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Top Electronics Engineering Books must have before started preparing for ESE Exams

All these books are recommended to practice simultaneously while studying theory. As without practicing
question bank you cant get 100% concept. If theory build-up your concept up to 30 to 40 present then practicing
question related to topic will boost your concept up to 70 to 80 %. And the rest will come automatically by doing
revision time to time. We suggest the ESE aspirants to solving previous year question paper at least 2 to 3 times
to get deep knowledge about pattern. You will get that each and every year, objective questions come from
some selected topic only. And level of questions paper is very easy. So you have to become master to all those
topics and it happens only when you solve previous year questions paper. Thats why we have listed some
standard UPSC IES-ESE Electronics and Communication Engg Reference Books.

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Importance of Solving previous year GATE paper in ESE

GATE previous year questions are highly recommended to solve because ESE has not left even a single
questions of GATE. Each and every year at least 10 to 20 questions come from previous years GATE question
paper. That why we have added GATE previous year solved book in our recommended UPSC IES-ESE
Electronics and Communication Engg Reference Books. As ESE pattern changed from 2017, you have to focus
more at objective question to qualify prelims but should not ignore conventional totally. As conventional is very
wide area and may become very challenging to prepare it after prelims. So focus on objective as well as
convention from beginning. Following are the most common UPSC IES-ESE Electronics and Communication
Engg Reference Books.

1. Electronics Engineering handbook (Important Study Material to Instant Revision)

Sl. No. Books Name Get Books

1 A Handbook on Electronics Engineering (Revised & Updated)

Click Here

2 Handbook Series of Electronics & Communication


Click Here

2. ESE 2017: Electronics Engineering Preliminary Exam Books for Stage 1:

Sl Books Name Click

No. Here

1 ESE 2018 Preliminary Exam: Electronics & Telecommunication Click

Engineering Topicwise Objective Solved Papers Vol. 1 Here

2 ESE 2018 Preliminary Exam: Electronics & Telecommunication Click

Engineering Topicwise Objective Solved Papers Vol. 2 Here

3. ESE 2017: Electronics Engineering Mains Examination Books forStage 2:

Sl. Books Name Click Here

1 ESE 2017: Mains Examination: Electronics Engineering

Conventional Paper I

Click Here

2 ESE 2017-Mains : Electronics Engineering Conventional Paper II

Click Here

4. IES-ESE Electronics Subject- wise Reference Books List (Paper 1 and Paper 2)

There are many books in market, but main challenge for student is to select better one which provides whole
contents which we require for Semester as well as for competition. Any body can score good marks in semester
from any book but for competition its difficult. Ignited Engineers here try to select only those books which have
accepted from many qualified students of various competitive examinations. Only one things you should know is
that reading one book thousands time is better than reading thousands book one time. Subject wise books
for Paper 1 and Paper 2 books of Stage 1 and Stage 2 are recommended from which you will get the concept.
All these books are preferred after analysis of previous year ESE Questions paper pattern.

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Reference Books for IES 2017 ECE , Reference Books for ESE 2017 ECE , Reference Books for IES ECE,
UPSC IES-ESE Electronics and Communication Engg Reference Books

SL.NO. SUBJECT Top Book Name Author Get


1 Electronic 1 Semiconductor Physics And Devices Donald A. Click Here

Devices Neamen

2 Solid state electronic devices Ben Click Here

3 Electronic Devices and Circuits Jacob Millman Click Here

& Halkias.

2 Analog Circuits 1 Microelectronics Circuits Sedra & Click Here


2 Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory Robert L Click Here

Boylestad &

3 OP Amp and linear Integrated Circuit Ramakant A Click Here


3 Digital System 1 Digital Design M.Morris Click Here


2 Modern Digital Electronics R. P. Jain Click Here

4 Control System 1 Control Systems Engineering I. J. Click Here

Nagrath and
M. Gopal

2 Linear Control System B. S. Manke Click Here

3 NPTEL Video lectures M. Gopal

5 Communication 1 Analog and Digital Communication System Simon Haykin Click Here
2 Modern digital and analog Communications BP Lathi Click Here

3 Electronic Communication Systems (just for Kennedy and Click Here

the Noise chapter) Direct Questions come Davis
from this book.

6 Network Theory 1 Networks and Systems D. Roy Click Here


2 Engineering Circuit Analysis William H. Click Here


7 Signals and 1 Signals and Systems Oppenheim Click Here

Systems and Willsky

8 Electromagnetic 1 Engineering of Electromagnetics W.H. Hayt Click

Theory Here

2 Antenna and Wave Propagation K.D. Prasad Click


3 Network lines and fields (Transmission lines J.D ryder Click Here
part only)

4 NPTEL Lectures Prof. R.


9 Computer Microprocessor Architecture, Programming Ramesh S. Click

Engineering & Gaonkar Here
Computer Organization and Structure Stalling Click

10 Microwave Microwave Devices and Circuits Liao Click

Engineering Here

11 Measurement Electronics & Electronic Measurement and A. K Sawhney Click

and Instrumentation Here
Electronic Instrumentation H. S. Kalsi Click

12 Optical Fiber Senior Click

Communication Here

13 Satellite Satellite Communications Pratt and Click

Communications Bostian Here

Other Previous Year Solved Papers Any good Given in

References publications Table 1

UPSC IES-ESE Electronics and Communication Engg Reference Books