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La Jolla High School 750 Nautilus Street La Jolla 92037

Volume XC Issue 5-February 19, 2016



Sufficient funds for construction to begin summer 2016; teachers divided Why the Young
Vote Matters
By Ryan Robson & Khalil Eley Discussions for the project, Fundraising for the project is Some teachers at LJHS, howev- Voting is one of the most
News Editor & Distribution Editor which started under former princi- being led by the La Jolla Foun- er, have expressed concerns about direct forms of interaction a
This summer, construction is pal Dana Shelburne, developed into dation (no association to the La the lack of consistent involvement citizen has with the Ameri-
slated to begin on the new Bio- architectural plans for a new learn- Jolla High School Foundation). and communication regarding the can government.
science Center of Excellence at La ing space that enables LJHS science Project leadership is coming project. Virtually every science Opinions, 3

HOW ITS BEING FUNDED (Phase I) Crowned at

Emperors Cup
Sports, 5

Graphic created by Hi-Tide Media; data via

Photojournalism, 7

Jobs of LJHS
Student Focus, 8-9
Computer renderings show the teachers to not only perform more from LJHS parent and LJHS teacher, parent, and student asked
Bioscience Center, adjacent to hands-on lab activities, but also en- Foundation Trustee Linden Blue, by the Hi-Tide said that they were Trends: ASB Ball
the existing band building, left. gage with local industry partners. a prominent San Diego execu- unaware that construction would
Photo courtesy of Linden Blue
Features, 11
Now over 50% of funding for tive. be starting in less than six months.
Phase I, which includes the main In an interview with the Hi- Many teachers were highly
Jolla High School. building - but not the courtyard, Tide, Dr. Podhorsky said that the concerned by the new buildings
30 Books to Read
The new center will place amphitheater, or connection walk- level of involvement he has seen definition as a community cen-
Before Youre 30
A+E, 16
state-of-the-art lab facilities and way - has been raised by the La Jolla from the community and the ter, which might indicate that
equipment on the LJHS campus, Foundation. The SDUSD will also engagement from the San Diego the building would operate with
occupying the space currently oc- commit $4.3 million of the $8.6 County Board of Education has
cupied by room 803. million needed. been amazing. See BIOSCIENCE, page 14

ELECtION 2016 Communication Breakdown

Two democrats tie, Cruz comes out on top in Iowa; Trump and Sanders dominate in New Hampshire Bomb threats phoned into 4 SDUSD high schools;
administrative emails befuddle LJHS teachers
By Jimmy Irwin & Ryan Robson debate before it took place. Ru- She has aggressively courted
Staff Writer & News Editor bio got an unexpected boost from these superdelegates around
By Jimmy Irwin sent, telling teachers to disregard
There has been lots of news sur- evangelical Christians and urban the country - Democratic party
Staff Writer the evacuation message, but some
rounding the Iowa caucus of late. Iowa. insiders - who choose delegates
On February 9th, La Jolla High teachers had already began the
People are using the results to try Such a close result between the independently of the states.
went into lockdown mode due to a process of moving students out of
and determine what the rest of the three leaders means that when oth- Including pledged superdel-
bomb threat. their classrooms.
presidential race will look like. er states hold their caucuses, the egates (whose opinions could
Calls were received at four San Teachers were also told that stu-
The exact definitions of a caucus mixture of Cruz, Trump, and Ru- change), Clinton has 394 dele-
Diego Unified School District dents were allowed to use the re-
and its significance are complicat- bio in first, second, and third place gates to Sanders 44.
schools, including LJHS. stroom, provided that the a careful
ed. Simply put, a caucus is where could easily be rearranged. On the Superdelegates may also prove
The bells were remotely gener- record was kept of who left.
residents of a certain state go campaign trail, any number of fac- to be an obstacle for Trump, the
ated by the police. Teachers would later be told to
and formally voice their support tors could tip the balance unexpect- GOPs leading outsider candi-
According to the San Diego disregard this message as well, and
for candidates of the presidential edly in one of their favors. date.
Union Tribune, police did not be- keep students locked inside their
race. It gives a strong indication of The caucus winner for the Dem- In New Hampshire, he took
lieve the threat was credible but rooms.
how citizens will vote once Elec- ocratic Party was Hillary Clinton, home a winning 35.3% of the
ordered the lockdown as a safety These erroneous messages could
tion Day actually comes. Iowa is with 49.9% of Iowan Democrats vote, followed by Ohio Gov. John
precaution. have meant the difference between
particularly important because it showing their favor for her. But, Kasich at 15.8%.
At La Jolla High, however, a life and death in the event of an ac-
is the first state to hold theirs in her victory was ultra-thin. Bernie Kasich was closely followed by
chain of misleading information tive security threat.
the whole country each election Sanders came in second with 49.6%. Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Jeb Bush,
via e-mail from the office to teach- Finally, teachers were never ad-
cycle. Though Clinton has expressed her who edged out Sen. Marco Rubio
ers could have jeopardized stu- vised that police would be search-
In this years caucus, both Re- relief at her win, she acknowledged after a disastrous debate where
dent and faculty safety. ing and entering their classrooms.
publican and Democratic voters to CNN that she knows she still has he was sharply criticized for re-
While these mistakes can easily In some cases, students armed
threw their support fairly evenly a hard road ahead if she wants to peating a canned line on over
be shrugged off as confusing and themselves with classroom furni-
between small groups of candi- beat Sanders for the Democratic four occasions.
harmless, they could have been ture when they heard the door rat-
dates. Three candidates took up nomination. Gov. Chris Christie and Carly
disastrous in the context of a real tling, unaware that a police search
75% of Republicans endorse- In New Hampshire, candidates Fiorina, who secured 7.4% and
emergency. - and not a security threat - was on
ments, while two candidates took competed for votes in a primary 4.1% of the N.H. vote, respective-
During the lockdown, the the other side.
up virtually 100% of Democrats election, a more formal secret-bal- ly, suspended their campaigns.
teachers received a series of emails Such a jumbled line of commu-
endorsements. lot voting system organized by the Neurosurgeon Ben Carson
from the office that were contra- nication may have been dangerous
The caucus winner on the Re- state. sank to a meager 2.3%.
dictory, confusing, and put stu- in the presence of a real threat.
publican side was Ted Cruz, with There, Sanders secured a decisive The next stop for candidates is
dent lives in jeopardy. Automotive Tech teacher Ken
27.6% of votes. Donald Trump victory over Clinton; coming in at South Carolina, where primaries
The first e-mail instructed Davis suggested, Non-classroom
came in second, with 24.3%, and 60.4% to the former Secretary of will be held on February 20 and
teachers to evacuate students to staff should be outside with walk-
Marco Rubio came in third with States 38.0%. 27, 2016.
the softball field and tennis courts, ie-talkies in hand, disseminating
23.1%. The other 25% went to Sanders secured 15 delegates, Clinton is projected to win the
instead of following shelter-in- important information.
eight remaining candidates. while Clinton only secured nine. Democratic vote with her strong
place procedures designed to keep Many others have endorsed a
Trump, who believed he would Superdelegates, however, could support from blacks, while no
students safely inside their class- public address system across the
win, thinks he lost the caucus be- swing the numbers into Clintons winner has emerged in the tu-
rooms. LJHS campus to avoid these prob-
cause he skipped the final GOP favor as decision time draws nearer. multuous GOP race.
A follow-up e-mail was quickly lems in the future.
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 2 OPINIONS February 19, 2016
UK Scientists
Why Your
The La Jolla High School

Hi-Tide Can Legally

Editors-in-Chief Vote Matters Genetically Modify
Sara Espinosa Human Embryos:
Nessie Navarro By Zoe Mendel country into submission, es- based on one or two things you
Staff Writer tablishing a dictatorship. How may have heard from them (or Should We
News Editors
Viviana Bonomie Be Worried?
The presidential election is
Ryan Robson drawing closer, and for first By Alexa Kideys
Opinions Editor time voters, this will be one Staff Writer
Andrea Albanez of their first chances to have
Features Editor As of January 2016, genet-
a voice in their nations gov-
icists in the United Kingdom
Yenitzia Lopez ernment. Some of Americas
have been given the okay to
Student Focus Editor young adults, however, wish to
go ahead and genetically edit
Sophia Dorfsman pass over this opportunity.
human embryos.
Sports Editor To waste your opportuni-
The topic has been a major
Creekstar Allan ty to contribute to your own
moral controversy everywhere
A&E Editor nations government is like Bernie Sanders greeting college students at Iowa State University
for years, which is why it is
Sophia Ketring throwing away all of the hard All photos on this article Courtesy of Wikicommons
such a shock worldwide that
work that the founding fathers do you think our free speech about them) should not justify
International News Editor your choice to vote for them.
this practice has been legal-
put into the Constitution, all of amendment would fare then?
Kieran Bauman Even if none of that hypo- Its our responsibility to vote
ized. Why are so many people
the blood shed in the Civil War
Jillian Kopp concerned?
to give civil rights, including thetical tangent is remotely with an educated background
Photo-Journalism Editor the ability to vote, to American possible, it made the point. on all of the candidates, not
The common belief with ge-
Tristan Macelli netic modification of human
citizens. Voting is what keeps our na- just the one you like the best.
Supreme Leader embryos is that eventually our
Voting is essential to how tion a democracy, a peoples Keeping an open mind in re-
Khalil Eley technology will be able to prog-
our next president is elect- nation. The fact that Ameri- search and completing an
Advisor ress to such a state that well be
ed. Without voting, Congress cans have a large say in who investigation on all aspects
able to modify almost every
Robert J. Boyd could put any person in charge they want as a president gives of each campaign can reveal
aspect of our children, which
Staff Writers of the executive branch. Heck, the United States its own spe- slippery details that candidates
is akin to what most people
Asha Alagiri Congress could even put them- cial twist on government, still purposely cover up to try to
would call playing god. How-
Lucy Barton selves in power, thus, ruining holding true to the founding fool the public, or change your
ever, there really shouldnt be
Nora Becker our delicate system of checks principles of our nation. mind for which policies you
any source of worry on this
and balances. If even one citizen throws identify with the best.
Anthony Coan legalization because although
Imagine if voting was ille- their vote away, theyre bring- Voting is one of the most
Jenna Cunningham direct forms of interaction a
the modification process has
gal. What would our govern- ing our nation closer to the
Ariana Dennis been approved, it is still illegal
ment look like? We might not possibility of losing our free- citizen has with the American
Nikolai Gaenzle to place these modified em-
have a Supreme Court, or any dom to interact with our gov- government. Especially be-
James Irwin bryos inside of a woman. So,
court, for that matter. How is ernment. It doesnt matter if cause our right to vote is not a
Austin Iverson therefore, we really will not be
Congress elected? Who takes your vote is different than ev- universal guarantee, we need
able to live with these design-
Brooke Kaufman charge? Well, first, there would eryone elses, its your choice, to protect it and prove it to be
er babies.
Alexa Kideys probably be total anarchy; your say, and in the end it has helpful to the government and
In addition, the group of
Samuel Kinsey then, the United States would the possibility to make a differ- us.
scientists who have decided to
Shayna Kobrinetz most likely fall under a violent ence in our next president. This means making sure to
edit the genes of these embryos
Jillian Kopp string of occurrences made by With that being said, educa- vote every chance you get, and
must have every process they
a group of people (or even one tion is key to making a worth- to vote with an educated deci-
Zoe Mendel plan to perform on the embry-
person) to force the rest of the while vote. Voting for someone sion.
Georgie Morris os must be approved by a sep-
Jade Moujaes
Jillian Murray
Burqas and Bikinis arate ethics committee that is
a part of the Human Fertiliza-
Jessica Penner Hypocrisy on the West about the Oppression of Women tion and Embryology Authori-
Rebecca Ryan ty (HFEA).
By Ariana Dennis a hijab in order to be judged for their sex appeal every time People should not worry too
Julia Walton Staf fWriter not for her body but for her they see an advertisement like much about this. China has
thoughts and opinions. How- this. been tweaking the genes of
Women have been treat- ever, because of current events, Not only do we see it on embryos for about a year and
ed as second-class citizens all it is often more convenient for commercials but also in many not only has nothing bad hap-
throughout history all over the many to blame an entire reli- popular restaurants. Hooters pened, but theyve been able to
world. We have been expect- gion instead of recognizing attracts customers by com-
The Hi-Tide, an open forum, is find a cure for a deadly blood
ed to be submissive and quiet how we can help the women. mercializing womens bodies.
the official student newspaper disorder.
and shadow the glory of our What many of us in todays Attending such eateries for
of La Jolla High School. Unless All in all, the research pro-
leading men. This is obviously western world forget to realize their visual benefits says you
otherwise noted, opinions being vided from editing the genes
not targeted at all men, but for as we point fingers at the men do not respect women, and
voiced in the Hi-Tide belong to of embryos should not be seen
the most part, our history has who force women into ex- instead only see them as a sex
the individual author. The Hi- in a bad light because it can
shown repeating patterns of treme modesty, is that we too symbol. Women are often told
Tide welcomes letters and opin- ensure future forthcomings
misogyny and patriarchy. oppress women just in a differ- they cant breastfeed in public
ions from students and staff and perhaps even cure certain
In todays western society, ent form. As one extreme cul- but it is okay if we walk past
members. If you have a letter to diseases.
the media has made it very ture forces women to cover up, giant billboards and posters of
the editor, please drop it off in Many believe that with these
easy for us to link oppression we here objectify and sexualize women with their breasts be-
Room 514, or give it to any Hi- studies, we can finally learn
and sexism with the Middle females. ing displayed sexually, because
Tide editor. You may also email how a healthy human embryo
East and with Muslim men. We cannot drive down God forbid someone sees a
submissions to LJHiTide@ya- develops and be able to pre-
Of course, in the Middle East, the freeway without seeing a woman using her breasts for Submissions should vent miscarriages for future
women are often oppressed womens body plastered on what they are meant for.
be typed and cannot be anon- expecting mothers.
and that cannot be denied. The a giant billboard and used to So when Western men con-
ymous. The Hi-Tide reserves If these experimentations
practices of being beaten, and sell burgers. We turn on the demn Middle Eastern men
the right to refuse any material. do tug on your morality, just
forced to wear a full covering TV to see half naked women for misogyny, it is not because
Advertisements are measured remember that theres no sign
such as a burqa, however, is not eating Carls Jr. in unrealistic they care about women. If this
per column inch. To advertise that gene editing will be al-
in any way derived from Islam sexy ways in order to appeal were the case, they would start
with the Hi-Tide or to purchase lowed in the U.S. any time
but rather from their culture. to a certain audience. Wom- by addressing the sexism they
a subscription, please email us soon since the US National In-
It should be made clear there ens bodies are being used as personally perpetuate. When
or call (858) 454-3081, exten- stitute of Health made it clear
is a distinct difference between marketing tools. It is demean- they condemn these Middle
sion 4514. Issues are distribut- last year that they will not
extremists forcing women ing, sexist, and a form of op- Eastern men, it is because they
ed every four weeks. No part of fund any use of gene-editing
to wear burqas and Muslim pression. Little girls are being are hypocritical and are look-
the Hi-Tide may be reproduced technologies in human embry-
women who choose to where taught that they are only good ing for an excuse to be racist.
without written permission. os.
February 19, 2016 OPINIONS 3 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

The Dangers of Having In-School Drug Detection Dogs

By Nikolai Gaenzle variety of synthetic cannabi- can be much stronger than
Staff Writer noids, most often cannabicyclo- the natural product and, in
hexanol, JWH-018, JWH-073, some cases, very dangerous.
The use of drug dogs as and HU-210, are products made Synthetic cathinones are
a method of detecting con- to replicate THC but are not as marketed as cheap substi-
trolled substances in high easily detected as cannabis. tutes for other stimulants,
schools has been a tactic that Compared to cannabis and such as methamphetamine
law enforcement agencies its active cannabinoid THC, and cocaine, and products
around the world have used the adverse effects are often sold as Molly (MDMA) often
for decades. Following our much more severe and can in- contain synthetic cathinones
return from winter break, the clude hypertension, hallucina- instead. Much like synthetic
San Diego Unified School Dis- tions, tachycardia, myocardial THC, synthetic cathinones
trict, in conjunction with the infarction, agitation, vomiting, come with their own variety
San Diego Police Department, psychoses, seizures, convul- of adverse side effects, such
vowed to enforce a more in- sions, and panic attacks. With as paranoia, heart attack,
tensive and stringent drug en- the increased knowledge about strokes, and even comas. Due
forcement policy for schools alternate means, compounded to its low price tag and ready
throughout San Diego County. with the need to outwit the drug availability, it is a viable op-
This decision, it seems, was dogs patrolling their schools, tion for individuals who wish
ill-advised as it fails to account students looking for a fix during to get around drug detection.
for the severe ramifications school will be switching to these By implementing manda-
that will arise. This change more harmful means. tory drug dog screenings for
in drug policy encourages Perhaps one of the most the San Diego Unified School
increased use of alternative concerning products that District, policy makers have
means for a similar, often may rise in popularity in the made our schools a more dan-
much more dangerous, end. SDUSD school district are bath gerous place than they were
In recent years, we have seen salts. Synthetic cathinones, before. We will see the rise of
the creation of a plethora of more commonly known as a variety of synthetic drugs
synthetic drugs that are almost "bath salts," are synthetic (hu- that can go almost completely
impossible to detect without man-made) drugs chemically undetected, as well as a rise
chemical tests. Although these related to cathinone, a stimulant of drug related deaths among
new alternatives seem like a vi- found in the khat plant. Khat is adolescents.
able option for teenagers look-
ing to get a fix without being
a shrub grown in East Africa
and southern Arabia, and peo-
The only sensible solution
is to remove the drug dog Immigrants in Europe Fearing
caught by authorities, they can
often have unintended conse-
ple sometimes chew its leaves
for their mild stimulant effects.
entirely. Drugs will permeate
our youth whether we want
Benefit Cuts For Not Adapting
quences. A large and complex Synthetic variants of cathinone them to or not. To a New Way of Life
The Movie The Forest
By Samuel Kinsey Although the increasingly
Staff Writer isolated chancellor has so far
resisted calls to close borders
Whitewashing and Offending Germany's labor minister is
threatening to cut benefits for
and cap the number of refu-
gees coming into the country,

A Countrys Old Legend migrants who don't want to

integrate into German society.
she did announce that asylum
seekers would go back to their
This is a very vital step in deal- countries once the conflicts
Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons ing with the migrant crisis in had ended.
washed theme it exhibits. It is cifically with yrei and uba- Europe. "We need ... to say to peo-
By Rebecca Ryan
inconceivable to think that Hol- sute. Yrei are figures of Japa- Because Germany registered ple that this is a temporary
Staff Writer
lywood executives have reached nese myths usually portrayed nearly 1.1 million people as residential status and we ex-
Released on January 8th, the the low point of attempting to as departed spirits who have asylum-seekers last year, inte- pect that once there is peace
film The Forest is a supernatu- make money off of not only a not reached a peaceful after- grating those who are allowed in Syria again, once ISIS has
ral horror movie based around sacred myth but to also make life. to stay in society and the labor been defeated in Iraq, that you
the real Aokigahara Forest in a weak horror-story about the In the film, these yrei at- market will pose a major chal- go back to your home country
Japan, which is associated with hundreds of people who have tack and haunt the main lenge in the years ahead. with the knowledge that you
demons in Japanese mytholo- died in the myths forest. character, giving her night- Labor Minister Andrea Nah- have gained," Merkel said at
gy and has also been the site The movie makes a farce off marish visions. les wrote in Monday's edition a meeting of Christian Dem-
of many suicides, giving it its of mentally ill and troubled Ubasute is not represented of the Daily News that "all peo- ocratic Union of Germany
name of the suicide forest. people, paying no respect to the in the movie but is known as ple who live in Germany, no (CDU) members.
The film is centered around families of those who have lost a ritual allegedly practiced in matter what their ethnic ori- Concerns about the coun-
an American girl who enters their lives in the story. Aokiga- Japan of leaving elderly rela- gin, must make an effort, seek try's ability to integrate the
the forest looking for her trou- hara had 30 documented sui- tives on mountains or remote work and support themselves huge numbers of asylum seek-
bled twin sister after her par- cides a year up to 1988, but in places to die, usually of dehy- and their families as well as ers coming into the country
ents deaths. She loses her way 2003, a new peak of 105 bodies dration or starvation. they can." have become a major issue
in the forest and is harassed by was found in the forest. In 2010, The history of the forest Nahles added: "We will cut since the mass assaults on
demons and hallucinations. that peak went even higher, with and Japanese traditions are benefits to those who signal women in Cologne, mostly
She eventually kills herself as a reported 200 suicide attempts. misappropriated in this film that they do not want to in- perpetrated, allegedly, by men
her twin sister is rescued from The high rate of suicide in the through the attempt of mak- tegrate." She said that could from the Middle East and Af-
the forest. forest has led officials to place a ing a tragic situation into a be measured by a willingness rica. The massive amount of
The film has received awful sign at the forest's entry, written cheap thriller. Although set to abide by German society's people fleeing bad situations
reviews, but not for the right in Japanese, urging suicidal vis- in Japan, the three main char- rules and to take German lan- in Africa and the Middle East
reasons. Critics have said, The itors to seek help and not take acters of the movie are conve- guage classes. has brought challenges to not
Forest likely had no ambitions their own lives. Police, volun- niently white and attractive, The amount of benefits paid just these immigrants but for
of being more than some easy, teers, and attendant journalists following the trend of Holly- out to asylum seekers has be- the citizens of Europe as well.
low-budget, winter box-office have conducted annual body wood whitewashing movies come a concern for citizens in This step by Germanys for-
fare (The Atlantic) and have searches since 1970. based in other countries. most European countries. eign minister is a good step
compared its scare-factor to a While the original suicides So, if you were thinking Germans are growing in- to preserve the safety of the
faucet dripping lukewarm wa- have been attributed to Seich on watching the movie, per- creasingly skeptical of Angela country as well as providing
ter (A.V. Club). Matsumoto's novel Kuroi Jukai haps take the higher moral Merkel's open-door policy and a safe place for refugees and
The major issue, however, is (Black Sea of Trees) from 1960, road and watch the factually critics, many of whom popu- their families. When migrants
not the quality of the movie, the dense forest at the base of correct and respectful VICE late the ranks of Merkel's own assimilate to the culture they
but the insensitive, cultural- Mount Fuji has been associated documentary on the forest party, are growing more and have immigrated to, it is pos-
ly appropriating, and white- with death for a long time, spe- instead. more vociferous. itive for everyone.
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precedent. Can any LJHS faculty member - even a beloved one -
be removed with a dubious online petition?


Mrs. Zink was completely exonerated from accusations by the district. She was expected to return in Febru-
ary. An unverified online petition shut her out. Whether you liked Mrs. Zinks class or not, this sets a very
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within this advertisement are entirely those of the ad sponsor(s) and do not reflect the views of any other individuals or groups. To tell SDUSD to restore Zink, email:
February 19, 2016 SPORTS 5 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

Womens National Soccer: Anything But Uniform

United States vs Ireland Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons
Sports Teams Can Be Recognized by the Colors of Their
Uniform, but When That Changes, What CanWe Do?
By Lucy Barton by Alex Morgan, who was cele-
Staff Writer brating her 100th game with the CROWNED AT By Shayna Kobrinetz While it is traditional for
Staff Writer teams to add pink accents to
The US Womens National Womens National Team. Mor- EMPERORS CUP Over time, sports uniforms the uniforms during Breast
Team has emerged victori- gan also scored before halftime. The Sumo WrestlingWorld Has
have become less than uni- Cancer Awareness Month,
ous in their first game of 2016 Seventeen-year-old Malloy a Champion Once More After a
form, with changing colors, several college football teams
against the Republic of Ireland Pugh made her debut for the Dry Spell of a Decade
fonts, styles, adding stripes, playing on Halloween wore
in San Diego on Saturday, Jan- Womens National Team when By Austin Iverson
changing logos, and even add- holiday-themed uniforms,
uary 23rd. US midfielder Carli she was subbed on for Morgan Staff Writer
ing state flags. Whats the point such as Texas A&Ms light
Lloyd led the 5-0 victory in the in the 58th minute. At 17 years,
Whether or not you were in having a uniform to distin- up helmets. The NFL seems
friendly match 8 months and 25 days old,
aware of it, sumo wrestling guish a team if its different ev- to be getting slightly more
at Qualcomm Pugh became the
has an annual world champi- ery game? Teams like the Uni- strict with the uniform issues,
Stadium where youngest player
onship tournament called the versity of Oregons football and as they denied the Pittsburg
both teams met to debut for the
Emperors Cup. Sumo wres- basketball teams have the ben- Steelers player DeAngelo Wil-
23,309 fans, U.S. in the last
tling is a full contact variation efit of famous alumnus Phil liams the ability to wear pink
which was a re- 11 years. Pugh is
of wrestling originating from Knight, the founder and CEO accents, such as socks, outside
cord crowd to considered some-
feudal Japan where two com- of Nike, who generously fund of the month of October when
watch a WNT thing of a prodigy
batants try to force each other their ever-changing uniforms, he requested to wear pink all
game in San Di- for her age, as she
out of a circular ring or into or the University of Marylands season to honor his mother
ego. is captain of U-20
touching the ground with alumnus Kevin Plank, founder who passed away from breast
The US took womens team
Photo Courtesy of Vivi Bonomie anything other than the soles of Under Armour, whose gen- cancer at age 53.
control of the and is already
of their feet. erous uniform contributions Oregons uniform addiction
game from the very begin- committed to UCLA for soccer.
Despite its Japanese ori- allow for never ending integra- allowed them to have 17,280
ning, with Lloyd scoring the To top it off, Pugh scored in
gins, the sport hasnt had a tion of the Maryland state flag possible uniform combina-
first goal of the match within the 83rd minute on a header
Japanese ozeki (the title re- in their football and basket- tions just using their uniforms
the first six minutes, driving crossed from teammate Chris-
served for Emperors Cup ball uniforms. Other schools, from their 2014 regular-sea-
the crowd into a frenzy. There ten Press. According to US Soc-
winners) in a decade. But on such as Michigan State, stay son games. That means that
seemed to be a particular- cer, Pugh is the youngest WNT
Sunday, January 24, 31-year- consistent in most sports, but using 2014s uniforms alone,
ly enthusiastic section of the goal scorer in the last 16 years
old Japan-native Kotoshogiku changed their traditional Kelly they would have enough uni-
crowd that was decked out in and sixth youngest in team his-
defeated Mongolian fighter green uniforms to an electric forms that they could never
red, white, and blue and had tory.
Goeido in the championship green for their basketball game repeat a combination until the
brought drums and led all the This is the second time the
finals and was crowned ozeki. against Maryland. year 3344. While some teams
chants. USA has played Ireland in San
Domination by non-Japa- Professional teams dont splurge on outrageous uni-
Lloyd scored twice more, Diego, winning 5-0 both times,
nese wrestlers began in the hesitate to alter their styles as forms, others prefer to keep
earning a hat trick by the 28th first on July 23, 2006 and now
90s when Konishiki headed well, and teams like the Gold- it simple. For instance, teams
minute. She was assisted twice on January 23, 2016.
a wave of Hawaiian combat- en State Warriors even change like the USC Trojans, whose

All You Need to Know if You ants that took the sport by
storm. In the 2000s the reign
their colors from traditional
blue and gold to a red and gold
football uniforms have only
changed 5 times since the

Missed Super Bowl 50 of the Mongols began with

Asashoryu, an excellent fight-
uniform to honor their Asian
fans. But basketball isnt the
conception of the program,
most being minor changes
By Maia Pearl won this quarter, the score go- er whose reputation was tar- only culprit, college teams like such as the cut or venting of
Staff Writer ing into half time was 13-7, with nished by ill advised choices UCLA and Arizona State tried a jersey. As compared to Ore-
The Super Bowl is one of the Broncos still in the lead. made out of the ring. A de- out new charcoal grey uni- gons 17,280 combinations, the
the biggest sporting events of Beyonc, Bruno Mars, and cade ago, Tochiazuma was forms with metallic lettering Trojans have 2 possible com-
the year. It is a must watch no Coldplay put on a magnificent the last Japanese sumo wres- this past season, which only binations- a home jersey and
matter if you watch it for its performance for the half time tler to be crowned ozeki. had accents of their schools an away jersey, both having
famous commercials, the half- show. They played some of their When he defeated Goeido, colors. In games like the Pro the same colors as when the
time show, or even the actual most popular songs, such as Kotoshogikus family watch- Bowl and the Senior Bowl, school was founded.
game! The 50th Super Bowl Coldplays Viva La Vida, and ing in the crowd began to cry players wore uniforms stating Whether your team has
took place in Santa Clara, CA, Bruno Mars Uptown Funk. and his friends and relatives their North or South teams, enough uniforms to last over
with the Denver Broncos and As the third quarter came in his home town of Yanaga- but each wore their own hel- a century, or only enough
the Carolina Panthers battling into play, the Panthers could not wa (south-western Japan) mets with their team or school to change every other game,
for the win. stop dropping the ball! Jerricho burst into applause. In an in- logo, causing an array of uni- uniforms still serve the same
The Broncos started off the Crotchery got the ball knocked terview with The Guardian, form pieces clashing with each purpose as they did when first
game with a field goal. They to the ground, as well as Tedd Kotoshogiku said he hadnt other. created- to provide uniformity.
were in a 10-0 lead by the end Ginn allowing the ball to be in- realized the scale of his ac-
of the first quarter. tercepted. Carolina played their complishment until he saw Bloodhound Sniffs Her Way
The second quarter didnt go defense safe, tough but safe. his familys reaction, Its hard to Seventh Place
as well for the Broncos as it did Per usual, they relied on their to find the words to describe By Nora Becker the sounds of the runners at
for the Panthers. After Jordan defensive line to intimidate the how I feel. I am so delighted Staff Writer the nearby starting line, and
Norwoods 61 yard punt re- opposing quarterbacks. Denver I thought about the tough A big dog in the small town began to run once the starting
turn, a Super Bowl record, the was also struggling. Their of- times when I struggled with of Elmont, Alabama has been gun fired. Other (human) run-
Broncos just couldnt score a fensive line continued to have injury and my record was featured on news television ners said that Ludivine kept
touch down. After the defense difficulty, Manning was having poor, but I have come this far stations and website around up considerably well (starting
recovered a fumble near mid- issues evading the interior rush, with the support of so many the U.S. for finishing 7th in in second place, and falling
field, Manning threw an inter- which potentially have lead to people and the guidance of the towns inaugural half mara- to fourth place by the eighth
cepted pass, as his team was more sacks. The third quarter my stable master. thon. mile), but did get distracted
driving into a scoring position. ended with the Broncos still in In the past decade the rep- April Hamlin opened the by other dogs, animals, and a
Darian Stewart has proven the lead, with the score at 16-7. utation of sumo has gone door for 2-and-a-half-year old dead rabbit.
himself useful by breaking up In the fourth quarter, the down due to numerous scan- bloodhound Ludivine on the The dog finished with an un-
a pass that would have been Broncos outside linebacker, dals including match fixing, morning of January 16. Ac- official time of 1:32:56, which
a first down, and then forced Von Miller forced two fumbles. gambling, and performance cording to Hamlin, Ludivine placed her 7th out of about 165
a fumble. The Panthers defi- One of which Malik Jackson re- enhancing drugs. The worst often goes on solo walks in participants. She was awarded
nitely cleaned up their de- covered for a touchdown. C.J. of which, however, was in the woods, so she wasnt con- with a medal at the finish line,
fense. They played tight man Anderson rushed for a touch- 2007 when a 17-year-old re- cerned when the dog didnt designating her as an official
coverage on the outside and down, and Brandon McManus cruit was killed by three high- come back right away. finisher.
cut through the Denver offen- kicked three field goals, lead- er level wrestlers by order of It was only when she began The running club WeRun-
sive line to stop the rush. Al- ing the Broncos to victory with the stable master. Purists of getting calls and texts did she Huntsville posted on its web-
though their defense shaped a 24-10 win. Peyton Manning the sport hope the 5 feet 10 realize that Ludivine did some- site, Rumor has it, next years
up, their offense was hindered got his happy ending in what is inch tall, 397 lb ozeki's vic- thing contrary to her typical race will be called the Hound-
by turnovers, specifically a few rumored to be his final game. tory marks a new era for the lazy status. dog Half, with a special award
fumbles. Overall, the Panthers Congratulations to the Broncos! sport. It seems as if Ludivine heard going to 7th place.
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 6 CARTOONS February 19, 2016

Courtesy of Renee Yedidsion

Courtesy of Ariana Dennis Courtesy of Rebecca Ryan

Courtesy of Ariana Dennis

Courtesy of Rebecca Ryan

Courtesy of Renee Yedidsion


1 2

4 5

Photos 2, 5, & 6 courtesy of Oliver Dillard

Photos 3 & 8 courtesy of Max Davey
Photos 1 & 9 courtesy of Lisa Kalinin
Photo 7 courtesy of Shayna Kobrinetz
Photo 4 courtesy of Kyle Jetter
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 8 February 19, 2016 STUDENT FOCUS February 19, 2016 9 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

L LisO
Interviews Courtesty of Staff Writers Julia Walton, Maia Pearl, and Shayna Kobrinetz

Sadie Lee (10), Frankie Cortina Dane Hartman (12), Abby Talia Eichner (9)
Maddy Stratton (12) Max Davey (12)
(11), Maya Hildebrand (12), Walburger (12), & Janet Assistant Horse
Martial Arts Instructor Photographers Assistant
Bridget Gunn-Wilkinson (11) Shackleton (12) Trainer
for Studio M
Bobboi Natural Gelato Mitches

Alexandria White (11) Riley Scialdone (10) Paula Conde-Porto (12)

Kate Miller (11) Jade Moujaes (12)
Receptionist at White Mimi and Red Gap
Lotus World Foods Legoland Performer
Dragon Martial Arts

Alyssa Pelham (9) Juliana Barca (9) Zoe Mendel (11)

Zane Leach (12) & Sam Maia Hayden (12) Receptionist at the Teacher at the CA
Horse Riding Instructor
Armstrong (12) Martial Arts Instructor Merril Gardens Ballet School
at Quail Haven Farm
Farm to Fork Retirement Home

Emily Skillman (11) Emily Gold (10), Rafi

Jeffery Tellew (11) Rebecca Ryan (12) Ross Shepherd (12)
Amusement park worker at Freund (9), Joseph Senoff
Woodstocks Pizza The French Gourmet A Better Deal Tuxedo
Belmont Park (10), and Shayna
Kobrinetz (10)
Work as Madrichim,
John Murphy (11) Johnny Agbulos (12) Summer Ruane (12) teachers helpers, at
Works as a side chef Yenitizia Lopez (12) The Grater, Grilled Jamba Juice their synagogues
at Carinos Aquatica Cheese restaurant in LJ
February 19, 2016 FEATURES 11 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

Private vs. Public Trendy Times

Two education styles: One verdict ASB BALL
By Nora Becker & legiance was said. schools were the lunches, By Jade Moujaes As for hair, there were quite a
Zoe Mendel At Country Day, the class- everything OLP looks much Staff Writer few girls rocking a half-up do.
Staff Writers rooms are clean and neatly orga- more appealing. An insane- Some of them put half their
nized. The chairs in most class- ly popular coffee cart run by This years Annual Scarlet hair in a high pony, while oth-
There are two major ways rooms are swivel chairs with a the French Gourmet offers and Black Ball took place at ers tied it up in a bun or a so-
to go about your education in reclining backrest for optimal smoothies, coffees, kombu- the New Childrens Museum in phisticated braid.
America, public school and student comfort. Desks are rect- cha, and pastries. There is downtown San Diego. The ven- For boys, most wore their
private school. The differences angular and sizable, so students also a caf and a bistro on ue was complete with a boun- hair slicked back, as it is typi-
seem simple at first: the choice arent crowded campus. cy house, tasty pretzels, and a cal in most school dances. This
between paying for tuition or However, they lack the dry- OLPs campus is absolutely sweet cotton year was espe-
attending for free, or, perhaps, erase feature of our own desks, beautiful, compared to LJHS. candy maker. cially interesting
smaller or larger class sizes. which has been utilized in many White stucco buildings and Besides the seeing how boys
After we shadowed two math classes. In every class, I clay tile roofs provide a con- venue, there dealt with hav-
friends who attend La Jolla counted under 20 kids, with sistent, coherent look. The were a few ing longer hair
Country Day (Zoe) and the most classes having less than 15, wrought iron stairs, railings, fashion trends since that trend
Academy of Our Lady of Peace while at OLP there was an aver- and window frames have de- that seemed to has also recent-
(Nora), an all girls Catholic age of 25 girls per class. veloped a blue-green patina, stand out above ly become more
girls high school, you can be In our La Jolla classes, each which is continued on paint- the rest. widely accepted.
assured that there are greater desk is filled and class size is just ed picnic tables and benches. For the girls, it Boys attire
differences that could definite- about doubled. The maximum After passing a cylindrical seemed to be a appeared to be
ly impact the way your educa- class size at LJHS, according to building with an outdoor popular choice similar in re-
tion is administered. the San Diego Unified School spiral staircase leading to to go with a spects to any
Most of the students at these District, is 36. At Country Day, the entrance, surrounded by short body- other school
schools, however, take these most rooms are small and com- trees and bushes. It looked con style dress. dance. The only
things for granted. In first pe- fortable, and many have a full liked it belonged in some Many girls were slight change
riod at La Jolla Country Day, wall of windows to admit plenty magical forest. spotted wear- that could be
kids still tired; in fact, even the of natural light. Students at Country Day ing velvet and seen this year
teachers seemed to get to their While at LJHS, harsh fluo- seem to have more moti- even some boys had velvet tux- is, perhaps more bow ties than
classrooms later than the staff rescent light shines down from vation towards school than es. Choosing a dress with tex- usual. Also, there was a little
at LJHS do. Its a known fact school ceilings. Technology at students at La Jolla High. ture allows for a more simplis- more experimentation with
that many teachers at LJHS Country Day is similar to ours This may be because of the tic dress to stand out. color than has been seen in
offer before school tutoring, as well. While they lack the teachers, who in turn seem A deep V cut was noticeably years past.
but at Country Day, the teach- functionality of the Promethean eager to help the students preferred at this years dance Overall, everyone looked
ers arrived almost at the same Board, each classroom is outfit- and cater to their needs more as well. This can sometimes be amazing. There was a ton of
time as the students. ted with a projector, doc cam, than most teachers at La Jolla questioned by adult/adminis- sparkles and textures that
At OLP, students can take an and whiteboard, all mostly con- High, some of whom refuse trative figures, however, every could be seen everywhere you
optional zero period from 6:45 trolled by a Dell desktop com- to accept late work, regard- girl looked classy and confi- went. One thing is for sure, La
to 7:35 AM, but for most of the puter or MacBook. less of excuse, or wont accept dent in their dress of choice. Jolla High cleans up nicely.
800 girls at OLP, school starts Country Day technology also a certain method of problem
at 7:45 with a 20 minute home- differs from OLPs, where each solving.
room section where students student is required to bring a While this style is more
hear the morning announce- laptop or tablet every day. The realistic, it does create a rift
ments over the PA system. idea is that girls take notes, between teacher and student,
Home room seemed to most- make Powerpoints, and share whereas at Country Day,
ly function as a last-minute Google Docs. teacher and student seem
cramming session, as every- After being that way for a few to work together very well
one around me was review- years back, the school replaced for to produce a decent out-
ing flashcards or finishing up the projectors with TV screens. come.
homework. The major differ- Any student or teacher can All in all, regardless of
ence was the morning prayer wirelessly connect and project the are major differences
said over the PA system, when their device to the screen, so the between private and pub-
everyone stood and faced the whole class can see. lic schools, student perfor-
cross on the wall. Another notibale difference mances do not seem to differ Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Ryan
Afterwards, the Pledge of Al- between private and public in the end.

Addictions of This Generation

By Jade Moujaes to Snapchat, social media has the cliffhangers at the end of taking to be a mental disorder feine. The FDA reports that
Staff Writer slowly crept into out daily lives episodes or seasons produce dubbed selfitis. eighty percent of Americans
in the form of handheld devices. an excess amount of stress This condition is defined as consume caffeine daily.
As a generation of children A double tap, a scroll, or a like hormones that keep you the obsessive compulsive de- Overtime, people can build
who have grown up around seem to be part of our language awake and alert, allowing sire to take photos of ones self up a tolerance to caffeine as
evolving technology, there and have, without a doubt, in- your body to stay up longer and post them on social media your brain grows more ade-
seems to be more and more fluenced the way our generation just so you can watch anoth- as a way to make up for the lack nosine (produces a feeling of
things to get addicted to. perceives the world. er episode. of self-esteem and to fill a gap tiredness) receptors, making
While some addictions stay Netflix: There is no doubt Selfies: Taking selfies with in intimacy. it so that you continue to con-
the same, others continue to that the majority of people our your friends can be a fun Caffeine: As colleges start sume more and more caffeine.
change. Here are a few addic- age have sat down and indulged way to document an event, to demand more of their in- Marijuana: According to
tions found to be most prev- themselves in, what is now but certainly the selfie-tak- coming students, it seems that the National Institute of Drug
alent throughout our high called, binge watching. Netflix ing as gotten out of control. there is less time to get every- Abuse, marijuana use has in-
school. makes it incredibly easy to loose With new inventions like the thing done and still have time creased since 2007 while most
Smartphones and Social track of time and forget about selfie stick, and countless to sleep. other drugs have stabilized or
Media: It is rare nowadays to all real life responsibilities. editing apps, its never been Caffeine, though a very old declined.
find someone without a smart Netflix keeps you hooked with easier to capture the perfect drug, seems to be used more Smoking marijuana seems
phone. Ever since we have episodes that arent quite an selfie. often then ever in this genera- to have become a popular way
been given the capability to hour long to make it easier to However, this excessive tion. for young students to socialize
do more than just make calls convince yourself to watch more selfie-taking may actually Unknown to most, having and has started to appeal to an
with our phones, they havent than one episode of a show at a be a problem. The American just one cup of coffee a day older audience as well, espe-
seemed to leave our hands. time. Psychiatric Association now can lead your body to acquire cially with the discussion of its
From Facebook to Instagram According to Huffington Post, considers abundant selfie a physical dependence on caf- legalization.

The Bright
Side of ZIKA at Large
Humanity Virus takes over North and South America
By Nora Becker ever, 80% of infected people mala, Guyana, Haiti, Hondu- cerns with the 2016 Olympics
By Jimmy Irwin Staff Writer dont show any symptoms. ras, Martinique, Mexico, Pan- taking place in Rio de Janei-
Staff Writer The main concern is that ama, Paraguay, Saint Martin, ro, Brazil. Spokesman Phil
Nominations for the Nobel The World Health Organiza- Zika has been linked to a neu- Suriname, Samoa, Venezuela Wilkinson said that preventa-
Peace Prize in 2016 are start- tion has declared the mosqui- rological disorder called mi- and Puerto Rico. El Salva- tive and control measures will
ing to form, highlighting some to-borne Zika virus as a global crocephaly, where babies are dor has recommended to its be taken, as well as that the
of the most inspirational, and public health emergency, and born with abnormally small women to not get pregnant venues will be inspected daily.
in some cases, the most con- predicts that it will spread to brains and heads, leading to until 2018 a feat in a Roman He also noted that the Games
troversial people of the year. all but two countries in North developmental delays. Preg- Catholic country where birth will occur in August and Sep-
Past winners include Martin and South America. nant women who are bitten by control is generally not used tember, when the mosquito
Luther King, Nelson Mandela, The virus was first seen in an infected mosquito can pass
Mother Teresa, the 14th Dalai monkeys in Africa. There have the virus on to the fetus.
Lama, Malala Yousafzai, and been small and short-lived From October 2015 to Jan-
Barack Obama. outbreaks in Southeast Asia uary 2016, there were 4,180
One popular candidate is and parts of the Pacific Islands, total cases of reported infant
the inhabitants of the Greek but in May 2015, Brazil was the microcephaly in Brazil alone.
islands. With the recent mas- first South American country However, according to the
sive influx of migrants from to report a case. Since then, Brazilian Ministry of Healths
Syria, they have taken a huge most countries in Central and website, only 270 out of 3,448
portion of the brunt of receiv- South America have been in- cases have been confirmed,
ing them. Over 500,000 people fected. Such rapid expansion and 6 with respect to the Zika
have signed a petition to get has been attributed to the fact virus. Researchers suspect a
them officially nominated for that people in the Americas link between Zika and the Photo Courtesy of WikiCommons
the prize. Backers say that, de- have no natural immunity to condition, but its not known
spite very poor economic con- the virus, and the large num- for sure if the virus alone is or made easily accessible. If numbers are down due to drier
ditions in Greece for the past bers of mosquitoes that car- causing microcephaly. we dont make any recommen- and cooler weather.
few years, many have still giv- ry it. The WHO says Zika is There also seems to be a con- dations to the population, we This is only the fourth time
en vast amounts of their time expected to spread to every nection between the patho- could have a high incidence the WHO has declared a glob-
and money to help the refu- country in North and South gen and a rare disorder called of microcephaly, said Eduar- al public health emergency, the
gees coming in. America with the exception of Guillain-Barr syndrome, do Antonio Espinoza Fiallos, highest level of alert. The first
Another possible candidate Canada and Chile, which are which causes paralysis. El Salvadors vice minister of was issued in 2009 in response
is Edward Snowden. Con- too cold for mosquitoes. Pregnant women have been health. Of those children, 99 to the H1N1 swine flu epidem-
demned by some as a traitor to Common symptoms include advised to avoid Bolivia, Bra- percent will survive, but with ic; the second in May 2014
his country, and hailed by oth- mild headaches, a rash, and a zil, Cape Verde, Colombia, limitations in their mental fac- during a polio reappearance;
ers as a champion of personal fever, but usually dont persist Ecuador, El Salvador, French ulties. and the third in August 2014
freedom, he leaked thousands for more than a week. How- Guiana, Guadeloupe, Guate- The epidemic has raised con- due to Ebola in West Africa.
of classified American and
British intelligence files to the
public in 2013. He was nomi-
nated by two Norwegian pol-
Austria to Deport 50,000 Migrants
iticians, who claimed that he,
By Samuel Kinsey promised that most refugees to deport even more at a later
contributed to a more stable
Staff Writer from Syria and Iraq would go date.
and peaceful world order, ac-
Last September many Euro- ...If there is peace in home once the conflicts there Although many countries are
cording to The Guardian.
pean countries opened their Syria and Islamic State had ended. accepting refugees, Austrias
Other candidates are the
borders to hundreds of thou- is defeated in Iraq, we If there is peace in Syria and new policy, might be indicative
brokers of the Iranian nuclear
sands of people fleeing conflict expect you to return to Islamic State is defeated in Iraq, of trends in other European
deal, from both America and
and poverty across Africa and your homelands, with we expect you to return to your countries. Germany and Swe-
Iran. Nominators admire them
the Middle East. Despite an the knowledge of what homelands, with the knowl- den alike have both claimed to
for coming to an agreement
outpouring of sympathy for you have received from edge of what you have received be working on a more complete
through diplomacy rather
their plight, there has been from us, she said at a party immigration policy regarding
than military action. us...
growing public concern about meeting. the influx of other people from
Many people also want to
crime and security, forcing the Vienna has added Moroc- other countries.
see Colombian peace brokers
on the nomination list, as the
countrys government has been
governments to pull back from
the open-door policy.
About 1.1 million migrants
poured into Germany last
co, Algeria, Tunisia, Georgia,
Mongolia and Ghana to a list Letter From
The Austrian authorities re- of countries described as safe,
in armed conflict with the Na-
tional Liberation Army (ELN)
cently said that they would
carry out at least 50,000 de-
year. Fears have mounted over
the past few weeks after claims
enabling it to send asylum
seekers back to those areas
the Editors
for over 50 years. New devel- that men of North African and
portations over the next four more quickly. As of this issue, the Omni-
opments in negotiations could Arab origin assaulted women
years. The number of asylum Kurtz said late last month bus page has been retired in
mean meaningful compromise in Cologne and other cities
claims would also be capped at that Austria (with a population favor of an extra International
between the two groups in the during New Years celebra-
127,500 during that time. of less than 8.5 million people) News page. While some may
near future. tions. These reports are also
Austria followed Germanys recently accepted the second be upset by this decision, there
With thousands of people prominent in other European
lead in adding Morocco, Al- highest number of refugees per is so much going on in todays
from countless nationalities countries.
geria and Tunisia to the list of capita in Europe. world that perhaps another
sending in nominations for In an attempt to reassure the
safe countries of origin, effec- Austria has stated it will give page is warrented. Important
who should win the prize, No- public as support for her poli-
tively making asylum applica- 500 euros to people who leave stories have been springing up
bel Prize officials have their cies waned, Chancellor Merkel
tions impossible. voluntarily and will then begin across the globe, from Brazil,
work cut out for them in de-
ciding who will make the to Sweden, to Austria. There is
cut. The prize is decided of a fresh news being created at all
five-member panel, which is times, both good and bad and
chosen by the Norwegian par- its vital that we report on this.
liament. Norway holds this International News is now
power because it was the wish also going to be edited by a
of Alfred Nobel. Whichever new editor, Jillian Kopp, along-
person or group wins will have side myself from now on. We
their name go down in history hope you enjoy this new, im-
with some of the most influ- proved International News!
ential people ever to walk this Jillian Kopp and Kieran Bau-
Earth. Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons man

Taliban Swedens Currency Going

Paper-Free Boko
Influence Haram
By Asha Alagiri
Justice. electronic money stage, There

Staff Writer
The nation is already high- are towns where it isnt at all

to Grow
tech, and those who pre- possible anymore to enter a
Sweden may become com-
fer coins and bills find the bank and use cash, says Curt

pletely cash-free and go entire-
movement towards digital Persson, chairman of Swedens
ly electronic for their capital
money has been upset with National Pensioners Organi-
transactions. The country al-

the change. Already in Swed- zation.
ready has banks that
By Jenna Cunningham At the moment, el-
dont accept cash or
Staff Writer derly people in rural
dispense it because

areas are having dif-
of their new move-
Its been 14 years since the ficulties trying to un-
ment to a futuristic
US government announced derstand the system,
way of doing transac-
its plan to collapse the terror and most dont even
tions. Even before the
association known as the Tal- have credit cards and
movement is com-
iban, and the building of a sta- dont know how to By Ariana Dennis
pletely in effect, there
ble Afghan country. withdraw cash. Staff Writer
are already some
However, with a recent re- Even in churches
issues beginning to
port of an anonymous govern- cash is no longer be- On the evening of January
broil. Some of Swe-
ment watchdog, the plan is on Photo Courtesy of WikiCommons ing used, and card 30th militants and three sui-
dens population is
the brink of failure. readers are being in- cide bombers, allegedly as-
upset with the change
According to the notes tak- ish cities, tickets are prepaid stalled to make it easier for the sociated with Boko Haram,
because of the increase of risk
en by John Sopko, Congresss or bought online with a cell church-goers to give offerings. attacked Dalori village in
internet theft. Internet crime
Special Inspector General for phone text message. Some Bills and coins only account Northeastern Nigeria. One
has more than doubled in Swe-
Afghanistan Reconstruction, businesses only takes credit for three percent of Swedens witness says the shootings,
den in the last ten years, going
the Taliban now controls more cards and electronic trans- economy which is less than burnings, and explosions last-
all the way to 140,000 cases, ac-
of the country than U.S. troops actions. Already the town the U.S. or any other European ed for almost four hours while
cording to Swedens Ministry of
have at any time, and that the is moving strongly into the nation. others say they could hear the
Afghan economy is in terrible screaming of children being
shape. burned to death as homes were

Bolivian Lake Evaporates

Last year, U.S. troops were razed to the ground. Many fled
forced to fight back and retake to the neighboring Gamori vil-
the city of Kunduz after an lage.
al Qaeda cell seized the city; The attack killed at least 86
found and destroyed a huge al By Sam Kinsey Aside from the environ- lakes on the list, 14 of them are people with 65-70 wounded
Qaeda training camp within Staff Writer mental impact of the lake, located in the United States. being cared for at the State
the Kandahar province. many people who rely on the Some of these lakes, such as Specialist Hospital and an-
This was not the first time Recently, lake Poop (a lake lake for their lifestyle have the Tulare Lake, frequently fill other 10 at the University of
within the year that the Tali- twice the size of Los Angeles) been left high and dry by the up during cold seasons, but Maiduguri Teaching Hospital
ban was able to substantially has evaporated and it might absence of the lake. then promptly begin to dry according to the Borno State
fight back against U.S. forces never come back. All that is left Another key factor contrib- again once the regular weather Commissioner of Health.
as they killed 6 Air Force per- of the, would-be lake is some uting to the disappearance occurs. A resident, identified as Kulo
sonnel with a suicide bomber, dead birds, some fish skeletons, of the lake has been the local However, some hope may Sheriff by CNN, stated the at-
4 days before Christmas. and abandoned fishing boats. governments mismanage- remain. Owens Lake, located tacks began right after the vil-
In Sopkos bleak report, he Although this lake has disap- ment of water. Since 1982, the in California, has been partial- lage had finished their prayers.
shares that troops have stayed peared in the past and has re- water has been diverted for ly restored. The lake was fully We had just finished evening
in Afghanistan longer than turned, most people dont think mining and agriculture. dried in 1913, but as of 2013, prayers when the gunmen
Obama had hoped for, and it will recover this time. Experts Government officials have some water flow has been re- came to our village and indis-
that there is now talk of enact- are citing El Nio as the cause been asking for aid from Eu- stored. However, Owens lake is criminately opened fire and set
ing a plan that would poten- for the lakes disappearance. ropean allies. However, at this also the largest source of dust fire to homes, Sheriff said. Sol-
tially keep troops within the Because of rising global tem- point, aid may come too late. in California today. diers from the Nigerian army
Afghan borders for decades. peratures, the lakes do not have Lake Poop joins the ranks However, Bolivia may not be arrived that night but were ini-
In total, the U.S. has spent enough time to replenish from of other lakes that have been so lucky as to have their lake tially unable to overcome the
approximately $113 billion being evaporated, according to categorized as drying lakes. refill, due to the combined de- better-armed Boko Haram mi-
in Afghan reconstruction, many experts. Milton Perez a Other lakes listed include grading effects of El Nino and litia. Resident Adamu Kyari
though the project is still on Universidad Technica research- Mono Lake, and Owens Lake, the Bolivian Governments also added: We slept in the
track to spend billions more in er has said to the associated Tulare Lake (all located in mismanagement of water. bush with no blankets despite
the next few years, it remains press, I think we lost it. California). In fact, of the 24 the chilling weather. We could
under high scrutiny as critics hear soldiers battling with the
see the Afghan civilian aid ef- Boko Haram attackers. It was
fort as a wasteful error. terrifying.
In addition, the United Na- Such attacks have led to a
tions Assistance Mission in massive exodus of refugees
Afghanistan has been forced from areas deemed likely to
to evacuate 4 of the 13 provin- be Boko Haram targets leaving
cial offices around the country, millions displaced. Since the
mostly as a safety precaution, terrorist organization began its
due to the latest surges of vio- insurgency in 2009, they have
lence throughout the country. killed well over 20,000 people
Administrative districts have and driven over 2.3 million
rated the recent violence as from their homes.
high or extreme, categories
that havent been reached in
value at any time
since the American invasion
began in 2001.

Photo Courtesy of WikiCommons Photo Courtesy of WikiCommons

Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 14 NEWS February 19, 2016

BIOSCIENCE (cont.) Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

Lead poisoning affects children; FBI opens investigation
By Lucy Barton The FBI is mainly investigating if
Staff Writer any laws were broken when the
On Tuesday, February 2, the city switched the water supply.
FBI announced that they would This was the beginning of major
be joining the investigation on problems for Flint. According to
the lead-poisoned water in Flint, studies, after switching their wa-
Michigan. ter supply, Flint residents were
This crisis has attracted the at- drinking water with lead levels 10
tention of the whole nation as peo- times what they previously had.
ples fears of contaminated drink- According to CNN, the number of
ing water are brought to life. On children in the city with elevated
January 5th, Michigan declared levels of lead had almost doubled.
a state of emergency for Genesee The health effects in response to
County because the high levels of lead poisoning listed in the case
lead that were found in the citys include skin lesions, hair loss,
drinking water, which were caus- high levels of lead in the blood,
ing adverse health effects to the vision loss, memory loss, depres-
people of the city. Recent investi- sion, and anxiety.
gations have prompted the state Keith John Pemberton and his
semi-autonomy and require a sep- No science classes will be im- The buildings primary footprint of emergency to be extended by wife, Jacqueline, a Flint couple,
arate staff and course subjects. pacted by the construction. will come from the demolition Michigan Governor Rick Snyder are some of the many had prop-
Dr. Podhorsky assuaged these It is not expected that any new of room 803. until April 14. erty damage due to the corrosive
fears and confirmed that once teachers will need to be hired. The Photo courtesy of Linden Blue Flint citizens have filed a lawsuit water, which led to a loss of value
fundraising is over and construc- science classes taught in the build- in November on behalf of the vic- in their home. They also suffered
tion is completed, the building ing will be the same as the courses ASB classroom - currently exists, tims of the water contamination from skin lesions, and psycholog-
will be 100% under the school currently offered and will utilize and will make use of the vacant against Snyder, the state of Mich- ical disorders such as depression,
control. the same textbooks and curricu- space between the field, band igan, the city of Flint, and other chronic anxiety and an inability
Unlike the Coggan Aquatic lum, with small adaptations to the building, and 500 building. state and city officials, and emer- to cope with normal stress. These
Center, he said, the Bioscience spaces new equipment. During phase two of the proj- gency measures have been taken symptoms, according to the case,
Building will fall completely un- Dr. Podhorskys long-term vi- ect, a courtyard and amphitheater to provide for the safety of the were a direct outcome of wash-
der the schools control once the sion for the space is to make LJHS space will be established in the towns residents. The U.S. attor- ing, bathing, and drinking the
fundraising effort is completed. a central hub for science educa- courtyard next to the 900 build- neys office for the Eastern District lead-poisoned water. Rhonda
Because the project is still in tion in the district. ing. of Michigan has also joined the Kelso, 52, and her daughter also
early stages, details such as which He looks forward to turning the Elevated walkways will also be investigation. Curt Guyette of the reported skin lesions and psycho-
faculty will move into the new schools amazing [biomedical] created between the 900 building, American Civil Liberties Union logical problems as a result of the
building and what will happen to industry partnerships into an ed- the 700 building, and the new of Michigan said that this was an water.
vacated science rooms remains to ucational resource, inviting guest building. important step that needs to be The city could be affected by
be discussed. speakers and local experts to ad- Dr. Podhorsky confirmed that taken in order to get to finding the this for years. According to CNN,
Most longtime science teachers dress students at LJHS, as well as the band room - initially rumored root causes of the disaster that has the city ordered public schools
are disappointed with the lack of the rest of the district via webcam. to be part of the demolition - will occurred in Flint and to hold ev- to stop running water for taps
communication from administra- Higher-than-anticipated fund- stay fully intact. It is the oldest eryone involved responsible. and water fountains. Flint May-
tors, and feel that key decisions ing has also allowed for the cre- building on campus, completed High levels of lead have been or Karen Weaver stated that more
about the building - which may ation of a separate classroom with in 1940. present in Flints water supply for funding may be needed for special
soon house their classrooms - broadcasting equipment exclu- Despite divisions in the science at least a year, after the city began education now because the harm-
have been out of their control. sively for webinar lectures and department, Dr. Podhorsky re- to obtain their water from the Flint ful water may have an impact on
They also expressed concern labs, which he says would fulfill mained highly enthusiastic about River instead of from Lake Huron the IQs of children across the city,
that only faculty who looked fa- the project vision for a regional the project and the potential through Detroits water system. which would result in learning
vorably upon administrators had center of excellence. doors it will unlock for students According to the lawsuit, this was disabilities.
been included in major discus- The building will be located in higher education and the in- supposed to be a temporary situa- The situation improved slightly
sions and kept in the loop. where room 803 - an English and dustry. tion until the city was able to ob- last fall when city officials stated
tain water from the Great Lakes that Flint would return back to
on its own. Soon after, residents the water supply from Detroit, but
OF INTEREST started complaining about the many people still dont trust the
strange color of their tap water. government or the water.
Should Politicians Wear their Sponsors? A CHANGE AT NIAGRA FALLS
By Khalil Eley By Nora Becker placed. Doing so would require
Staff Writer The proposal envisions Staff Writer dewatering the American Falls.
California politicians wearing The New York State Parks Sys- Only 15% of the Niagara River
Though many have joked that their top sponsors as stickers
tem has proposed to shut off the flows over the American side, but
politicians should have to wear over their suits.
Photo courtesy of C-SPAN American side of Niagara Falls, rerouting the river to entirely the
the logos of those who sponsor in order to replace 115-year-old Canadian side is still a massive
them, this idea is actually being bridges connecting the mainland task. A structure called a coffer-
brought to the table as a ballot ments. to Goat Island. dam allows construction crews to
measure in California. Some First Amendment ex- In 1900 and 1901, two stone work at or below water level sort
The proposed measure would perts question whether the mea- arch bridges called the American of a big, man-made island that
require California politicians to sure could survive a lawsuit, but Falls Bridges were built, providing stops the flow of water.
cover their suits with their top Cox remains optimistic. a pathway from the city of Niagara The falls have been dewatered
ten donors. He believes that any lawsuit Falls to the American Goat Island. once before, in 1969, in order to
The measure will be voted on and their wealthy donors. would come after the measure They carry vehicles, people, and study the erosion of the rocks be-
in the primaries this November. Its going to be immensely pop- passed. all utilities serving the island (sew- low. Tourists came to see the great
The ballot measure is being ular, Cox said. Rocky Chavez, an assem- er, electricity, telephone, etc.). In Niagara Falls transform into the
sponsored by John Cox, an at- We have a system under which bly member, argued against 2004, the structure of the two had Niagara Cliff, but resident Robert
torney who made his fortune in people who want something from the measure, saying, [t]o have deteriorated enough for officials Borgatti wasnt impressed. I re-
real estate. government fund the campaigns everyone decked out like race to decide that it was necessary to member being a little disappoint-
He says that he believes the of the people who make those de- car drivers would be a circus close the originals. Temporary ed because the scene was just a
measure will pass. cisions. In any other solar system element which wouldnt really bridges were built above the stone, desolate landscape of rock, de-
Cox feels that the recent rise that would be considered corrupt. benefit the public. He suggested and continue standing today, but bris, tree limbs and construction
in anti-establishment sentiment The initiative is what some that politicians list the sponsors were never meant to be a long- equipment, he told local news.
brought up by the presidential might consider bare-bones, with on their websites instead. term solution. The official report Indeed, the state is worried that
election will give the measure a simple language requiring that Cox has rebuffed h from leg- of the proposal describes the tem- the 20-plus million tourists who
boost at the ballots. politicians wear stickers or badg- islators, saying, Sanders and porary Mabey bridges as aesthet- come to see Niagara Falls each
Cox is seeking endorsements es displaying the names of their Trump are doing a decent job ically unappealing, and states that year wont be tempted by a water-
from both Republican candidate ten highest campaign contribu- calling attention to the problem, they restrict the views of the rap- less waterfall. On the other hand,
Donald J. Trump and Democrat- tors. but Im sick and tired of people ids. some suggest that seeing 100% of
ic rival Bernie Sanders, both of Additionally, the measure calling attention to the problem Despite not being in use, the the water rush over the Canadian
whom have denounced politi- would require disclosure of these and doing nothing about it. American Falls Bridges still are falls will be a magnificent sight to
cians as servants to corporations sponsors in political advertise- crumbling, and need to be re- see.
February 19, 2016 A&E 15 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

Meet the Young Rappers 30 Books To Read

Interviews done by Jillian Murray
of La Jolla Before You
By Sara Espinosa &
Nessie Navarro
Editors-in-Chief 16) Hurston, Zora Neale
1) Alvarez, Julia Their Eyes Were Watching God
In the Time of the Butterflies
Photo Courtesy of Luis P. 17) Krakauer, Jon
LUIS PARMA AKA Photo Courtesy of Marco Y. 2) Capote, Truman Into the Wild
LP Photo Courtesy of Avraam G. In Cold Blood
Q: What inspired you to be- MARCO YOUNG AKA 18) Lee, Harper
come a rap artist? AVRAAM YOUNG STUNNA 3) Chbosky, Stephen To Kill a Mockingbird
LP: I dont wanna have a ba- GROSSMAN AKA Q: What inspired you to be- The Perks of Being a Wallflower
sic life style. Id rather make it SMOKEY LOCC come a rap artist? 19) Martel, Yann
big in something and if people Q: What inspired you to be- MY: Its a dream Ive always 4) Cormier, Robert Life of Pi
think I look stupid doing it, come a rap artist? had since I was a youngin. I I am the Cheese
then I dont really care what AG: I was always into hip hop love music and being the mas- 20) McEwan, Ian
they think. Also when the car and I finally started rapping ter of my craft, the command- 5) Cormier, Robert Atonement
flipped a few years back, I hon- when I was in 7th grade. I kept er in chief. I want to love what The Chocolate War
estly think that we all are still it going and I developed the I do and be the best at it. 21) Mitchell, Margaret
alive for some reason. skill. I practiced it every day 6) Esquivel, Laura Gone With the Wind
and I never quit and it got me Q: If you make it big in the Like Water for Chocolate
Q: If you make it big in the so far in my life. Its always been music industry, what would 22) Orwell, George
music industry, what would be my dream to be a famous rap- be your next step? 7) Fitzgerald, F. Scott 1984
your next step? per and Im finally everywhere MY: To make music consis- The Great Gatsby
LP: When I make it big Im I want to be in life. Im really tently and keep on striving for 23) Salinger, J.D.
gonna make life for me and all happy and I believe I have in- more and more whether the 8) Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Catcher in the Rye
my homies be turnt up every finite potential and I will make field is looking hot or cold. To Tender is the Night
day. Everyday would be a good it very far in my life. keep on getting it. 24) Salinger, J.D.
day and just enjoy it and keep 9) Foer, Jonathan Safran Nine Stories
doing my thing. Q: If you make it big in the Q: If you can compare yourself Extremely Loud and Incredibly
music industry, what would be to an already established art- Close 25) Sparks, Beatrice
Q: What makes your music your next step? ist, who would it be and why? Go Ask Alice
and style unique? AG: If I make it big in the rap MY: I feel everyone in the in- 10) Garca Mrquez, Gabriel
LP: The only rappers that are industry Im hopefully gonna dustry. I try to gain the best Love in the Time of Cholera 26) Steinbeck, John
white are pretty much Emi- do some tours and collab with traits that I learn from every East of Eden
nem G Eazy and Mac Miller. all my favorite artists. I believe artist. If I only had to choose 11) Garca Mrquez, Gabriel
My flow is different from all of if I try my best I could be one one, I would compare my- One Hundred Years of 27) Wallace, Daniel
them and my style is different. of the greatest of all time. self to a rapper named Young Solitude Big Fish
Thug.... the way he delivers
Q: What do your lyrics mean Q: If you can compare yourself his sound and presentation is 12) Green, John 28) Walls, Jeanette
to you? to an already established artist, similar. Looking for Alaska The Glass Castle
LP:My lyrics are just things who would it be and why?
that Ive done in past and AG: 2pac, Eminem, The No- Q: What makes your music 13) Gruen, Sara 29) Wilde, Oscar
things I presently am doing torious B.I.G., Wu-tang clan, and style unique? Water for Elephants The Picture of Dorian Gray
and sometimes I exaggerate on Capital Steez, Joey Bada$$, MY: With all my music, the
things, like I said, Im making Big L, Lil Bibby, Lil Herb Chief whole music piece togeth- 14) Hinton, S. E. 30) Zusak, Markus
a milly but keep it one-hun- Keef, Von Mar, and Lil B the er represents what Im going The Outsiders The Book Thief
dred. I only got like a few hun- Based God. I believe that my through and how I feel at that
dred in my bank but for the style is very similar but at the time wherever my feelings are. 15) Hosseini, Khaled Enjoy Reading!
most part the other things I same time original in my own Im delivering myself and my The Kite Runner
rap about are real experiences. ways. I look up to these artists music, I dont care what any-
and I wish them all the best. one thinks about me.

1 7 12 18 23
Photos Courtesy of Goodreads

3 10 15 20 28
February 19, 2016 A&E 16 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

LJHS Alumni David Schultz

By Julia Walton
Releases His First Single
Tennessee was the last place I ERYBODY in Nashville likes lay out drums first to set the Is this the career path you
Staff Writer wanted to go to school, but my music. Not everybody plays format and to appease my plan to take?
parents (both musicians them- music but the community of workflow. I wanted to release
I always had a passion for selves) encouraged me to give musicians in Nashville is very Ghost Hunter because I be- Yes, I intend on making a
music, stated David Schul- Belmont one last look and it abundant and talented. lieved that the quality of the career for myself revolving
tz a former student of LJHS, turned out to be the BEST de- production was good enough around the music industry. In
...theres nothing else that I cision I have made in my entire How would you classify your for me to give out to the public my pursuits as an audio engi-
would rather do. Schultz has life. Belmont [has] a world re- genre of music? and I thought that it set a good neer, I have started leaning to-
recently released his first sin- nown Music Business Program vibe for the 5 songs that Ive wards the world of live sound.
gle named Ghost Hunter. He and I entered the Audio Engi- The style of music that I am prepared for my upcoming re- I have started working for a
is currently attending Belmont neering Program and have been making would be classified lease local stagehand company in
College in Nashville, Tennes- loving it ever since. as electronic dance music Nashville called Crew1, which
see, and has been taking ev- or EDM. More specifically, Do you work with other peo- gives me access to working
ery opportunity to explore the What is the music scene like in I choose my music from the ple in developing your mu- with stage productions for
music world and promote his TN? bass genres of EDM. Ghost sic? acts like Selena Gomez, Justin
work as a DJ and now produc- Hunter would be considered Beiber, Adele, Rihanna, Dix-
er. Out in Nashville, country Drum&Bass. Not necessarily. The music ie Chicks, Blake Shelton, and
After his release of Ghost music and Christian rock are that I am releasing is the result more! I have my own DJ rig
Hunter, I had the opportunity the two biggest money makers For your single, how long of my own intuitions and is that I travel around with and
to ask Schultz some questions in the music industry. Aside did it take to develop, and representative of my own cre- set up for shows. Traveling
about his new single and his from this, there is a large local what was the process? ative material and intellectual with a monster, setting it up
work in the music industry in scene as well, harvesting singer- property. I am huge on doing and tearing it down every day,
Tennessee. -songwriters. There is such a I was working on this track things on my own because I getting to work with musicians
diverse variety of music lov- for about 3 months before can manage and control them and fans, and ultimately see
How did you decide to go to ers. Nashville is called Music I put it out and it all started the way I want and to my own the world! That is the life that
school in Tennessee? City for the reason that EV- with the drum beat. I always standards. I want to live.

Photo Courtesy of David Schultz

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Ragtime: The Musical Metric Viejas Arena
The Spreckels Theatre House of Blues

28 29 1 2 3 4 5
Vance Joy Andra Day Tyga
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Elle King Observatory Foxtrot
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