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Agrupamento de Escolas de Tabuao E.B.

2,3/S Abel Botelho

School year 2005 / 2006
Lesson plan - Regncia 0

Teacher: Vera Mnica Bernardo

Unit: Unit 1 The world of work Exponents
Lessons: 23 and 24
Class: 9 A Level: 5th Lexical/Vocabulary Grammar
Date. Tuesday, 29th November 2005
Jobs: Conditional type I:
Functions: 1. Jobcentres
- Talking about job hunting; 2. Recruitment and employment centre If + Simple Present,  Future (will + infinitive)
- Talking about places where we can find a job; 3. Newspaper advertisement
- Understanding the first conditional; 4. Careers Centres Ex. If you are under 21, they will find you a
- Identifying the uses of the first conditional; 5. Newspapers ads traineeship.
Speaking, listening, reading and writing

Performance Objectives Activities/Strategies Time Material Lesson stages Social form Evaluation
The student: 1. Teacher- Students dialogue Warm up Direct observation of
students in the
- greets the teacher; 1.1 The teacher greets the students. +/-4 Teacher- classroom:
minutes Students
- is asked to open the lesson; 1.2 A student is asked to open the - Oral participation
lesson on the blackboard. - Interest
- Behaviour
- recalls last lessons subject; 1.3 The students recall last lessons - Punctuality
subject. - Assiduity
- Cooperation
- Listening skills
2. Describing a transparency related Presentation I - Speaking skills
to job hunting. - Writing skills
Teacher- - Reading skills
- observes the transparency; 2.1 The teacher shows a transparency +/- 2 - OHP Students
with a sniper kitty pointing at the word minute - Transparency

Lesson Plan Regncia 0

- describes the transparency; 2.2 The teacher asks the students to +/- 6
- mentions places where they describe it and to mention places where minutes
can find information about they can find information about jobs.

3. Reading-Comprehension Practice I

- says where the best place to 3.1 The teacher asks students where the +/- 2 - Sheet with the text; Teacher-
look for a job is; best place to look for a job is. minutes - Worksheet Students

3.2 Teacher hands out the text. +/- 1


3.3 The teacher says: We are going to read +/- 1

a text about a famous cat, which is hunting a minute
- reads the text aloud; 3.4 The students read the text aloud +/- 6
paragraph by paragraph. minutes

- enhances new vocabulary; 3.5 The teacher explains unknown +/- 2 Teacher-
words. minutes Students

- says what is the text about; 3.6 The teacher asks students to +/- 2
mention the texts main ideas. minutes

- answers some questions 3.7 Students answer some questions +/- 10 work
about the text; about the text. minutes

- corrects the text orally; 3.8 Students correct the exercise orally. +/- 8 Teacher-
minutes Students

Lesson Plan Regncia 0

4. Grammar structure Presentation II

- observes the sentence; 4.1 Teacher writes a sentence from the - Blackboard
text on the blackboard. +/- 2 - Coloured chalk
minutes - Informative sheet
- If you are under 21, they will find you a

-identifies the grammatical 4.2 The teacher asks the students to

structure; identify the grammar structure used in +/- 2
the sentences. minutes

- identifies the verb tenses; 4.3 The teacher asks the students to +/- 2 Teacher-
identify the verb tenses of the sentence. minutes Students

- identifies the type of the 4.4 The teacher asks the students to +/- 2
conditional sentence; identify what type of conditional clause minutes
this is.

- answers what is the first 4.5 Teacher asks the students when is +/- 2
conditional used for; the 1st conditional used. minutes

5. Solving exercises Practice II

5.1 Teacher hands out a worksheet with +/- 1

exercises on Conditional Type I. minutes - Worksheet

- solves the worksheet; 5.2 Students solve the worksheet. +/- 10 Pair work

-corrects the worksheet orally; 5.3 Students correct the worksheet +/- 7 Teacher-
orally. minutes Students

Lesson Plan Regncia 0

6. Interview writing Production

- writes a job interview; 6.1 Students write (in pairs) a job +/- 12
interview. minutes

- performs the job interview; 6.2 Some students perform their job +/- 4 Pair work
- Worksheet
- hands in the exercise to the 6.3 Students hand out the exercise to
teacher the teacher to correct them at home.

7. Teacher-students dialog

- copies the summary to the 7.1 Teacher writes the summary on the +/- 2
notebook blackboard: minutes

Reading/Comprehension: Garfields job
hunting. - Blackboard
The first conditional; - Notebook
Solving exercises; - Chalk
Writing a job interview;