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Observation- anecdotal notes

1. Outside on the playground, Jane is dipping a bubble wand into the water table and
trying to blow bubbles. Roy grabs the bubble wand from Jane and says Bubbles only
Roy walks away with the bubble wand and Jane splashes in the water table without it.

Cognitive- locating objects

Communication- children speak

Support ideas-
Cognitive- place pictures of objects by where they are meant to be used
Communication- Have more opportunities for children to tell other children class rules instead
of teachers

2. During choice time in the morning, Jane and Roy are at the free art table peeling stickers
and putting them on the table. They finish a page of shape stickers together. Jane
throws the empty sticker page away.

Creative arts- exploring materials

Approaches to learning- self help

Support ideas-
Creative arts- leave more options of stickers on free art table
Approaches to learning- show children where they can find more stickers if the art table runs
out and teachers are busy

3. During music enrichment, (teacher) hands out shakey eggs to each child. Jane shakes
her egg once away from her body, and once really close to her ear.

Creative arts- children explore sound

Physical development and health- moving with objects

Support ideas-
Creative arts- have different sized eggs that make different types of noises
Physical development- have children shake their body like their egg

4. During group time, the children are gathered on the circle to dance to Lets go
swimming together. When it gets to the part that says We dont brush our teeth The
children join in and say the next line WERE FISH!

Cognitive development- anticipating events

Communication- children listen and respond

Support ideas-
Cognitive- have a scheduled group music time maybe after free choice at a consistent time
every day
Communication- have half the children say the first line, and half say the other

5. During transition time, (teacher) says to the class Would you like to line up as
butterflies or airplanes? Jane responds AIRPLANE! and puts out her arms and runs to
line up, making a buzzing noise.

Communication- two-way communication

Creative arts- children explore and imitate sounds

Follow up ideas-
Communication- have children ask each other if they are a butterfly or airplane
Creative arts- ask children which sounds airplanes, cars, birds, etc make when deciding which
one they are

6. At the sand table, Jane fills up a small pail with sand. She carries it to the water table
and dumps it in. Jill tells jane no sand outside the sand table Jane goes back to the
sand table with her pail and fills it up again, then empties into sand table.

Approaches to learning- problem solving

Cognitive- filling and emptying

Follow up ideas-
Approaches to learning- have a third small sensory table for mixing sand and water
Cognitive- offer more objects to fill and empty in sand/ water tables

7. In the morning during greeting tine, Zach shows up after Roy has already been dropped
off by his mom. When Zach enters the room, Roy says Morning Zachy! and gives him a
hug at the door.

Social/emotional- distinguishing self from others

Approaches to learning- children express initiative

Follow up ideas-
Social/ emotional- have a Whos Here? board on the door with pictures of children
Approaches to learning- have a child be a Greeter if they seem to want to say hi to everyone
that enters the room.

8. On playground outside, Roy goes down the slide. He then picks up a bucket full of
woodchips and holds it while he goes down the slide. When he gets to the bottom of
the slide again, he adds more woodchips to the bucket and goes back to the top. He
continues this until a teacher says No woodchips on the slide
Cognitive development- cause and effect
Physical development- moving with objects

Follow up ideas-
Cognitive development- Try out full, half full, and empty buckets of woodchips and see which
one makes the slide the fastest.
Physical development- change the rule so children can go down slide holding things.

9. During lunch, Ari asks the teacher Do I stay today? the teacher responds Yes, its
Friday Ari says Oh yeah and continues eating lunch.

Cognitive development- anticipating events

Communication- listening and responding

Follow up ideas- during lunch every day go over who stays for enrichment and who goes home
Communication- Instead of just responding yes, say Is it Friday today? That is the day you

10. On playground outside. Jane and Ari are taking turns climbing the ladder to the slide.
Jane stops halfway up and says Ari help me. Ari places a hand on her back and helps
push her up the ladder.

Social/emotional- children build relationships with peers

Cognitive- exploring objects

Follow up ideas-
Social/emotional- have children have a Partner they can ask for help if they need it on the
Cognitive- have more than one ladder- slide, different heights and difficulties.