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Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge 2015 Grade7 Name: ‘School: Score: Instruction: Write your answer on the space provided before each item. Give all fractions in lowest ee ep A 10. i. 12. 13, 14. 17. 18. 19. 2 22. RB terms and all expressions in expanded form. Simplify: 23)? -3(2)° +(1-4)° By how much is 3 - 1/3 greater than 2 ~ 1/2? 9 i Write spgggg in scientific notation. What is the product of three consecutive multiples of 5 if the middle number is n? If water pours into a tank at a rate of 100 liters per minute, at what rate is the tank being filled in kiloliters per hour? (1 kl. = 1000 L) Subtract the sum of a + 2b+ cand 3a~ b= 2c from 6a + b~ 2c. Simplify: (3 - 8) x (4) +32), The sum of the interior angles if a polygon is 1620°, How many sides has the polygon? ay 1y simpy: (3-2) (042). ‘The sum of two angles of a triangle is three times the third angle. What is the sum of the first two angles? Danny had some stickers. He gave 1/3 of the stickers plus 1 sticker to his brother. Then he gave 1/3 or the remaining stickers plus 4 stickers to his sister. Finally, he gave 1/2 of what remained plus 3 stickers to his best friend. He found that he had 4 stickers left. How many stickers did Danny have at first? What number is 2/5 of the way from ~3 to 5? The number n is divisible by 3. The number n? is 3641A3. What digit docs A represent? What is the smallest positive integer that must be multiplied to 60 to get a perfect cube? i+t . Compute: 10+ —+ 16. 2-§ What three-digit number is both the square of an integer and the cube of an integer? simplify, OBE +) xP -3x Ii x is twice as far from -9 as it is from 3, what are the possible values of x? Sandra is 18 years older than Paolo. In 13 years, Sandra will be twice as old as Paolo will be then, How old is Sandra now? Which is bigger YS or 13? ‘The average of 5 numbers is 14. The average of three of the numbers is 12. What is the average of the other two numbers? A sandwich costs p pesos. A cookie costs Php9 less than a sandwich. How much more expensive are 8 cookies than 5 sandwiches? Which values of x satisfy [2x-+1]=|2x-9)2 A car leaves P at 8 AM and travels to Q at a constant speed. A bus leaves Q at 8.45 ‘AM and travels to P at a speed three times that of the car. If they meet at 10:00 AM, find the ratio of the distance traveled by the bus to the distance traveled by the car when they meet. How many 3-digit numbers are multiples of 18? : 30. 31. 32: 35. 36. 39. 42. 43. a . If the perimeter of a square is 8x + 6, what is its area? 27. 37. comm BI Bl-BS Two vertical poles are 3, meters apart. Jack is climbing one pole while Jill climbs the other. If the distance between Jack and Jill is 5 meters, how much higher is Jill than John? . If the circumference of a circle is increased by 20%, by how much is its area increased? . A camp director prepared enough food for 100 students for 6 days. If only 75 students came, howlong will the food supply last? How many two-digit numbers are not divisible by 4 nor by 5? If nis a prime number not equal to 2, which of the following can be a prime: n+3, 2-1, n? +1? What must be added to the product of 2x ~ 1 and 4x + 5 to obtain 4x? + 8x +1? . If the greatest common divisor of two numbers is 12 and their least common multiple is 180, what are the possible pairs of numbers? |. Given a positive integer n. Arrange the following from least to greatest: vn+Lyn+inl What is the largest integer which is always a factor of the sum of three consecutive even integers? If the sum of the first 100 positive integers is 5050. What is the sum of the next 100 integers? With what polynomial must 3x* -3x? + 5x? + 2x be divided to get a quotient of 3x? + 2 and a remainder of 4x ~ 2? . If 7n leaves a remainder of 8 when divided by 9, what is the remainder when 5n is divided by 97 Find the solution set: [3-x| 211. Each square in the figure has side length 1. The curve in each sxuare iy a circular are with center at & Corner of the square. } ni What is the area of the shaded region? Ry What is the least common multiple of 168 and 420. A salesman receives a basic salary of P10,000 and a commission of 5 % on all sales. Find his total sales in a month when he earned 25,000? . What is the absolute value of 2x? - 8x +2 at x = 5/2? . Find all real numbers for which (7 - x)/2> (Ax + 3)/4. . For what values of x is (3x 1)/4 < (2x+5)/3? 47. . Solve for x and y: 7x - 3y = 23 and x + 2y = 13, 49. Write an equation of the line through (-2,3) and (14). Pete is 12 years old and his grandfather is 63 years old. In how many years will Pete's age be 1/4 that of his grandfather? . AABC has its coordinates at A(a,-1), B(8,-1) and C(5,4). If the base is twice the height, find a.