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Khaerby Andrelei M. Mercado III.

- The researcher expresses his gratitude who
Grade IX Fleming
assisted, facilitated and guided him to make
Preliminaries of a Research Paper the research work a success.
- The researcher must recognize and
- There are eight parts of the preliminaries of
appreciate the assistance, guidance,
a research paper, thesis and dissertation.
selfless effort and wise counsel of his
- The Title Page (1), Approval Sheet (2),
adviser and reader.
Acknowledgement (3), Contents (4), Tables
IV. Contents
(5), Figures (6), Plates (7) and Abstract (8).
- Also known as table of contents
I. Title Page
- It contains the preliminaries, the chapter
- The first page of a research paper and the
titles, page numbers, the main heading and
page number is not indicated.
sub heading in the text including the
- It presents the title, kind of research work,
bibliography, appendix and curriculum
research paper, the faculty to be submitted,
name of school, the submission statement,
- The page number of the contents is as
the degree granted, full name of the
follows: vi, vii, viii, etc.
researcher, month and year the degree is to
- Is indicated one and a half inches from the
be submitted.
top right-hand margin
- Title should be brief, descriptive and
- The numbering of chapters, wording,
punctuation, and punctuation of the titles
NOTE (avoid the following) and heading are EXACTLY similar as they
1. A study of appear in the text.
2. A Preliminary Investigation of
3. An Investigation of Figures
4. An analysis of
The best (and easiest) way to test this is to print 6 copies
5. And many others
of your graph on a single sheet of paper - can you easily
- Computerized and ALL capital letters
read the axis and differentiate between your
(inverted pyramid style)
treatments? If your data cannot legibly be expressed as
II. Approval Sheet a figure, a table may be an acceptable alternative.
- The second page of a research paper
- It contains the following information: Tables
1. Complete Title of the Research Paper
Although tables can be more difficult to interpret than
2. Full name of the Investigators
figures, they are generally used to present large volumes
3. Degree in which the research paper is
of data that cannot be easily distinguished in a figure.
applied for
4. Statement of Acceptance or Approval Plates
5. Advisers full name and highest degree
A plate can often be more descriptive and meaningful
6. Panel of Examiners full name and highest
than explaining your results in words or through a figure.
It is important, however, that your plate is of an
7. Grade of the research paper, thesis or
extremely high quality. As with figures, plates are
generally printed in black and white and therefore poor
8. Complete date of Comprehensive
resolution and/or lighting can degrade the quality of your
Examination passed
plate and render it useless. A good tip is to add arrows
9. Complete Date of Submission
and text to your plate to highlight the areas of interest.
10. Graduates School Deans full name and
To test the suitability of your plate, print it out in black
Highest Degree
and white with 6 plates to an A4 page.