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EE/MSE/MECH 6322 Semiconductor Processing Technology FALL 2010, Walter Hu, UTD

Course Syllabus
Course Information - Fall 2010
EE, MSEN, MECH 6322.001
Semiconductor Processing Technology
Room: ECSS 2.103
Time: F 12:30 – 3:15 PM

Professor Contact Information

Prof. Walter Hu
Office: RL 2.710
Phone:(972) 883-6329
Office Hours:
By appointment (please use email to set this up!)

Course Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, and/or Other Restrictions


Course Description
EE 6322 (MSEN 6322 and MECH 6322) Semiconductor Processing Technology (3 semester
hours) Modern techniques for the manufacture of semiconductor devices and circuits.
Techniques for both silicon and compound semiconductor processing are studied as well as an
introduction to the design of experiments. Topics include: wafer growth, oxidation, diffusion, ion
implantation, lithography, etch and deposition. (3-0) T

Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes

Students are expected to learn the course content and develop ability to (1) illustrate
how semiconductor physics impacts materials and device processing; (2) compare and
contrast current semiconductor processes with future industry needs; (3) explain how
current semiconductor processes work based on physical and chemical principles; (4)
hypothesize new seminconductor processes by expanding fundamentals learned in
class; (5) compose overall process integration by conceptually combining many unit

Topics to be covered includes: Modern Si fabrication process; process scaling and

integration; crystal growth; material and cleanroom; Lithography; oxidation; diffusion; ion
implantation; film deposition; etching; back-end; device process integration; future tends
of nanoelectronics, and 3D packaging.

Required Textbooks and Materials

“Silicon VLSI Technology” Plummer, J., M. Deal, P. Griffin. Prentice Hall, 2000.
ISBN: 0-13-085037-3, available in on-campus bookstore

Suggested Course Materials

“Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication”, Richard C. Jaeger, Prentice Hall, 2002.
ISBN: 0-201-44494-1

Assignments & Academic Calendar

(Topics, Reading Assignments, Due Dates, Exam Dates)
EE/MSE/MECH 6322 Semiconductor Processing Technology FALL 2010, Walter Hu, UTD

Grading Policy

Midterm 1 (Thru) 20% Approx Friday Sept. 24th

Midterm 2 (Thru) 20% Approx Friday Oct 29th
Final (Comprehensive) 35% Approx Friday Dec. 10th
Homework* 25% Due each Friday
*Homework and Notes handed in after the due date will not be counted! This rule will be
strictly enforced!
(This means that homework must be handed-in in class)

Course & Instructor Policies

(make-up exams, extra credit, late work, special assignments, class attendance, classroom citizenship, etc.)
Students who miss the Midterm Exam or Final Exam without a valid excuse will receive
a score of zero. Students with a valid excuse for missing the Test or Final Exam MUST make
arrangements beforehand or receive a score of zero.

Off-campus Instruction and Course Activities

Below is a description of any travel and/or risk-related activity associated with this course.

Policies and Procedures for Students

The University of Texas at Dallas provides a number of policies and procedures designed to provide students with a
safe and supportive learning environment. Brief summaries of the policies and procedures are provided for you at and include information
about technical support, field trip policies, off-campus activities, student conduct and discipline, academic integrity,
copyright infringement, email use, withdrawal from class, student grievance procedures, incomplete grades, access
to Disability Services, and religious holy days. You may also seek further information at these websites:

These descriptions and timelines are subject to change at the discretion of the Professor.