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This study was aimed to determine the feasibility and viability of the

Proposed Production of Radiation Absorber Accessory. Specifically, the following

questions or queries are answered upon the whole span of the research study.

1. Is the proposed radiation absorbent wireless device accessory feasible in

terms of the following aspects:

1.1 Technical;

1.2 Marketing;

1.3 Management;

1.4 Financing;

1.5 Legal and Taxation

1.6 Financial;

1.7 Socio-Economic Desirability, and

1.8 Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

2. Based on the findings, what recommendations maybe proposed for the


Technical Aspect

The proposed product is called the radiation absorber accessory. This is an

innovation of the usual phone accessory where a Cactus plant is made into an

accessory caged with stainless steel wire. The cage is done manually by the

employees through procedural bending and cutting the wires. This cage holds the

Cactus plant in place together with the floral foam inside it to sustain the living of

the plant with minimal maintenance. This product differs from typical phone

accessory since the former minimizes radiation transmission to the users.

However, just like the regular ones, this phone accessory comes in handy along

with the phone. The production of the proposed product requires minimal amount

of space thus the production will be in Basak, Lapu-lapu City where the prospective

implementer lives. The proposed business will operate 8 hours a day, six days a

week (Monday to Saturday . Saturdays will be allotted for the delivery of the


Marketing Aspect

The target market for the proposed product are the students in the

University of San Jose Recoletos Main Campus. Based on the survey conducted,

98% percent of the target market have mobile phones, and 91% of them are

interested in the idea of having a radiation absorber accessory using cactus plant.

Out of the 91%, 97% of them consider the Php 25 price reasonable and 98% of it

are willing to buy the proposed product at that price. The annual demand for the

first year is 8 585 and expected to increase 1% annually. The proposed product
market share in the first year is half of the The competitors market share cannot

be determined thus, the proposed product market share is purely an estimate by

the proponents.

Management Aspect

The appropriate form of business organization for the proposed product is

a sole proprietorship since the business does not require a large amount of capital

and it is easy to establish due to the abundance and accessibility of its raw

materials. To administer efficient and effective operations for the business, the

owner would function as the manager of the organization. He would be responsible

in the setting of the organizations policies, provision of its working materials, hiring

of its employees and production workers, and marketing of the proposed product.

There will only be one production worker hired with a labor fee of Php 10.00 per

unit of a finished product. A bookkeeper would be hired with a monthly salary of

Php 1,200.00, and he will only visit the company every Saturday of the month.

Aside from their salary, the employee will receive a 13th month pay and other

benefits and will also be registered with SSS, Pag-ibig, and PhilHealth.

Financing Aspects

The proposed project requires an estimated project cost of Php 73,292.00.

It consists of Pre-operating expenses of Php 19,580.00, Property Plant and

Equipment of Php 33,068 and Estimated Working Capital of Php 20,644.00. The

source of capital of the business will be taken from the out of pocket capital from

the prospective implementers of the business.

Legal and Taxation Aspects

Before an entity fully start it operations, it must comply with the necessary

requirements laid down by the law and by the government to ensure the legality

and validity of its business operation as a whole. Therefore, the business must be

registered with the necessary government agencies such as: Department of Trade

and Industry and Bureau of Internal Revenue that registers the business as a legal

entity in the eyes of the law. For employee benefits, the proposed project must

register to Social Security System, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation and

Home Development Mutual Fund or also popularly known as PAG-IBIG. The

business must also take into consideration the proper accumulation of local

permits such as business permit and other licenses for it to fully operate. The

project will be subject to Percentage Tax which is 3% of the net sales.

Financial Aspect

The financial aspect serve as a depiction of the expected monetary outcome

of the distribution of the proposed product to the market. Based on the projections,

Socio-Economic Desirability

The proposed product once implemented would provide its target market

not just a mere variation of its kind but also a health-related beneficial one. The

said production also provides an avenue to immerse the society towards products

promoting environmental inclination. Its use of cactus plants as its main raw

material enables possible creation of more forms of eco-friendly businesses.

SWOT Analysis

The proponents have considered the internal and external factors that may

eventually affect its business. The project will be able to aid various adverse effects
of phone radiations from its timely usage while coping up with the trend of

associating environmental awareness with style.