San Andreas. Because of Dr. Lawrence statement to
leave San Francisco immediately the people leave as soon as possible. The most destructive
earthquake strike again and know it is much bigger. Bens leg had been pierced by a piece of
glass caused him to be a little burden to Blake and Ollie.
Ray and Emma ride a yacht to get to their daughter but suddenly a sign of tsunami
coming appeared. They conquer the wave with courage and successfully passed through. Blake
heard the warning that tsunami will appear so they ran as fast as they can to get to the highest
building nearest to them. They successfully conquer the tsunami. Blakes parents find Blake but
the building collapsed. The door in the room where Blake is has been locked the water is rising.
Ben cant save Blake because of his situation and brother.But Emma uses the boat through the
window and they quickly get out before the Building totally collapsed then Ray saved his
daughter by giving her an CPR
And Blake back to her life and finally reunite with her family.Her family along with Ben and his
brother watch the sunset on the destroyed city.