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Student Involvement, Leadership, and Transitions

Emory Campus Life

October 5, 2017

I want to begin by saying it was a joy, pleasure, and privilege to work with you this
summer. I only wish I had been able to work with you longer. This letter confirms that you
completed your 200 hours of service to Emory University as our NODA intern. Because I
returned from maternity leave after your original site visit, I am going to summarize your
developmental goals and contributions to our office per discussion with Lisa Loveall, your
original supervisor.
Regarding learning outcomes, throughout the summer you had a significant focus on
advising and helping as well as student learning and development (please see my last paragraph
related to these skills). Throughout this experience you also worked on your leadership
competencies by serving in a paraprofessional, supervisory capacity for our students. You
completed all of your set objectives; however, I also know you saw growth beyond these areas.
In particular, you were able to gather a sense of what it looks like to work with a more privileged
group of students in an environment where social justice is paramount, but where students need
education in this area, particularly as relates to race and class. The multicultural considerations of
this position were numerous and allowed you the opportunity to explore how students interact
with one another coming from various backgrounds.
From our perspective you were a tremendous asset to the office this summer. Your
contributions to our orientation program cannot be understated. While I was on maternity leave,
you took on the responsibilities of a full-time professional. You were successful in supervising
our eight orientation captains by being consistent with communications throughout the summer.
This was your most important responsibility as the captains were responsible for a number of key
orientation programs and events, including all late night events. You coordinated our orientation
leader training with support from captains, which included 5 rigorous days of sessions. You
helped order and gather endless materials to support our programming, and you stayed on top of
a number of logistics including captain schedules, OL small group assignments and agendas, late
night program details, etc.! You were willing to wake up early and stay up late to ensure all tasks
were completed.
I end this letter by emphasizing the tremendous confidence I have in you as an emerging
student affairs professional. You are mature beyond your years. I was most impressed with your
ability to work with difficult students by offering an appropriate ratio of support to challenge.
You were able to make wise decisions and hold your ground in light of arguments or dissent
from students. You cared more about supporting student development and growth than being
liked or being their friend, which I think marks a strong professional. With that said, you also
worked hard to build trust and rapport with our students, which is what allowed you to challenge
them and still retain authority and garner respect. You have a strong understanding of student
development. You are also extremely hard working, detail oriented, always takes initiative, and
go and above and beyond to ensure programs are executed successfully. For further professional
development, I suggest you continue to develop your confidence as an advisor, particularly under
Student Involvement, Leadership, and Transitions
Emory University
Alumni Memorial University Center, 237 Tel 404.727.6169
630 Means Drive Fax 404.727.2066
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
times of stress. I also suggest you continue to practice more self-care strategies and practice
delegation both with students and other staff to host large events.
You were a tremendous asset to our program this summer, and you are missed. Please let
us know if we can ever be of service to you in the future.

Becka Shetty

Associate Director
Transitions and Leadership Programs
Student Involvement, Leadership, and Transitions