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My Personal Nursing Philosophy;

Continuing Education to Improve Patient Centered Care

Shannon Terrell

Delaware Technical Community College

September 30, 2017

Nursing to me means forever changing and growing, and that is exactly how I am as an

individual. As a nurse you have to be open to change and growth because technology is always

advancing and research is always being done to improve patient care. That is one thing that drew

me to nursing. I knew that I was going to always be learning and I liked the idea that I would be

able to continuously be able to challenge myself as well as improve the care for my patients. I

think that it is important for nurses to be learning continuously because someone could be a

nurse for 30 years and still never know all there is to know. Martha Rogers whose personal

nursing philosophy is the Science of Unity Human Beings, describes how the role of nursing is

to serve people, and we do so by educating ourselves to be able to improve the holistic care of

our patients (Nursing Theory , 2016). I think that my own personal philosophy is much like hers,

in that I believe that nurses should always continue to educate themselves to better the care for

their patients.

Continuing education is important to me, I always want to learn new information and stay

on top of new research in healthcare. I recently graduated from Delaware Tech with my

Associates in Nursing, and I am currently taking classed for my Bachelors in Nursing. While in

school I am working at Bayhealth Kent General Hospital as a Registered Nurse. I am working on

the Clinical Decision Unit, where we typically encounter a lot of chest pain patients and stroke

patients. We have to follow a strict protocol to ensure that laboratory testing for our patients are

done in a timely manner. Typically chest pain patients need a series of blood work testing done

to ensure that they do not have any heart blockages or heart damage from a heart attack. Doing

these tests are a prime example of research, because not everyone that comes in complaining

from chest pain is experiencing a heart attack. It is important to recognize those differences, and

in order to do so learning about those signs and symptoms are an important part in education. I
am on schedule to graduate with my Bachelors in May of 2019, and after that I plan on

continuing my education to become a Nurse Practitioner. In order for nurses to keep their license

up to date we are required to do CEs also known as continued education. These are just classes

that help keep nurses up to date with current events happening in the healthcare world.

Martha Rogers stated that the human and the environment has greatly influenced the

process of change toward better health (Wayne G, 2016). Meaning that it is our job as nurses to

care for our patients holistically and make sure we include them in their care with education. It is

our job as nurses to care for ourselves as well. It is important that we keep our social, emotional

and spiritual health in mind. When we are taking care of our bodies, we are able to better care

and educate our patients on how to take care of themselves.

I closely relate with Martha Rogers nursing philosophy because I think that we both

believe in educating ourselves as nurses in order to better care for our patients. Martha was also

very big on using other methods besides just medicine to help care for patients. She believed in

the use of therapeutic touch. Martha graduated from Knoxville General Hospital of Nursing in

1936, and received her Bachelors in 1937. She would also go back to pressure her education in

public health, and earning a masters of arts degree in 1945. In 1954 she was appointed professor

of nursing and head of the Division of Nursing at New York University (American Nurses

Association , 2017). This shows how dedicated Martha was to education. She obtained many

degrees with a variety of different backgrounds to educate herself on how to better care for her

patients. Martha also believed that we as nurses should view the patient as a whole, include

them in their care, empower them to make their own decisions, share knowledge with them, and

reflect upon ourselves (Nursing Theory , 2016).

I will always continue to advance my own educate to better care for my patients. I think

that is why I was so drawn to Martha Rogers nursing philosophy. We both believe in educating

our selves to better our patient care. I believe that the more we grow as individual nurses the

better we will be able to holistically care for our patients.


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