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Must read: Economic survey every year for general studies 2 and 3


PAPER 1: Aim for highest mark.

Current affair:
1. Indian Culture Spectrum publication (have) and 9th state board book.
2. Modern history- Bippin Chandra (have)
3. Freedom struggle Bippin Chandra (have)
4. Post history- Bippin Chandra (have)
5. 10th Matric history book (world history)
6. Remaining Geography optional subject
2nd paper guide:
Current affairs:
1. Indian Polity- lakshmikanth (have)
2. Governance Lakshmikanth (have)
3. India and the World: Through the Eyes of Indian Diplomats (only this is enough)
4. India and neigh

5. India and foreign:
Common for both: Social Problems in India Ram Ahuja (have) for communalism, secularism,
and regionalism

3rd paper guide:
Current affairs:
1. Indias National Security: A Reader. (Internal Security GS3)
2. Challenges to Internal Security of India. (Internal Security GS3)
3. IAS Mains General Studies GS3. (Arihant Manual GS3)
4. Remaining Geography optional subject (Environment, Bio-Diversity, Disaster
Management)- Major crops cropping patterns
5. Economy from 11th & 12th State board Books- Agriculture, banking, foreign policy, 12th
first lesson Land reforms - Bippin Chandra and Ram Singh Pdf- Economic growth
development and some important terms in agriculture.
6. Food Processing And Preservation (English)
PAPER 4: Aim for highest mark.
1. refer for entire (syllabus full reference)
2. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude for Civil Services Mains. ( Ethics GS4)
3. IAS Mains General Studies Ethics. ( Arihant Manual GS4)

1. Manorama Yearbook. (Current Affairs)
2. India Year Book (Current Affairs)
3. Yojana:
Recommended Books for Geography Civil Services Books Mains Exam
Physical geography

Edit Oct 2014: and seem to be the two working versions now.

Booklist for Geography Mains

1. Physical Geography by Savindra Singh

2. Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Che Leong
3. Ncert 11th & 12th geography textbooks (can be downloaded free online from official NCERT
4. Human Geography by Majid Hussain
5. Evolution Of Geographical Thought by Majid Hussain
6. Indian Geography by Khullar
7. Geographic theories by K.Siddartha or Majid husain
8. The Orient blackswan Atlas
9. Oxford atlas
10. Spectrums geography guide for illustrations & miscellaneous topics
11. Made Simple series of Rupa publication (2 books)
12. Shankar sirs class notes

Paper 1

1. Geomorphology/climatolgy & oceanography Physical geography by savindra singh

2. Biogeography & ecology part of environmental geography Rupa series. Contemporary areas of
bio/environmental geography no specific preparation. Just what i read in magazines &
3. Human geo theories Human Geography By Majid Husain
4. World agriculture in economic geo Models, theories & processes by Siddartha &
5. Certificate Physical and Human geography by goh cheng leong
6. Population geo Human Geography By Majid Husain
7. Settlement geo Spectrums geography guide (Ed. I think author is Rajiv Ahir)
8. Regional planning mainly handouts given by shankar sir (photocopy from some textbook)
9. Models, theories & laws Geographic theories by Siddartha & parts from Majid husain
Paper 2 (Indian Geography)

Regional development & planning mainly handouts given by shankar sir (photocopy from
some textbook)
Settlements NCERT & Spectrums geography guide
Political geo no specific material, just class discussions with shankar sir
Contemporary issues no specific preparation. Just what i read in magazines & newspapers
For the rest about india, ncerts & Indian Geography by Khullar is more than sufficient


1. History of Modern India Shekhar Bandopadhyaya/Bipan Chandra

2. Indias Struggle For Independence Bipan Chandra and Others
3. Indias Ancient Past R.S. Sharma
4. The Wonder That Was India A.L. Basham
5. Ashoka and the Decline of the Mauryas Romila Thapar
6. Medieval India: From Sultanat to Mughals 1- Satish Chandra
7. Medieveal India: From Sultanat to Mughals -2 Satish Chandra
8. Mastering Modern World History Norman Lowe
9. History of the World Arjun Dev

Source: Here

Date 9AM to 12PM 2PM to 5PM

14/12/2014 Essay English
15/12/2014 GS1 GS2
17/12/2014 GS3 GS4
19/12/2014 Optional paper-1 Optional Paper-2
20/12/2014 Compulsory Indian language paper mukti

Topic strategy/booklist/comment
History Ancient TNPSC group 1
History Medieval TNPSC group 1, Bippin Chandra
History Modern (Freedom Struggle) TNPSC group 1, Bippin Chandra
Culture and society TNPSC group 1, Spectrum
Polity (theory + current) TNPSC group 1, Lakshmikanth, Current Affairs
TNPSC group 1, Ramesh Singh, Economic Survey, Current
Economy (theory + current)
Science (theory + current) TNPSC group 1, Spectrum and Current
Environment (theory + current) Shankar IAS
geography physical Optional
geography India Optional(Khullar)
geography world
other national/international current
Schemes, Policy & Filler Stuff Internet

Mains Exam Subjects Marks

Essay 130
General Studies I 82
General Studies II 81
General Studies III 82
General Studies IV 124
Optional I (Anthropology) 122
Optional II (Anthropology) 99
Written Total 720
Personality Test 187
Final Total 907

Subjects Marks
Essay (Paper-I) 113
General Studies -I (Paper-Ii) 89
General Studies -Ii (Paper-Iii) 87
General Studies -Iii (Paper-Iv) 79
General Studies -Iv (Paper-V) 114
Optional-I (Medical Science) (Paper-Vi) 99
Optional-II (Medical Science) (Paper-Vii) 164
Written Total 745
Personality Test 165
Final Total 910

Subjects Marks
Essay (Paper-I) 113
General Studies -I (Paper-Ii) 89
General Studies -Ii (Paper-Iii) 87
General Studies -Iii (Paper-Iv) 79
General Studies -Iv (Paper-V) 114
Optional-I (Medical Science) (Paper-Vi) 99
Optional-II (Medical Science) (Paper-Vii) 164
Written Total 745
Personality Test 165
Final Total 910

Subjects Marks
Essay (Paper-I) 142
Genral Studies -I (Paper-Ii) 096
Genral Studies -Ii (Paper-Iii) 090
Genral Studies -Iii (Paper-Iv) 080
Genral Studies -Iv (Paper-V) 102
Optional-I (Geography.) (Paper-Vi) 145
Optional-Ii (Geography.).) (Paper-Vii) 133
Written Total 788
Personality Test 154
Final Total 942

Topic strategy/booklist/comment
History Ancient Old NCERT
History Medieval Old NCERT
History Modern
Bipan Chandra, Spectrums book
(Freedom Struggle)
Culture and society Selective reading of Gktoday and VISION IAS PDFs,
Polity (theory + current) Laxmikanth, GK TODAY,Murnal
Economy (theory + Mrunal articles, GK Today, Shri Rams printed notes of
current) Economics.
Science (theory +, Normal current affairs notes
Environment (theory + GK Today, Taking clues from Mock tests, Current affairs, Selected
current) chapters of 12th class Biology (NCERT) book
geography physical NCERT,Goh cheng Leong (Geography was my optional subject)
NCERT, Majid Hussain,Khullar (Geography was my optional
geography India
geography world No particular book, just referred notes available in market
other Current affairs notes of GK Today, VISION IAS,
national/international MURNAL,INSIGHTONINDIA,IDSA,FRPI,, Council on Foreign
current affairs Relations(cfr) some other sources on internet
Schemes, Policy & Filler
Current affairs notes of GK Today, VISION IAS, MURNAL,

General studies (Mains) paper 2

Topic How Did You Prepare?

Indian Constitution, devolution, Laxmikanth,arc reports,punchi comm. Report(newspaper reading and

dispute redressal etc. comprehensive understanding very important for gs-2)

comparing Constitution with

Vision ias notes

parliament, state Legislatures laxmikanth

executive-judiciary laxmikanth

ministries departments Rajni goyal-pub ad book

pressure group, informal asso. Vision ias notes

Representation of peoples act ,,

various bodies: Constitutional,


NGO, SHG etc. Vision ias notes

welfare schemes, bodies IYB,mrunal,vision ias notes

social sector, health, edu, HRD ,,

governance, transparency,
Vision ias notes

e-governance Arc report

role of civil service Vision ias,rajni goyal

Rajiv shikri(for initial understanding),news paper note making,world

India & neighbors
focus important editions,mrunal sometimes

bilateral/global grouping Shankar ias note, mrunal

effect of foreign country policies
on Indian interest

Diaspora Muchkund dubey

international bodies- structure

Shankar ias note

1. Essay paper is to score: 100- 150.
2. Paper-1through proper prep can score well.
3. Geography must score between 290 and 400.
4. Paper-4 must be scored between 100 and 150.
5. Paper-2 and paper 3 should accept the marks got.



Essay: minimum 110

Paper 1: minimum 120
Paper 2: minimum 85
Paper 3: minimum 85
Paper 4: minimum 110
Opt Paper 1: minimum 150
Opt Paper 2: minimum 150

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