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KASPIL1 V25 - Cabonce, Fontanilla, Lorenzo, Ocampo, Roy, Tan Nicole

Brindis Toasting Speech

I. Historical Background
A. Background of the Speech
1. The toasting speech happened in a banquet organized by Filipino colony in Madrid.
2. Setting: Hotel Ingles, Madrid on June 25, 1884
3. The purpose was to celebrate the victory of two Filipino painters in Exposicin Nacional de
Bellas Artes de Madrid
a. First place: Juan Luna El Spoliarium
b. Second place: Felix Ressureccion Hidalgo Las Virgenes Cristianas Expuestas Al
II. Discussion on the Brindis Speech
A. Two Paintings - Social, moral, and political conditions of the society were reflected in both
1. Juan Lunas Painting - El Spoliarium conveys an allegorical message of how the Filipinos
were greatly suffering
a. In The Spoliarium, through that canvas which is not mute, one hears the noise of the
crowd, the shouts of the slaves, the metallic clanking of the dead bodies' armor, the
sobbing of orphans, the murmured prayers, with as much vigor
b. Dead bodies of slave gladiators being dragged away from a Roman arena after they
have provided entertainment.
c. There are spectators located on the left side seemingly interested watching the scene
while on the opposite side is a woman facing away with her back partially uncovered.
2. Felix Ressureccion Hidalgo Las Virgenes Cristianas Expuestas Al populacho conveys the
womens condition in society at the time.
a. In contrast, in Hidalgo's painting beats the purest sentiment, the ideal expression of
mournfulness, beauty and vulnerability, the victims of brute force and it is because
Hidalgo was born
b. It depicts a group of boorish Roman males mocking scantily clothed female Christians,
one of whom is seated in the foreground, with head bowed in misery. Not only were the
womens garments stripped, but their dignity as well.
c. Another woman is looking up at the light appearing to be asking for help that never
B. Genius has no country
1. Luna and Hidalgo brought glory to both the Philippines and Spain, which signifies the union
between both countries.
a. In the history of nations there are names that by themselves signify an achievement,
that bring to mind affections and greatness.
2. Filipinos are able to achieve excellence in international grounds and not being limited by
the boundaries of the country.
a. The illustrious achievements of her children are no longer consummated within the
b. they could have been born in Spain, because genius has no country, genius
blossoms everywhere
III. Application
1. At present, numerous Filipinos have excelled internationally in a variety of fields and
a. Josette Biyo - Filipina Scientist; discovered a comet which was named after her
b. Cris Kesz Valdez - first Southeast Asian to receive the International Children's Peace
c. Brillante Mendoza- For his directorial mastery of Kinatay, he was awarded the Best
Director trophy at the Cannes International Film Festival in France, the first Filipino
Director to take home such a prestigious and much-coveted award
d. Jessica Cox - holds the title of the first person without arms in the American Tae Kwon-
Do Association to get a black belt and the first woman pilot in aviation history to fly with
her feet
e. Abelardo Aguilar - first Filipino physician and medical representative who co-created the
drug Erythromycin (Ilosone) from Iloilo soil. It was the first successful macrolide
antibiotic introduced in the US in 1952

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