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For sexting

underage girl

FDA warns of
Story on page 4

unregistered food

501 South 8th Ave, Mt. Vernon

HE Food and Drug Administra-
tion (FDA) warns the public of
purchase, selling, and consumption of
18 food items and food supplements
that are unregistered but are still of-
fered for sale in the market.
In a statement, FDA said the
eight Healing Galing food products
with therapeutic claims were unreg- Cut your drug costs! SAVE $$!
istered, namely: Healing Galing Rhi- 50 Pills for $99.00.
zome Pills, Herbal Serpentina FREE Shipping! 100%
Ace photographer Roland Hyde poses with the
most outstanding photographer/media trophy at Tablets, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Organic Guaranteed and Discreet.
Vitamins B1 and B6, Organic Vita-

the 5th Annual Image Entertainment & Distinction
min B12, Healing Food, Black Rice
Awards which was held at Kings Theatre, Brook-
Coffee, and Pure Honey.
lyn on September 30.
More on page 13. Continued on page 4

A Special LASIK
Offer from the
Leader in LASIK!



Affordable pricing and convenient financing

Life-changing procedure
Over 1.1 million procedures performed
Advanced, FDA approved technology
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determined by independent doctor located within or adjacent to The LASIK Vision Institutes (LVI) facility. All procedures performed by independent surgeon.
LASIK is a medical procedure. Talk to your eye doctor and consider both the risks and benefits before having your procedure. Additional information can
be found on our website. This offer may not be combined with any other discount offer. Other conditions may apply. This offer depicts a model who is not

We need a unified insurance

coverage for the Caribbean
he recent devastation of
several Caribbean islands
Hurricanes and other nat-
ural disasters are pressuring
Nevertheless, it is tough
for anyone on the island to
The Caribbean Commu-
nity (CARICOM), an organi-
caused by the destructive forces the economies of these provide protection or zation of fifteen Caribbean Call About Our Fly & Buy Program
of hurricanes Irma and Maria tiny populated islands to rebuild their in- nations and dependencies No Credit, Bad Credit,
have been described as one of that are already strug- frastructure within whose primary objective is to
No Problem

the worst to strike the region. gling to survive on a reasonable time. promote economic integration
Less than fifty persons the meager GDP they Significant and cooperation among its
died during the passage of the earn from tourism, resources,capital, members, should initiate com- Starting Price:
hurricanes, but the damages to agriculture, manufac- and human effort, prehensive insurance coverage
property, including homes, turing, and the service will be required in for the entire region.
cars, as well as other infrastruc- sectors. grants and loans at con- The Caribbean region may
tures are estimated to be in the The people are cessionary rates. not lack insurance coverage,

billions of dollars. facing a challenging On the other hand, but we need creative and sub- Florida AAA Action Realty Inc.
When the force of a hurri- period without adequate substantial donations and stantial insurance initiatives to
cane bears down on residential food, shelters, and med- support from international help safeguard against the
structures, homes were ripped ication in some cases. organizations and donator damaging impacts of these ex-
apart by the storm's powerful Sadly, the people liv- countries are not as generous treme weather events as well as
winds. Storm surges and inland ing in the Caribbean is- as before. their frequency and intensity.
flooding can also cause cata- lands or this region of the In fact, charitable support We need unified insurance
strophic damage. world will continue to face the from developed countries such coverage for the Caribbean to
In most of the Eastern devastation caused by hurri- as the US, Canada, and Europe achieve a lower premium and
Caribbean islands, electricity canes and other acts of God. are limited as they are also higher payout to the insured.
service was entirely out, the These disasters are beyond our struggling to provide relief as-
water system was shut off to control, but we can put in place sistance to their citizens af-
80% of customers, and the strategies to reduce their ef- fected by a similar catastrophe.
telecommunications infrastruc- fects on people. _____________________
ture was barely functioning. Patrick Maitland

People Are Talking...!

The opinions expressed in this newspaper, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of Street Hype Newspaper and its publishers. Please send
your comments and or suggestions to Responses should be no longer than 400 words. Not all articles will be published.

Wanted- A Caribbean hurricane fund initiatives

Courtesy of North America and Europe should make $1 or more as a tax-deductible contribution
he 2017 Hurricane Season has been one when they file their annual taxes just as how
of the most devastating in recent American Jews contribute to Israel.
Caribbean memory. The utter destruction in by The genesis of the idea of a Global

some islands has called into question their Caribbean Hurricane Fund was back to an
very survival as, today, weeks after the on- early 1980s conversation with the late Bar-

slaught of the destructive winds and flooding, bados Prime Minister Tom Adams and his
many people are still on the edge of starva- NY Consul General Clyde Griffith.
tion as they strive for shelter while trying to Adams felt that every time a hurricane
eke out a living from limited, and sometimes damaged a few islands, the head of govern-
slow aid flow. ment of each country marches to the U.S. and
As in the past, foreign governments, the Europe begging for help. Publisher & Editor:
Red Cross, and concerned world citizens He suggested a more comprehensive ap- PATRICK MAITLAND
With the U.S. having its share of hurri-
have risen to the call for help. However, this canes and with donor nations, who once gave proach including the creation of a Caribbean Consulting Editors
is not enough and a bit too haphazard. to the Caribbean generously in times of nat- Hurricane Fund as a CARICOM initiative on GLORIA BENT; PAULETTE GRANT
Now seems to be the time for an ongo- ural disasters, having problems with their behalf of Caribbean states and not a bilateral
ing transnational project to prepare for these economies, money is scarce; there are inade- approach when each country tries to create Business office:
catastrophes when they occur as we know its funds and negotiate with North American Street Hype Newspaper
quate funds to provide for necessary relief. 329 Miller Place, Mount Vernon, NY 10550
they are happening more frequently given the Caribbean leaders, perhaps under the aus- and European nations. Tel: 914-663-4972-3 Fax: 914-663-4972
effects of climate change or global warming. pices of the CARICOM Secretariat, must cre- The actual and entire article is at
It is against this backdrop that EVERY- ate a global hurricane fund to help and in the print
BODYS Magazine now in its 40th year is themselves. edition of the magazine. Herman Hall is the
putting forward a few suggestions. Caribbean people and other taxpayers in publisher of Everybody magazine Published by: JAMVISTA INC.

Weiner gets 21 months for sexting underage girl

MANHATTAN, NY: She also said Weiner "has a disease. He that his misconduct had "crushed the aspi-
isgraced former Rep. Anthony has compulsivity. Some say a sex addic- rations" of his wife, Huma Abedin, and ru-
Weiner was sentenced Monday to 21 tion." ined their marriage. Ms Abedin filed for
months in prison, facing the most severe Acting Manhattan US Attorney Joon divorce on the same day as her husband
penalty yet in connection with the sexting H Kim said in a statement that Weiner was found guilty in May.
scandal that drove the New York Democrat "asked a girl who he knew to be 15 years She did not attend the sentencing, but
out of Congress and ruined his marriage. old to display her naked body and engage asked for leniency on their son's behalf in
Weiner, 53 burst into tears as he was in sexually explicit behaviour for him on- a letter to the judge.
sentenced for sending sexually explicit line". "Justice demands that this type of The FBI began investigating Weiner
messages to an underage girl. conduct be prosecuted and punished with last September after the Daily Mail re-
He pleaded guilty in May to transfer- time in prison." ported that he had exchanged obscene
ring obscene material to the minor and In addition to jail time, Weiner was messages with a North Carolina teenager.
agreed not to appeal against a prison sen- sentenced to three years of supervised re- The 15-year-old girl said he had asked her
tence of 27 months or less. lease, according to a statement from the to undress on camera.
Weiner, quit Congress in 2011 over a US Attorney's Office. Weiner's lawyers Once a rising Democratic star, he
sex scandal and was again exposed in his contended the former politician had acted stepped down from Congress in June 2011
2013 run for New York mayor. Disgraced former Rep. out of the "depths of an uncontrolled sick- after a graphic image sent from his Twitter
His lawyers had asked a US District ness" and was now seeking treatment. account went public. Initially claiming his
Judge for probation instead of jail. But in Denise Cote said: "This is a serious crime In a letter to Judge Cote, Weiner said account was hacked, he eventually con-
sentencing Weiner, US District Judge that deserves serious punishment." he felt "profound" regret for his crimes and fessed to having lied.

FDA warns of
Capsules, Lagundi Capsules, Natural Herb

Lagundi Food Supplement, Sambong Cap-
sules, Natural Herb Spirulina Food Sup-

food supplements
plement, and Taheebo Capsules. These
food products and supplements had been
found out to be violating through the FDA
post-market surveillance (PMS) activities.
Continued from page 1 As per Republic Act 9711 or the Food and
These products had been advertised in Drug Administration Act of 2009, manu-
their website FDA had facture, importation, exportation, sale, of-
also warned against trade and consumption fering for sale, distribution, transfer,
of 10 unregistered food supplements non-consumer use, promotion, advertising
which includes Ampalaya Capsules, or sponsorship of health products without
Ashitaba Food Supplement, Banaba Cap- the proper authorization of FDA is prohib-
sules, Banaba Food Supplement, Bignay ited.

Meeting with Patriot Bank:

Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas Thomas (3rd l) with the leaders of Patriot Bank (l-r)
Richard A. Muskus Jr., President, Judith Corprew, Executive Vice President and Chief Com-
pliance and Risk Officer and Frederick K. Staudmyer, Executive Vice President & Chief Ad-
ministrative Officer during a recent courtsey call at the Mayors offices as they discussed
opportunities for collaboration and investment in small businesses. As part of the Mount
Vernon Industrial Development Agency's strategic growth plan, new banks and lenders are
coming to the table to do business with the city and local entrepreneurs, the Mayor said.

Bronx woman convicted of

fatally stabbing pregnant woman
Natural &Organic
& Caribbean
The defendant slashed Suttons throat and proceeded

Meals, Grocery
to remove the victims uterus and cut out the infant
BRONX: with a childhood friend, Angelikque Sutton,
Juice Bar & Catering
ronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark 22, over social media.
last week announced that a Bronx On November 20, 2015, Sutton--who
woman has been found guilty of Murder and was eight-months pregnant--stopped by the Open Monday - Saturday
Kidnapping for killing a pregnant woman and defendants apartment to pick up some baby
stealing the infant she removed from the vic- items before heading to her civil wedding cer-
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
tims mutilated body. emony. The defendant slashed Suttons throat
District Attorney Clark said the defen- and proceeded to remove the victims uterus
dant, Ashleigh Wade, 24, of 4450 Monticello and cut out the infant. Wade claimed she had
Avenue in the Bronx, was convicted by a jury given birth to the baby when police later ar- 3565C Boston Road
of second-degree Murder and second- degree rived.
Kidnapping after a nearly two-week trial be- District Attorney Clark said, The facts Bronx, N.Y. 10469
fore Bronx Supreme Court Justice Margaret of this case are unfathomable: a child was
Clancy. yanked from the womb moments after her
Wade faces a maximum of 50 years to mother was murdered on her wedding day. Fax 718-653-5499
life in prison when she is sentenced on Octo- Two years later, that child is a vibrant little
ber 20, 2017. girl, a testament to survival and hope. We are
According to trial testimony, Wade, who glad we have brought justice to her and her
was pretending to be pregnant, reconnected mothers family.
Husband and wife get prison

sentence for $800k embezzlement

LONG ISLAND New York City. The funds $300,000 to family living

cting U.S. Attorney Joon were supposed to be utilized abroad.
H. Kim announced last to provide programming and The defendants de-
Wednesday the former exec- healthy meals to senior citi- frauded their mortgage lender

utive director of United zens at four facilities in by underreporting assets
Block Association, a non- Upper Manhattan, according when applying for a mort-
profit dedicated to serving to court documents. gage loan modification. Ap-
senior citizen, was sentenced PrisonInsaidoo and his proximately $200,000 was
to four years in prison for em- wife avoided detection by written off their home mort- Artist/Singer Song Writer
bezzlement of more than laundering the money gage.
$580,000 and defrauding through a shell company that Roxanna Insaidoo was Actress MC/Host
mortgage of about $200,000. Roxanna Insaidoo, 63 it had created. Both defen- sentenced to a 30-year prison Versatile, Vivacious,
Sixty-one-year-old $580,000 in embezzlement dants utilized the money to sentence for her part in the Creative and Talented
Kwame Insaidoo and his money for their own benefit. buy a Cadillac and Mercedes embezzlement scheme. The
wife, 63-year-old Roxanna United Block Associated re- Benz and pay mortgage for defendants were also ordered For booking and interviews:
Insaidoo, of Bay Shore, Long ceived federal and taxpayer their property in Long Island. to forfeit $779,039.62. 718-652-9836 678-462-9626
Island utilized more than funds through contracts with They also sent over

Prison Time For Mount Bronx Mcdonald's Manager

Vernon Financial Schemer Accused of selling cocaine
21-year-old man is heading to prison after Police Depart- BRONX They also arrested his girlfriend. "I
perpetrating multiple schemes in an attempt ment received a he fast food restaurant in Soundview can't believe this. I'm like what? Drugs?
to steal more than $75,000 throughout Westch- phone call from was closed by the Health Department In the Ronald McDonald's? Come on, this
ester County. an employee at after prosecutors say the night manager is horrible. What can we do?" said one
Mount Vernon resident Nygel Joseph has Mobil on White was selling cocaine. shocked customer.
been sentenced to a term between two and six Plains Road after Frank Guerrero, 26, is now under ar- "They're usually like really friendly
years in state prison after pleading guilty to mul- Joseph attempted rest. He's accused of delivering the drugs in there - never had any issues. It's just
tiple felony charges in August, Westchester to use a fake $100
by putting them directly in the bag with like you local neighborhood McDonald's,
County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino, Jr. bill. Joseph was
announced on Thursday. tracked down other food items. so I'm just shocked," said another cus-
Joseph pleaded guilty to one count of crim- later that day, Nygel Joseph Police say Guerrero sold drugs to an tomer.
inal possession of a forged instrument, second- identified by the undercover officer several times during a In a statement, the owner of the
degree grand larceny, third-degree grand larceny, employee and arrested. three-month investigation called "opera- restaurant said the alleged actions of the
identity theft and unauthorized use of a vehicle. While that case was pending, in February tion off the menu." employee are unacceptable and they are
Scarpino said that Thursdays sentence is of this year, police in Mount Vernon were con- Investigators say they searched his cooperating with the investigation.
the culmination of a prosecution in which Joseph tacted by the owner of a New Hampshire auto home, where they found more cocaine.

Number of homeless students

was originally charged for possessing counterfeit parts business, leading to an investigation that
money, perpetrating a $75,000 identity theft determined Joseph had obtained personal infor-
scheme and another plan to steal auto parts from mation from four victims, whose names, home

has increased, report finds

an out of state vendor while in possession of a addresses and debit card numbers were used to
stolen car. illegally purchase thousands of dollars in parts

Shortly after 3:30 p.m. on Feb. 10 last year, from the business.

new report says there are more The report comes from the group Ad-
homeless city students than ever be- vocates for Children of New York.
fore. To help fix the issue, the group wants
The education department says there to see the city expand the number of social
are more than 104,000 in the public school workers for students in temporary hous-
system, just in the five boroughs. ing.
That works out to about one in every And also devote more resources to
10 kids, a six percent increase since the homelessness on the whole.
last school year.

Where many different NYPD seeks Subway

voices are heard! slasher in the Rockaways
Book your program today T
... call David
here was a slashing on the A train He allegedly slashed the victim on
early Sunday morning. Now police the left side of his face and then ran off
in Queens need your help to find the sus- the train.
pect. The victim was treated for his in-
They are looking for the man seen juries at the hospital.
here. Here's a closer look at the accused
Whitney Media Investigators say he approached the attacker.
1 Broadcast Forum, New Rochelle, NY 10801 21-year-old victim around 1:30 a.m. Police say he's between 26 and 28-
914-636-1460 (OFFICE) 914-636-9847 (ON AIR) while the train was at the Beach 60th
Street Station in Arverne.
years-old, 5-feet-8-inches tall, and
weighs 140 pounds.

ExxonMobil Jamaican
Girls Get
discovers more
oil off shore
Guyana HPV Vaccine
Georgetown, Guyana: By Chris Patterson
xxonMobil has discovered another Kingston, Jamaica WI:
source of oil off shore Guyana. This he Jamaican Health Ministry is implor-
is the fifth source in Guyanas oil explo- ing parents and guardians to protect
ration. US based oil giant, Exxon Mobil their daughters against cervical cancer by
Corporation on Thursday announced it allowing them to be inoculated with the
made a fifth new oil discovery after Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.
Since October 2, the Ministry began
drilling the Turbot-1 well offshore
offering the vaccine to girls in grade seven,
free of cost.
Turbot is ExxonMobils latest discov-

The devastation left behind

UN chief urges global solidarity after visit to hurricane-stricken Barbuda
ery to date in Guyana, adding to previous
discoveries at Liza, Payara, Snoek and

by Hurricane Irma
Liza Deep.
Following completion of the Turbot-
1 well, the Stena Carron drillship will

move to the Ranger prospect an addi-
tional well on the Turbot discovery is ST JOHNS, Antigua: can do to help people recover from the back-
being planned for 2018. aving seen first-hand the destruction to-back, category 5 hurricanes that struck the
ExxonMobil affiliate Esso Explo- wrought by the recent hurricanes in the region last month.
ration and Production Guyana Ltd. began Caribbean, United Nations Secretary-General The secretary-general cited a clear link
drilling the Turbot-1 well in August and Antnio Guterres on Saturday called for the between the level of greenhouse gas in the at-
encountered a reservoir of 75 feet of high- full mobilization of the international commu- mosphere, including CO2, the temperature of
quality, oil-bearing sandstone in the pri- nity to support the people of the affected the water and the intensity of the rainstorms
mary objective, said ExxonMobil in a areas, while stressing the need to accelerate and of the different hurricanes in the region
statement. climate action. and in other parts of the world.
The well was safely drilled to 18,445 I have just witnessed a level of devas- Hurricane Irma, which struck the region The initiative falls under a $100 mil-
feet in 5,912 feet of water on September tation that I have never seen in my life, in early September, had winds of 300 km per lion school-based programme in collabora-
29. Guterres told a press conference following a hour for 37 hours the longest such period tion with the Ministry of Education, Youth
The Turbot-1 well is located in the visit to storm-battered Barbuda. ever recorded. and Information.
I have been in areas torn by conflict. In So the link between climate change and The move is a proactive measure by
southeastern portion of the Stabroek
my own country, I have seen earthquakes, the devastation we are witnessing is clear, and the Government to protect girls against cer-
Block, approximately 30 miles to the
Ive seen storms I have never seen such a there is a collective responsibility of the in- vical cancer, which takes the lives of hun-
southeast of the Liza phase one project.
high-level of devastation like the one that I ternational community to stop this suicidal dreds of women in the country per year and
The results from this latest well further witnessed in Barbuda, he stated. development, stated Guterres. And for that, hundreds of thousands more worldwide.
illustrate the tremendous potential we see This must make us think seriously, it is essential that the Paris Agreement on cli- Speaking at a HPV media sensitization
from our exploration activities offshore added Guterres, who was on a two-day visit mate change is fully endorsed and respected forum at the University of the West Indies
Guyana, said Steve Greenlee, president to Antigua, Barbuda and Dominica to survey but also to recognize that the commitments (UWI) Mona Campus on September 29,
of ExxonMobil Exploration Company.

Home internet service to be

the damage and to assess what more the UN made in Paris are not enough, he said. Health Minister, Dr. the Hon. Christopher
ExxonMobil, along with its part- Tufton said 22,500 girls will be targeted
ners, will continue to further evaluate op- under the initiative, noting that two doses

expanded throughout Cuba

portunities on the Stabroek Block, he will be given six months apart for full pro-
added. tection.
The Stabroek Block is 6.6 million He said the vaccine is not mandatory
acres. Esso Exploration and Production and assured the public that the programme

Guyana Limited is operator and holds 45 is not a trial and error process.
percent interest in the Stabroek Block. HAVANA, Cuba: tions that allow the provision of the con- It is a tried and proven approach that
s part of its plan to bring Internet serv- tracted speed; the purchase of a modem and is intended to make our population healthier
ices to Cuban homes, the Cuban a account. as it relates to the risk of cervical cancer. I

It pays
Telecommunications Company (Etecsa) will For the use of the service, the user must am confident that we are doing the right
continue to commercialize the Nauta Hogar have a computer available (PC or laptop) thing. I am confident that Jamaica needs

service, incorporating it gradually by De- and is accessed through a nauta account, this, our young girls, our young women; I
cember to all provinces of the country. which will include 30 hours of use that is not am confident that it is the right step towards
Amarelys Rodrguez Snchez, opera- cumulative, therefore it must be used within dealing with the risk that is at hand, he

tions director of the La Habana Division the month. In case they do not have a nauta said.
Network, explained that the service will account, Etecsa will be enabled for free. He informed that over 200 million
begin in the provincial capitals of Pinar del Rodrguez Snchez, who leads the doses of the vaccine has been applied to pa-

Ro, Las Tunas, Holguin, Granma, Guan- Nauta Hogar project, emphasized that if the tients worldwide, adding that more than 70
tanamo and some of its popular councils, customer requestes a speed of 1024/256 countries, including more than 20 in Latin
where technical conditions are created that Kbps, the first month will be available for America and the Caribbean have already in-

allow them to provide the service. free, receiving a bonus of 15 CUC for the troduced the HPV vaccine.
Anyone who has a phone line in his first month of entitlement. Minister Tufton said the initiative is a

house will be a potential customer and will Those customers who contract higher proactive move by the Government, point-
be contacted by telephone to arrange the ap- speeds will be subsidized with the same ing out that 392 women are diagnosed with
pointment, if they are interested, to sign the amount 15 CUC for the first month and cervical cancer in Jamaica each year while
service contract, specifying the day, time will only have to pay the difference depend- 185 women die from the disease annually,
and place of the same, she added. ing on the selected speed. primarily between the ages of 40 and 64.
Call us The offer consists of an usage al-
lowance of 30 hours for the first month for
Etecsa will also supply an ADSL
modem for sale at a price of 19 CUC each
The most common cancers in Jamaica

are prostate, lung and colorectal in men;
any speed that is paid initially at 15 CUC and accessories for the customer to install and breast, cervical and colorectal cancers
(US$15); the future monthly fee will de- the service on their telephone line, and will in women. Prostate and breast cancers are pends on the speed requested in the contract; also be given a quick installation guide. the leading cause of cancer-related deaths.
a telephone service with technical condi-


Rapid Response Services for Immigrants

Large At $2B Payday Loan Trial
Call center workers at racer Scott Tucker's
payday loan nerve center in Kansas were

fed neighboring-state weather reports so
they could make small talk without giving By Jamie Zeng ganizations that are providing financial CUNY Citizenship Now!; the New
away that they were far from tribal lands, <> support for renewal fees on our web- York Immigrant Unity Project (NYI-
a witness testified Wednesday in the crim- e prepared! To address the uncer- site: FUP) for detained individuals; and the
inal fraud trial of Tucker and his lawyer tainty and fear in our immigrant Know Your Rights- The Council Unaccompanied Minors and Families
Timothy Muir. communities unleashed by the Trump has funded organizations that are pro- Initiative.
Administrations immigration policy viding additional Know-Your-Rights It is important you seek legal serv-
Martin Shkreli In Custody
changes, the New York City Council clinics so that you know your rights if ices from trusted and qualified organi-
After Clinton Comments
A Brooklyn federal judge revoked Martin
has taken additional steps to provide you are encounter Immigration and zations like those funded by the City
Shkrelis bail on Wednesday, saying the rapid response services throughout Custom Enforcement (ICE) agents. The Council in order to avoid fraudulent
convicted securities fraudsters social the year. Council will identify emerging commu- providers who could put you at greater
media post offering $5,000 for samples of DACA RENEWALS - People nity education needs throughout the risk of negative immigration conse-
Hillary Clintons hair and profane com- whose DACA will expire on or before year and coordinate with organizations quences. If the provider nearest you has
ments he directed at a journalist could be March 5, 2018 may apply for renewal to update Know-Your Rights informa- a waitlist for legal screenings or repre-
interpreted as threats. but must ensure that the federal govern- tion. sentation, we encourage you to contact
ment receives the application by Octo- Be Prepared- Visit any of the free other trusted organizations that receive
SEIU Wont Get Redo In State ber 5, 2017. DACA recipients whose immigration legal clinics across the City Council funds.
Anti-Bias Law Preemption Row
DACA expires on or after March 6, City to understand your options and For information visit: https://coun-
The Second Circuit will not rethink a rul-
ing ending a Service Employees Interna-
2018 are not eligible to apply for re- prepare the legal documentation needed
newals. to keep you and your family safe.
Get your legal
tional Union local's challenge to the
application of the New York State Human If you are eligible for a DACA re- You can seek other Council-

advert on this page

Rights Law to unions accused of discrim- newal, our trusted community partners funded programs for legal help The
inatory activity in their role as collective recommend that applications be mailed Council funds organizations that pro-
with enough time to arrive on or before vide immigration legal services: Immi-
bargaining representatives, a panel said Call today..
Tuesday. the October 5, 2017 deadline. Find or- grant Opportunities Initiative (IOI);

L'Oral Asks Rakoff To Lower

Important Legal Terms

Refund For Relaxer Burn Class
An attorney for L'Oral argued Wednes-
day against the certification of a proposed
class of women who allege the beauty
products maker did not disclose its hair re- appellee: the party against whom an appeal ment in writing at the request of the party the liability issue in a personal injury or
laxer product may be dangerous, saying is taken making the same, and subscribing it as a wit- wrongful death case is heard separate from
the proposed full refund damages model arbitration: the submission voluntarily or ness and prior to trial of the damages in question
involuntarily of a disputed matter to selected attorney of record: attorney whose name bill of costs: A written statement of the item-
does not apply because some customers
persons and the substitution of their award or appears in the permanent records or files of ized taxable costs and disbursements
werent harmed by the product.
decision for the judgment of a court or its a case bill of particulars: factual detail submitted by
confirmation by the court as a judgment of award: A decision of an Arbitrator. a claimant after a request by the adverse party
Hundreds Of Musicians Object the court back to top which details, clarifies or explains further the
To $43M Spotify Copyright Deal argument: a reason given in proof or rebuttal bail: the security given (or posted) to ensure charges and/or facts alleged in a pleading
Tom Petty, Dan Auerbach and Gillian at issue: whenever the parties to a suit come the future appearance of a defendant brief: a written or printed document prepared
Welch were among more than 500 musi- to a point in the pleadings which is affirmed bar: 1. Prohibit - to bar the prosecution of an by the lawyers on each side of a dispute and
cians and song copyright owners who ob- on one side and denied on the other, they are action. 2. The members of the legal profes- submitted to the court in support of their ar-
jected to a $43 million proposed class said to be "at issue" sion. guments - a brief includes the points of law
settlement in a copyright suit against Spo- attachment: The taking of property into bench: The Judge's seat or the judge, him- which the lawyer wished to establish, the ar-
tify in New York federal court Tuesday, legal custody by an enforcement officer (see self/herself, (e.g., the attorney addressed the guments the lawyer uses, and the legal au-
calling the proposed deal grossly insuffi- specialty section: Recovery of Chattel). bench) thorities on which the lawyer rests his/her
cient. attestation: the act of witnessing an instru- bifurcated trial: a case in which the trial of conclusions.

Get your
Maurice D. Maitland, Esq.


Give Yourself a
legal advert
Social Security Disability

Fighting Chance!
Immigration Law

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US knocked out of World

Cup after Trinidad defeat
COUVA, Trinidad and Tobago: tory over Mexico means the Americans have
he United States were sensationally elimi- failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first
nated from the 2018 World Cup on Tues- time since 1986.
day after crashing to a shock 2-1 defeat to Panama qualify for the first time while
Trinidad and Tobago. Honduras finish fourth in the standings and
The US upset combined with Panama's 2- advance to a playoff against Australia.
1 win over Costa Rica and Honduras's 3-2 vic-

Saudi Arabia defeats Reggae Boyz

fifth goal in time added for injuries.. Hazza was left with too much time

Courtesy of Substitute Marvin Morgan got and space by Damion Lowe and
the other goal for the Jamaican Reg- flashed a neat near-post header inside
he Jamaican Reggae Boyz lost gae Boyz, in the 68th minute with his Jamaican goalkeeper Dwayne
their friendly match with Saudi first touch of the ball. Millers far post.
Arabia. The Reggae Boyz suffered a There will be no points lost or After that goal the Saudis domi-
bruising 5-2 defeat to Saudi Arabia in gained for the either team as the game nated the game, running rings around
their international B match inside the was not a FIFA-sanctioned one. Jamaicas defense, to go up 4 goals to
King Abdullah Sports City on Satur- The Jamaicans, showed some one.

NBA star gives back

Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas (l) with Ben Gordon day. signs of making it an interesting Then Morgan, with his first
Salem al-Dawsari got the opener match when Jamiel Hardware equal- touch, chipped goalkeeper Muaiof to

to Mount Vernon
for the home team in the 23rd minute ized in the 35th minute after the reduce the deficit and, during a period
before Jamiel Hardware equalized for Saudis Al Dawsari scored in the 22nd where they enjoyed a bit of possession
Jamaica with his second international minute. and fluency in their attacks, Francis

goal in the 35th minute. Hardware beautifully controlled worked his way deep down the left-
Mohammed al-Sahlawi made it a right-sided back post cross, then hand channel, but his inch-perfect
MOUNT VERNON: the 2004 NBA Draft, he was se- 2-1 for the home team in the 38th cleared his path before firing home, cross was somehow missed by a slid-
en Gordon, a Mount Vernon lected third overall by the minute while Salman al-Faraj and well out of the reach of goalkeeper ing Michael Seaton, and after Rosario
native, is more than just a Chicago Bulls, winning the Sixth Mohammed al Burayk also got their Abdullah Al Muaiof. Harriott kept the ball alive, Morgan
basketball player. Man of the Year Award his rookie names on the score-sheet. substitute But the home team wasted no was inches wide of notching his sec-

Malik Jackson to
Gordon recently opened Of season. Gordon later played for Abdulah Al Joui scored Susii Arabias time in regaining their lead as Al ond of the game.
Our Own: Sports Rehab and Re- the Detroit Pistons, Charlotte
covery at 158A Gramatan Av- Bobcats, and Orlando Magic.
enue in Mount Vernon. The By opening the wellness

play for an NBA team

wellness center offers holistic center, Gordon said he wants to
sports medicine treatments like help out kids in Mount Vernon
cryotherapy, fascial stretch ther- who aspire to be professional
apy, Chinese cupping, crystal athletes like himself.

therapy and an array of mas- "This is for the kids who
sages. don't have a gym to go to," Gor-
"I want to help people," don said. "This gym is for kids
alik Jackson - 6 7 small for-
Gordon said. "I want to help take who couldn't afford certain
ward, is slated to be considered
health and fitness to another things. Now they're able to get
for a NBA team this season, according
level." these services in Mount Vernon."
to a recent press release from his
Gordon was a star at Mount Gordon said helping the
agent D. Aiken & Associates World-
Vernon High School before at- youth of Mount Vernon is more wide.
tending UConn, where he won a important to him than being a Attention has been swirling

Costa Rica join Mexico

national title his junior year. In basketball player. around the overseas All-Star FIBA
player who is averaging nearly 40
points a game and has had a pair of

60-point outings this season.
Averaging over 10 rebounds a

for 2018 World Cup

game, with ball handling skills com-
parable to a point guard, and an ability

to get to the rim at will combined with
an excellent perimeter and 3-point
game makes him a nightmare for de-
osta Rica joined Mex- to be the hero in stoppage fenders.
ico from the CONCA- time and send Los Ticos to I have always loved basketball,
CAF region in qualifying back-to-back World Cups. even before I knew that the NBA ex-
for the FIFA 2018 World The six team group isted, its just a part of my bloodline,
said Jackson.
Cup after earning a 1-1 all closes out on Tuesday with
In addition to playing profes-
draw with Honduras in San United States, Panama and sional basketball, Malik will begin a
Jose on Saturday. Honduras vying for the final mentoring program for junior and
Honduras took the lead automatic qualifying spot high school students who are inter-
in 66th minute before from the region. ested in playing college and profes-
Kendall Watson turned up sional sports.

Send your sporting news

We are delighted to welcome
Malik to the D. Aiken & Associates
Worldwide family and we look for-
ward to the impact that he will make,
said Darlene Aiken, Founder of the

Richie Stephens to receive

Ascap Awards in England
T he year 2017 has been one of the biggest
year of Richie Stephens' musical career.
After being honored with a Pop award at the
gae Jam" in Germany, and the "Untold Festi-
val" in Romania which attracts over half a
million (500,000) patrons annually. He then
ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Hollywood in returned stateside in late August, for a two
April and an R&B award at the 30th annual week promotional tour, to drum up support for
ASCAP Rhythm & Soul (R&B) Music his current dancehall/pop single "Happy
Awards in Beverly Hills, CA - the singer will Wine," that was recorded with US based
trek across the pond to England next Thursday urban singer Nheon.
where he will collect two international awards While in NY, he shared stage at Amazuru
- "Song of the Year" and "Digital Sales of the and BB Kings with reggae/dancehall hotshots
HECTOR ANDERSON Year" by ASCAP on October 16 for his con- Konshens, Capleton, Charly Black, Shenseea,
Reggae Pioneer tribution to Rhianna's 'Work," which was Estelle, Tanto Metro & Devonte and Kranium.

Legendary record
6/12/1938 - 9/28/2017 among the top ASCAP songs on the 2016 He also did the Urban radio circuit, conduct-
year-end charts. ing interviews with Bobby Konders & Jabba

producer and store

"I am over the moon" an ecstatic (Hot 97) in New York; DJ Norie (Power 105)
Stephens exclaimed. "I am so blessed to re- in New York; B 87FM, Boston; Hot 99.1, Al-

owner died
ceive two international awards in the USA bany and Hot 93.7FM, Connecticut.
and now to be honored in England, is a major "I am extremely excited about the in
accomplishment at this time in my career. I roads that Happy Wine is making on urban
ing U Brown; 'Love Her Up' with Sister
ne of the pioneers in Reggae music share this award with my fans globally and stations in the US northeast. The song is get-
Nancy; 'Come Back To Bed' and 'Rain From
record distribution in North America, three members of the Ska Nation Band who ting steady rotation and is poised to enjoy fur-
will accompany me on the red carpet in Lon- The Sky.' ther visibility now that the video for the song
Hector Anderson died September 28, 2017
don." Besides the international awards and the is released and circulated to video channels
after a brief illness. He was 79. album, the singer was one of the top perform-
Anderson emigrated from Kingston, So far 2017 has been a whirlwind year and various social media platforms. I thank
for the singer who kicked of the summer in ers at the newly branded Reggae Sumfest, God for the blessings because without him
Jamaica to Bronx in 1961. which drew record crowds at Catherine Hall
He along with his brother Roydale Brooklyn, New York where he launched his none of this would be possible" he noted.
Steely & Clevie produced album titled 'Luv- in Montego Bay. After the award function in London, the
made Andys Records Story famous for The singer and his Ska Nation band then
A-Dub Style.' The 14 track disc, which is dis- singer and his Ska Nation Band will embark
being the first store to import reggae music embarked on a successful 6 weeks summer
tributed by VP Records, contain songs like on a fall tour in Europe in late October.
to the United States. The store remained in European tour which included stops at "Reg-
'Feel Good All Over;' 'All Night Long' featur-
business for 25 years before closing its

The Manhattans
doors in 1995.
As co-founder of Andys Records,
Anderson collaborated with well-known
reggae producers and artists to move the are on the road:
music to a higher level. American popular R&B vocal group, The
Andys Record label grew to be one of Manhattans are busy on the road with
the most popular record labels of its genre several dates 2018 already confirmed in-
promoting, the music of several reggae su- cluding Feb 16, Washington and Feb 18
perstars including Delroy Wilson, Gregory Atlantic City. Their work includes million-
Isaac, Niney the Observer and much more. selling songs "Kiss and Say Goodbye"
He also collaborated with Producers such recorded in 1976 and 1980's "Shining
as King Tubbys, King Jammys, and Bunny Star". The Manhattans have recorded
Lee. twelve top 10 R&B hits in the United
States charting on the Billboard chart for
Anderson is survived by his wife-
the first time in 1965. Their 1983 song
Betty Anderson, three daughters, four sib-
"Forever by Your Side" remains espe-
lings, six grandchildren and two great-
cially popular in Brazil thirty years after
grandchildren. A funeral service was held
its release.
for him on Saturday, October 6, 2017, his For more information and
internment followed at Kensico Cemetery booking contact: 860-322-9352
in Valhalla. or thebestofthemanhattans@gmail. com

Candidate for New York City Council District
City Council of District 27's South East Queens

Leadership that respects voters

(St. Albans, parts of Hollis, Cambria Heights, Queens Village,
Addisleigh Park, Jamaica, and Springfield Gardens)

Vote for RUPERT GREEN November 7, 2017 Elections
205-26 113 Ave. St. Albans NY 11412 718 526 4264
Paid for by the Committee to Elect Dr Rupert Green
Caribbean mom

brings awareness to
domestic violence
By Anthony Turner ers and a staple on classic soul radio Man, Mr Walker, Saltfish, Big
Contributing Writer stations nationally. She comes from Bambo and Obeah Wedding.
usic lovers in Brooklyn, New a talented musical family and is an Brooklyn based reggae crooner
York are in for a treat on Sat- award winning actress. Rayon may be best known for his
urday October 29th when a Known for her Broadway, con- string of successful combination
Caribbean celebrity mom stages an temporary soul/R&B, pop rock, jazz songs Angel, In The Summertime
empowerment concert to bring and gospel songs, Moores versatil- & Big Up that were recorded with
focus to domestic violence aware- ity can be heard on smash singles 'Mr Boombastic' Shaggy but as a
ness. You Stepped Into My Life, Pick me solo artist he is just as potent having
The event is being called Re- Up Ill Dance, Love The One Im stuck good musical notes with hit
pairing The Bridge and the featured With and A Little Bit More. She will singles One N Only, Games We
artists include R & B and gospel be sure to have patrons grooving Play, My Bad, 2-Way and his social
music icon Melba Moore alongside while thinking about love, instead of commentary piece titled no Guns
socas biggest legend The Mighty abusing their partners. No Murder.
Sparrow plus reggae star Rayvon. The Mighty Sparrow is the un- Among the other acts booked
The event is being hosted by rivaled king of Calypso and he has to perform on the concert which
singer and philanthropist Carol enjoyed a dazzling career that spans takes place at Roulette Intermedium,
Maraj, mother of hip hop superstar over 40 years of recording smash 509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn are
Nicki Minaj, through Carols foun- records and thrilling performances. soca star Lyrical, one of the most CAROL
dation, the Carol Minaj Foundation. This legend is in a class by himself. sought after artists of our genera- is passionate about the issue
Sensational songbird and R & He will use his musical arsenal to tion; Singing Francine and DJ Plat-
B icon Melba Moore has been a get the crowd fired up as he un- inum Sound.
of domestic violence because
she is a survivor

Entries open for Vincent

huge all-time favorite for New York- leashes crowd favorites like Congo

HoSang UWI Venture

Competition 2017
DENTAL Insurance
T his year's staging of the Vincent
HoSang The University of the
West Indies (UWI) Venture Compe-
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

tition was launched at the Mona

School of Business and Manage-
A less expensive way to help get
ment (MSBM) in Kingston on
the dental care you deserve
The competition was first held
in 2002 with the objective of har-
nessing the talents and skills of stu-
dents within the UWI community,
and facilitate the development of
NOW! 1-866-934-2569
their ideas into fully-fledged busi-
It is also viewed as an initiative
Get help paying dental bills and keep more money
to develop valuable graduates and in your pocket
citizens in the Jamaican community.
Since its inception, many par-
ticipating teams have been able to VINCENT HOSANG
This is real dental insurance NOT just a
successfully transition their busi- CEO/President,
discount plan
ness concepts into commercially vi- Royal Caribbean Bakery
able entities. Several teams have
also moved on to represent the
You can get coverage before your next checkup
learning from several successful Ja-
UWI, Mona, at the National Busi- maican businesspeople.
ness Model Competition, placing in While in New York, the win-
the top four each year. ners will also be given the opportu-
Dont wait! Call now and well rush you a FREE
Of special significance has nity to tour the Caribbean Food
been the competition's success in Delights factory and Royal
Information Kit with all the details.
building tangible connections be- Caribbean Bakery, courtesy of the
tween the academic foundation stu- competition's main benefactor, Vin-
dents receive and the practical cent HoSang.
demands of starting and operating a The Vincent HoSang UWI
FREE Information Kit
business. Venture Competition 2017 is sup-
In addition to the monetary ported by proud partners, including 1-866-934-2569
prizes that will be awarded to the the Vincent HoSang Family Foun-
top-three competing teams, the win- dation, Caribbean Food Delights
ning team in this year's competition and Mona School of Business and
Visit us online at
will receive an all-expenses paid 5- Management.
day trip to New York, during which Applications for this year's
they will be exposed, to relevant competition are now open and will
business and cultural experiences, close on October 18. The grand fi-
in addition to meeting with and
Insurance Policy P150NY MB17-NM003Ec

nals will be in January 2018.


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Image Entertainment Distinction 5th Awards presentations

T he 5th Annual Image Entertainment

and Distinction (IED) Awards was held
at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn on September
30, 2017. It was a sensational and extrava-
gant night of fun, excitement and unforget-
table experiences, hosted by Grammy
Award winning reggae artist Shaggy and
Actress/Singer, Tara Wallace of VH1s hit
show Love and Hip Hop New York.
There were electrifying performances
by Jamaicas legendary songstress, Marcia
Griffiths the King of Lovers Rock himself
and international Reggae Superstar, Maxi
Priest, to a truly unforgettable special per-
formance from Melisa Morgan..
The SUEDE IED Empowerment
Award was given to first lady of dancehall
DAngel while Rah Digga of Busta
Rhymes Flipmode Squad fame received the
IED Hall of Fame Music Award.
Other honors included Maxi Priest re-
ceiving the Dr. Bobbi Peterson IED Interna-
tional Music Award, Marcia Griffiths
receiving the Lifetime Achievement Icon
Award, and distinctive leaders such as Dr.
Dexter Mckenzie, private care physician for
over 15 years, receiving the Outstanding
Achievement Award.
Rounding out the other honors given
WOMEN POWER AT THE IED AWARDS: (l-r) Reality star Tara Wallace, rapper Rah Digga, radio personality and IED Awards CEO,
out for the night was Criminal and Civil
Madonna Williams and reggae artist DAngel.
Rights Lawyers Glenn A. Garber and Re-
becca Freedman, who received the IED life- With a very emotional acceptance surprise Grammy artist and host Shaggy Soul Singer Melisa Morgan also
time Humanitarian Award for their work speech photographer Roland Hyde received with an official Proclamation from Brook- walked away with the Lifetime Image
with the Exoneration Initiative, a not-for- the Richie Rich Lifetime IED Media Award lyn Borough President, Eric Adams, and Award. The 2017 IED Awards was produced
profit organization that provides free legal while radio personality Roy Walters re- was presented by Congresswoman Yvette by IED Awards Founder & CEO/celebrity
assistance to the unjustly convicted in New ceived the Glitzzy Hair IED Media Award. Clarke, who herself received the Lorna Mae blogger/radio personality Diva Madonna
York State. In continuing to recognize those we Johnson IED Community Service Award. and Jammins Entertainment.
hold dear, the IED Awards was privileged to



I could not be happier about the job performance of BGA.
They have proven that they are there to help unfortunate
people who are in need of a helping hand. America should be
proud to have them represent those in need.

I would recommend them to anyone -Gil B.

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Most Influential People of African Descent under 40

By Neva Alexander
Contributing Writer
n support of the United Nations
International Decade for People
of African Descent 2015 2024,
some 200 high achievers were re-
cently recognized as the Most In-
fluential People of African Decent
(MIPAD), a global civil society ini-
tiative, honored high achievers of
African Descent under the age of
40 from over 48 countries world-
The presentation which was
held at the One UN Millennium
Hilton Hotel in New York City, se-
lected achievers from both inside
Africa and across the African Dias-
pora in four categories; Politics and
Governance, Media and Culture,
and Religion & Humanitarian en-
deavors in-line with the 1st pillar of
the UN international decade of
Selected based on their politi-
cal clout, business acumen, social
media following and humanitarian Several of the Most Influential People of African Descent under 40 pose with family
endeavors, the awardees include members and friends during the award ceremony held recently in Manhattan.
well known African names such as
Akon from Senegal, South African (Sudan) and there are also those and Tais Araujo (Brazil), Ding Hui McPherson Jr., Minister of Fi- recognize individual excellence
hip-hop artist AKA, renowned ac- with ancestry links to Africa such (China) who is notable as the first nance, Accompong Jamaica and going forward, it is critical that we
tors like David Oyelowo (Nigeria) as Olympic star Usain Bolt (Ja- black athlete to be selected for a Chairman, International Door of all embark on the pursuit of collec-
and Lupita Nyongo (Kenya), soc- maica), singing sensation Beyonce Chinese national sports team, and Return Committee urged the hon- tive excellence once associated
cer star Didier Drogba (Ivory (US), award winning movie actors many more from around the world. orees and African's worldwide to with people of African descent.
Coast), super model Alek Wek and power couple Lazaro Ramos Keynote speaker, Timothy E. return to excellence. "Today, we

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Signs its time to break up with your hairdresser

By Nicky Champ 6. He/she hands you over to an apprentice to do your do your hair. Paying a high end
1. He/she gives you a drastic haircut even price deserves a high end service. If you con-
though you are clearly in the midst of a stantly being sent to rookies who are not pro-
personal crisis. If you have marched in to viding you with the look you ask for.
the salon in tears exclaiming you are after a Consider a salon that knows the importance
whole new me, it should be mandatory for of giving a woman what she wants.
the stylist to ask if you might be in a fragile
emotional state and if so, he/ she should then 7. They try to convince you your haircut
refuse to cut your hair. is great even though you clearly hate it.
You and your hair stylist know its a horrible
2. He/she just doesnt get it. If your hair jog done or the style does not suits you but
stylist repeatedly gives you styles youve still send you out in the world looking like
clearly did not ask for. Especially after ex- Starbucks coffee went wrong, is just not a
plaining over and over what you want, its good look on the salon. Consider a stylist
time for a change. who knows that you are also representing
their salon once you leave that chair.
3. They split-end shame you. When hair
8. If he/she doesnt oblige if youre not
stylist constantly asks questions such as:
happy with it and want to go back. It takes
Who cut your hair last? When was the
courage to ring up your salon and say youre
last time you got a haircut? Did you cut
unhappy with your hair and it takes even
your own hair? Those are all just codes for
more courage to sit there and say you hate it
you have really horrible hair.
instead of nodding your head while making
barely audible approval sounds, paying full
4. He/she talks you out of a change be-
price and then waiting to get inside the
cause they clearly dont have enough time 5. He/she is often hungover/shabby/not in when the stylist is fresh but not so. If your
safety of your car before you burst into tears.
to do it. If they rush you through your hair a present state. For a lot of women who hair stylist is always hungover, late and/or
But either way if youre not happy, they
appointment and do not give you your de- work full-time and can only get to the salon looking shabby. Maybe you should consider
shouldnt be happy.
sired look. on a Saturday, you would think the best time a change.
to book an appointment would be first thing

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Paterson Mayor

resigned amid
dying son in
car crash
corruption charges
Dad arrested after allegedly
stealing from Walmart

New Jersey fathers bail has been set
at $5 million after police say he
abandoned his dying son after he crashed PATERSON: Torres, a Democrat, said, "I'm
his car. he embattled politician and sorry" to reporters outside the court-
Christopher Kuhn, 27, of Hamilton, Mayor of Paterson, Joey Torres room.
was fleeing a Walmart in Levittown, Pa. formally resigned his title on Sept His attorney Ricardo Solando
on Tuesday after he allegedly stole $228 25, days after pleading guilty to con- later told reporters, "He served as a
worth of speakers. When he jumped in his spiracy charges in a corruption case. public servant for 30 years, as mayor
car he hastily placed his son inside the car Torres had to resign as part of for 11 years. He sees this as a very
without buckling him in, FOX 29 re- the plea deal and agree to never sad day. He certainly didn't see this
ported. again seek a public office. as the end of his career."
Instead of strapping his son into a car He will also spend up to five Torres is being replaced by City
seat, Kuhn reportedly rushed to conceal years behind bars and pay restitution Council President Ruby Cotton until
his license plate with a sweatshirt. He to the city of Paterson over the the May 2018 election.
then drove away, and ran a red light, sub- scheme to steal from taxpayers by After meeting with department
sequently crashing into two other vehi- ordering city workers to do con- heads at City Hall Monday, she told
cles. struction on a relative's would-be reporters afterward she will make
During the beer business. improving the quality of life in the
crash, Kuhns Jose "Joey" Torres served as Mayor of Paterson, Torres accepted the deal hours city her top priority.
2-year-old son the third largest city in New Jersey.He served two
after Paterson Department of Public "One thing I can say, you will
was thrown terms as mayor between 2002-2010 and had pre-
Works employees caught on camera be able to speak with mayor," she
from the vehi- viously served five terms as a city council member.
doing work for the now former said. "You will be able to visit the
cle onto the He was again elected May 13 and was sworn-in
mayor's family also accepted plea mayor, and I will be what an elected
road. Police July 1, 2014. He plead guilty to corruption charges
deals and agreed to cooperate with official is supposed to be -- a servant
said the father on September 22, 2017 and was forced to step
prosecutors. to the people."
paused to look down from his mayoral position.
at his injured
son on the
street and then
ran away from
the scene.
Christopher Kuhn, 27

"It was more important for Mr. Kuhn

to attempt to get away from a misde-
meanor retail theft by covering his license
plate with his sweatshirt than it was to
properly secure his two- year-old son in
his car seat before fleeing at a high rate of
speed," Bob James, of the Bucks County
District Attorneys Office, reportedly

Paterson gets
said. Ruby Cotton
Fernando Medrano was driving

interim mayor
when he crashed into Kuhns Jeep, WPVI
reported. He said Kuhn was driving too
fast, and he couldnt slow down to avoid

hitting him.
Kuhns vehicle reportedly flipped, PATERSON:
then hit another car on the road. ouncil President Ruby Cotton is ex- WHY HUGHESNET?
pected to take over as interim mayor of
Paterson after Jose "Joey" Torres pleaded
guilty last week to having city employees
High-Speed Performance
work on a warehouse leased by family mem-
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Torres, 58, and three other city employ-
ees, were indicted March 6 on six counts
No Phone Line Required
claiming Torres instructed the supervisors to
have work completed at a building leased by
a company formed by Torres' daughter and SIGN UP TODAY FOR
The work, including painting and elec-
trical work, was completed between July
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on this page The plea deal calls for Torres to forfeit

his title as mayor, serve five years in prison
Speeds up to 15mbps

DAVID WARREN without parole eligibility and forfeit future

Contributing Editor; public employment.
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City supervisors in the city's Depart-
Marketing & Advertising Associate ment of Public Works, Joseph Mania, 51, of or call 1-800-966-4310
Randolph, Imad Mowaswes, 53, of Clifton,
and Timothy Hanlon, 31, of Woodland Park,
each also pleaded guilty.
Minimum term required. Monthly service and early termination fees apply. Usage is subject to a Fair Access Policy. Actual speeds may vary. Speed and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed. Visit www.le- for details. HughesNet is a registered trademark of Hughes Network Systems, LLC, an EchoStar company.*Free standard installation applies to new Lease subscribers only. Not valid with Purchase
option. Limited-time oer.
SEX Done the right way

M ost men and women have dif-

fering ideas, standards, and ex-
pectations about sex, it's no wonder
that many marriages suffer in this
When you and your spouse got
married, I'm sure you expected to
have a healthy and active sexual rela-
tionship together. That's greatthat's
what God intended.
Unfortunately, Life happens and
with the constant bombarding of what
Hollywood and romance articles tell
us about what sex should look like,
our minds get misconstrued causing
us to put pressure on our spouses to
get the job done just like what we see
on tv.
To build an intimate marriage,
husband and wife must be committed
to meeting each other's physical and
emotional needs.
freedom to enjoy his wife's body, and Third, Solomon's focus was
Meet sexy friends
Because most men and women
the woman has the freedom to enjoy physical. A wife may be tempted to
have differing ideas, standards, and who really get your vibe...
his. Here's a sample of how the lover resent her husband's sex drive and
expectations about sex, it's no wonder
and his beloved expressed that free- physical focus, but she should under-
that many marriages suffer in this
dom in the Song of Solomon. The stand that much more than a woman,
area. One of the best things you can
lover (King Solomon himself) said: a man is stimulated by sight. And
do is learn about God's purposes for
sex. After all, He is the Designer
How beautiful are your feet in God designed him this way deliber- Try FREE: 800-492-1317
sandals, O prince's daughter! The ately.
He created our bodies. And you may
curves of your hips are like jewels,
be surprised to know what He had in
the work of the hands of an artist.
Your navel is like a round goblet
which never lacks mixed wine; Your
God's purposes
belly is like a heap of wheat fenced
The Designer of sex made numer-
about with lilies. Your two breasts are
ous statements integral to the sexual
aspect of marriage. First, sex is the
process. He gave us to multiply a
like two fawns, twins of a gazelle. ...
How beautiful and how delightful
you are, my love, with all your
godly heritage. He commanded us to
charms! (Song of Solomon 7:1-3, 6)
"be fruitful and multiply, and fill the
earth, and subdue it" (Gen. 1:28).
But God also designed sex for
These words give us three points
on how to be great lovers:
First, Solomon readily praised
our pleasure, to be enjoyed in the
the young Shulammite woman, his
marriage bed. Sex is meant to be a
beloved. He told her how beautiful
bonding experience with your spouse.
she was with vivid and picturesque
Scripture talks significantly more
Theres a More Aordable & Eective
language that communicated his ad-
about enjoying the pleasures of sex
miration to her. Of course, the ques-
than it does about being fruitful and
tion is here, Husbands, When was
Alternative to U.S. Pharmacy High Prices!
multiplying! As Dr. Ed Wheat wrote,
the last time you wrote your wife a
"God Himself invented sex for our
love letter that praised her and told
delight. It was His gift to usin-
her how beautiful she is?" Solomon
tended for pleasure."
understood how important this is in
The Song of Solomon, though
communicating love.
full of spiritual meaning and applica-
Second, Solomon was romantic.
tion, provides an excellent descrip-
His poetic words describe his
tion of God's intention for a husband
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beloved's entire body as a source of
and wife's sexual relationship. Ac-
cording to Solomon, the man has the Only $99
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Estelle ft. Tarrus Riley releases Love Like Ours

New York, NY (VP Records): relationship, making it a celebratory an-
n September 29th, 2017, Complex them for lovers everywhere.
premiered the new video Love Like The expert styling done by Shani
Ours by Estelle featuring Tarrus Riley. The James finds Estelle and Tarrus donning
smooth, mid-tempo track is an exclusive on beautiful white ensembles throughout the
the Reggae Gold 2017 compilation album. four-minute video. The actors are dressed
The Reggae Gold compilation series from in beautiful vintage pieces.
VP Records has presented the best of Estelle and Tarrus Riley are two
dancehall, roots and lovers rock reggae for amazing talents and they perform the song
over two decades. so effortlessly, as seen in this video. said
Filmed on location in Agoura Hills, Christopher Chin, President of VP Records.
California. and directed by Denzel We are excited to have the song on the
Williams, the visual portrays a love story 2017 Reggae Gold compilation and we
narrated by Estelle and Tarrus Riley with look forward to releasing Estelles upcom-
stunning outdoor shots of lush greenery. ing music next year.
The actors, Gabbi Neal and Guy Peel Jr. For press inquiries regarding Estelle,
play a young couple deeply in love, further please email: jennifer.valentin@vpre-
emphasizing the songs love filled lyrics
that embody the pride and joy of being in a
Tarrus Riley and Estelle

College to host
College Confer-
ence on Oct 18
R epresentatives from more than 300 two-
year and four-year colleges, nursing
schools and business schools will participate
in the Westchester-Putnam College Confer-
The Conference will be held at the
Westchester County Center, 198 Central Av-
enue, White Plains on Wednesday, October
18 from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.
Officers and enlisted personnel from
the various branches of the military services
will also be on hand to discuss the militarys
enlistment and education programs such as
R.O.T.C., the military academies, and the GI
The College Conference is a timesaving
opportunity for students and parents to
gather a lot of information in one day.
In addition to asking questions, students
and parents will be able to set up college in-
terviews, pick up literature and learn about
the various financial aid programs available.
You might also want to print out some labels
or cards with your personal information
name, address, e-mail address, year of grad-
uation, and anticipated major. Give these to
the reps at the college booths. This prepara-
tion will allow you more time to speak with
the representatives and to visit all the col-
leges on your list.
Contact: 914-995-4050

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Taking care of you

to hearing loss due to a deficiency of oxy-
gen in the blood by the low levels of iron.
This can cause impairment in the inner ear. By GLORIA BENT, MS, RD, CDN
Smoking - heavy smoking relates to Nutritionist
reduced circulation to the ear's sensitive
Questions & Comments:
structures. This is combined with smok-
ing's toxic effects in the bloodstream.
Diabetes and Obesity - Research
showed elevated blood sugar and spikes in
levels can damage the nerves and blood
vessels in your ears.
Hair Dryers - Newer quality models
used in salons are more powerful and

louder. Hearing loss can occur due to re-
By peated usage or long exposures to sounds
Angela Darling, MS, RN higher than 85 decibels.
ere are some causes, which may be re- This is a warning from the Nat'l Institute
lated to hearing loss which is not al- on Deafness and other Communication
ways from growing older! Disorders. It is suggested we wear ear
Anemia-low red blood cell count plugs during usage or purchase quiet mod-
(Hematocrit) - One thing for sure low lev-

Good eating habits!

els when using @ home. When we go for
els can make you get tired and feel more an MRI the technicians usually offer ear
exhausted. It's vital to eat more leafy green plugs for our hearing safety.
vegetables ie., kale, spinach, romaine let- Take Care Of You.
tece, collard greens, etc., and add beans for Courtesy of Research shows that people feel less
iron and protein such as ie., red kidney Angela Darling M.S.,RN- The American Heart Association hungry when they eat a certain volume
beans, lentil, etc., and drink up purple Founder/Advocate,
1. Keep portions smaller than your fist. (amount) of food. High-fiber foods, such
grape juice, eat green banana, also green 18 Year Survivor,
Its easy to overeat when you have too as fruits and vegetables, can provide a
much food on your plate. Smaller portions feeling of fullness and also digest slowly.
granny apples which are good for keeping Health Educator, help prevent overeating. Overeating can That helps you feel satisfied longer so you
our breasts healthy. Anemia may be linked Humanitarian make health problems worse, especially if eat less.
you have diabetes. One way to control
overeating is to reduce portion sizes when 3. Keep track of what you eat. When
you eat. For most foods, a reasonable you keep track of what you eat, you're
portion is to 1 cup about the size of a more likely to meet your food goals. Stud-
Covered by Medicare and suffering from Back or Knee Pain?
womans fist. Even if your fist is larger ies show that keeping a food log or diary
than that, it is still a handy measuring tool helps people lose weight and keep it off.
that goes everywhere you go. Just keep
RELIEVE your portions smaller than your fist.
The two most common exceptions
4. Make trade-offs to reduce how much
sodium, saturate and trans fat and
are: Lean meat, chicken and fish. For sugar you eat. Foods high in fat and
YOUR these foods, keep portions the size of a
deck of cards (about half the size of your
sugar are often high in calories, too. But
that doesn't mean you have to give up
fist) and trim all visible fats before cook- your favorite foods. Learn to make trade-
PAIN NOW! ing. Plain vegetables, including salads
without dressing. You can have as much
offs instead. If you want to indulge in
your favorite dessert, enjoy a smaller por-
as you want because these foods are nu- tion and eat a lower-calorie meal.
tritious, filling and low in calories.
5. Enjoy more physical activity. As you
2. Control your hunger with filling already know, regular physical activity is
foods that are low in calories. Foods important for keeping your heart healthy.
such as lower-sodium soup, salad, fruits Increasing physical activity may help you
and vegetables can help fill you up with- lose weight and strengthen your heart at
out adding a lot of calories. These foods the same time. If you feel you need extra
Learn for FREE how a Back or Knee will satisfy hunger and help you lose support to lose weight, look for a weight-
weight. loss program that's been proven safe and
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10 Tips for the First-Time Business Owner

Highlighting the opportunities and challenges of local business

by Taboola pricey plans and grandiose expenditures. Sim-
write 's Young Entrepreneur plify the idea until it's manageable as an early
column because I believe there are far too few stage venture. Find ways to prove your business
resources directly addressing the nonacademic model on a shoestring budget. Demonstrate your
trials and tribulations young entrepreneurs face worth before seeking investment. If your con-
along their journey. With that, here are 10 pieces cept is successful, your chances of raising capital
of advice that I wish someone had given to me from investors will dramatically improve.
before I launched my first venture.
Be healthy.
Focus. Focus. Focus. No, I'm not your mother. However, I promise
Many first-time entrepreneurs feel the need to that you will be much more productive when
jump at every "opportunity" they come across. you take better care of yourself. Entrepreneur-
Opportunities are often wolves in sheep's cloth- ship is a lifestyle, not a 9-to-5 profession. Work-
ing. Avoid getting side-tracked. Juggling multi- ing to the point of exhaustion will burn you out
ple ventures will spread you thin and limit both and make you less productive. Don't make ex-
your effectiveness and productivity. Do one cuses. Eat right, exercise and find time for your-
thing perfectly, not 10 things poorly. If you feel self.
the need to jump onto another project, that might
mean something about your original concept. Don't fall victim to your own B.S.
Know what you know, what you don't Learn under fire. Don't talk the talk unless you can walk the walk.
Know what you do. Do what you know. know and who knows what you don't. No business book or business plan can predict Impress with action not conversation. Endorse
Don't start a business simply because it seems No one knows everything, so don't come off as the future or fully prepare you to become a suc- your business enthusiastically, yet tastefully.
sexy or boasts large hypothetical profit margins a know-it-all. Surround yourself with advisors cessful entrepreneur. There is no such thing as Avoid exaggerating truths and touting far reach-
and returns. Do what you love. Businesses built and mentors who will nurture you to become a the perfect plan. There is no perfect road or one ing goals as certainties. In short, put up or shut
around your strengths and talents will have a better leader and businessman. Find successful, less traveled. Never jump right into a new busi- up.
greater chance of success. It's not only important knowledgeable individuals with whom you ness without any thought or planning, but don't
to create a profitable business, it's also important Know when to call it quits.
share common interests and mutual business spend months or years waiting to execute. You
that you're happy managing and growing it day Contrary to popular belief, a smart captain does
goals that see value in working with you for the will become a well-rounded entrepreneur when
in and day out. If your heart isn't in it, you will not go down with the ship. Don't go on a fool's
long-term. tested under fire. The most important thing you
not be successful. errand for the sake of ego. Know when it's time
can do is learn from your mistakes--and never
to walk away. If your idea doesn't pan out, reflect
Act like a startup. make the same mistake twice.
on what went wrong and the mistakes that were
Say it in 30 seconds or don't say it at all. Forget about fancy offices, fast cars and fat ex- made. Assess what you would have done differ-
From a chance encounter with an investor to a pense accounts. Your wallet is your company's No one will give you money. ently. Determine how you will utilize these hard-
curious customer, always be ready to pitch your life-blood. Practice and perfect the art of being There, I said it. No one will invest in you. If you learned lessons to better yourself and your future
business. State your mission, service and goals frugal. Watch every dollar and triple-check every need large sums of capital to launch your ven- entrepreneurial endeavors. Failure is inevitable,
in a clear and concise manner. Fit the pitch to the expense. Maintain a low overhead and manage ture, go back to the drawing board. Find a start- but a true entrepreneur will prevail over adver-
person. Less is always more. your cash flow effectively. ing point instead of an end point. Scale down sity.

Dont Fall Victim to Financial

Distress Caused by Credit Card Debt
Credit counseling is the easiest, most effective way to explore the options for
credit card debt and identify the best solution for your needs.
ments go toward your debt instead of
adding more interest which means
you can get out of debt faster. Every
financial situation is different, but
most people see their total monthly
debt payments reduced by up to 30
to 50 percent as they get out of debt
faster. The program is usually com- youre able to build a positive cred-
pleted in around 40-60 payments, it history while reducing your overall
so you can be debt-free in just a few debt level. As a result, some people see
HIGH MONTHLY CREDIT CARD CREDIT COUNSELING IS THE years instead of taking decades to their credit score even increase over the
PAYMENTS combined with even EASIEST, MOST EFFECTIVE WAY eliminate everything you owe. course of their time with a credit coun-
higher interest rates can make it al- TO EXPLORE THE OPTIONS seling service.
most impossible to maintain control FOR CREDIT CARD DEBT AND Its the fastest and easiest to
over your credit card debt. Even with IDENTIFY THE BEST SOLUTION FREEDOM FROM DEBT IS
your monthly payments you may not FOR YOUR NEEDS. Speak with a
get professional financial POSSIBLE! Dont spend another
see much of a reduction in debt no certified credit counselor at no charge advice without incurring sleepless night worrying about your
matter what you do. to analyze your debt and budget. They another bill to do it. debt problems, or another day stressed
will review your options to see what about your bills instead of focused on
Whats more, as your credit card bal- solutions may work best for you. Your your family and life.
ances increase, it can also cause prob- credit counselor may be able to lower Build a Positive Credit History Call Consolidated Credit now at
lems for your budget you end up jug- high interest rates or even eliminate Additionally, consolidating debt-
gling bills, choosing between expenses, them while consolidating your credit through a certified credit counseling 1-800-721-4370
and putting off important purchases. card debts into one easy payment service may help save your credit score to speak with a certified credit
Luckily, theres a way you can find the through a debt management program. from additional damage. You stop fu- counselor today.
solution that works for your unique fi- ture penalties and prevent further dam-
nancial situation and even better, it Get Out of Debt Faster age from missed payments and over-
wont cost a thing to get the informa- As a result of those lower interest drawn credit lines. Even better, as you
tion you need. rates more of your monthly pay- work your way through the program, (Fees may apply for voluntary participation in debt management - all
counseling services are free.)
McLeod nominated for IAAF

World Athlete of the Year Title

Omar McLeod
mines Gold as
News Americas, NEW YORK, NY: nated this year. McLeod is the World Jamaica ends
World Indoor
single Caribbean athlete has 110-m hurdles champion and the
been nominated this year for IAAF Diamond League champion. with Three Medals
the 2017 IAAF World Athletics A three-way voting process will de-
Awards. termine the finalists.
Jamaican Olympian Omar Fans can vote online via the IAAFs
McLeod is the lone athlete from the social media platforms Facebook
region this year to be nominated for or Twitter. Voting closes on October
the title of 2017 World Athlete of the 16th.
Year. The winner will be announced at the
He is among ten top male ath- IAAF Athletics Awards 2017 in
letes globally. There are no Monaco on Friday, November 24th.
Caribbean female athletes nomi- Kingston, Jamaica WI:

Start June 14, 2017 
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to meet Latinos! Efn8ZZ\gk`e^
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Bladder Control
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