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Summary: This Method of Statement includes the following;

I. All Slab on Grade
II. Approved Materials:
1. Polythelene Sheets Transmittal # C-004
2. Wiremesh Transmittal # C-454 (for approval)
3. Seifban TC Transmittal # G-456 or Guard 20 TC Transmittal #G-

1. Preparation and Installation

A. Clean the area of any loose materials prior to start any work
make sure that the compacted fill to received concrete is
approved by the consultant Engineer.
B. Check the dimensions and elevations from the approved shop
C. Apply termite control according to manufacturers
recommendation by using spray on the backfilled soil to
received concrete and follow the time limit as per

Method of Statement Slab on Grade Rev.1

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manufacturers requirement. No pouring of water is allowed
after treatment.
D. Place the vapor retarder sheeting (Polythelene Sheets) with the
longest dimension parallel with the direction of concrete.
E. Lap vapor retarder over footing or seal wall all around
penetrations such utilities and columns in order to create a
monolithic membrane between the surface of the slab and
moisture sources below the slab at the slab perimeter.
F. Accurately install mesh reinforcement as required and firmly
held a place before and after concrete. Provide lap joint 320
mm in the steel reinforcement. Arrange concrete spacer below
reinforcement to provide 75 mm minimum concrete covering.
G. Install joint filler strips at slab junction with vertical surfaces,
such as columns pedestal, foundation walls and grade beams.
H. Extend joint filler strips width and depth of joint, terminating
flush with finished concrete surface.
I. Before placing concrete (24 MPa at 28 days, maximum slump
125 mm) verify that installation of formwork, reinforcement
and embedded items(Electro-Mechanical) is complete and that
inspection request has been approved.
J. Provide cylinder sample fro concrete as required.

2. Curing

A. Keep surfaces continuously moist for not less than seven days
with water.


Method of Statement Slab on Grade Rev.1

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