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ACE-Learning Lesson Brief



A bearing is an angle measured from the North, at reference point O, in a clockwise

direction and is always written as a three-digit number.

The bearing of A from O is 070o.

The bearing of B from O is 165o.

The bearing of C from O is 240o.

The bearing of D from O is 310o.

Basic Practice Questions:

1. State the bearing of points P, Q, R, 2. State the bearing of O from P, Q, R

and S from O. and S respectively.

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ACE-Learning Lesson Brief

Practice Questions:

1. The following diagram shows the location of 3

points P, Q and R on a school field. The
bearing of Q from R is 120o, RP Q = 68 and
RP = RQ.
Find the following
(a) The bearing of P from Q
(b) The bearing of P from R

2. At 1300h, ships A and B leave the harbour, H.

A sails on a bearing of 040o at a speed of
15 km/h while B sails on a bearing of 310o at a
speed of 12 km/h. Calculate their distance
apart at 1500h.

3. On the way to Esthers house (E), Candice (C)

walked 50 m from her house to a supermarket
(S) to buy some snacks. She then walks
another 70 m on a bearing of 085o to get to
Esthers house. Given that Candices house is
205o from the supermarket,
(a) how far is Esthers house from hers?
(b) If she had walked directly to Esthers
house without a trip to the supermarket,
how many metres less would she have
Give your answers correct to 1 decimal place.

4. PQRSTU is a regular hexagon, with P and U

being due east of a point A.
Given that SA U = 40 , calculate
(a) the bearing of Q from U,
(b) AST ,
(c) the bearing of A from R given that A, T
and R are collinear.

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ACE-Learning Lesson Brief

5. 2 runners, P and Q, started running from a same point O, in two different directions.
P ran at a speed of x m/s towards the north while Q ran at a speed of (x + 0.5) m/s in
the direction of 270o.
(a) Write down in terms of x,
(i) the distance travelled by P after 5 minutes,
(ii) the distance travelled by Q after 5 minutes.
(b) Given that P and Q are 600 m apart after 5 minutes, form an equation in x and
show that it reduces to 8x2 + 4x 15 = 0.
(c) Solve this equation and hence find the speed of Q, correct to 3 significant
(d) Calculate the area of triangle OPQ formed after half an hour, leaving your
answer in square kilometres.

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