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Advantages and Disadvantage of Smart
Antenna Advantages and Disadvantage of Smart Antenna
Labels Smart Antenna Advantages and Disadvantage of Smart Antenna
Smart Antenna Advantages of Smart Antenna: i )
4G (1) Increased number of users Due to t...
Advantages of Smart Antenna:
Adaptive Coding (1) Two-Ray Model
Adaptive Modulation (4)
i ) Increased number of users Two-Ray Model Ray Tracing (2)
Due to the targeted nature of smart antennas frequencies can be reused Wireless Channel Problems The two-
ray model is used when a single ground
AMC (5) allowing an increased number of users. More users on the same
reflection dominates the ...
frequency space means that the network provider has lower operating
antenna (1)
costs in terms of purchasing frequency space. SIMULINK For Adaptive Modulation
GSM (1) SIMULINK For Adaptive Modulation
ii) Increased Range Adaptive Modulation After measuring
LTE (1) the performance using MATLAB (m-
As the smart antenna focuses gain on the communicating device, the
file) or BER tool, the performance...
MIMO (4) range of operation increases. This allows the area serviced by a smart
antenna to increase. This can provide a cost saving to network providers
MIMO Concepts (2) Adaptive Modulation
as they will not require as many antennas /base stations to provide Adaptive Modulation AMC I-The
OFDM (2) coverage. Use of Adaptive Modulation Not Fixed
Modulation The reason is as the Fadi...
Smart Antenna (2)

wireless (1) iii) Security Different Channel Coding Techniques

Different Channel Coding Techniques Adaptive
Smart antennas naturally provide increased security, as the signals are
Wireless Channel Problems Coding One method of optimizing throughput for a
not radiated in all directions as in a traditional Omni-directional antenna. wireless system while maintaining a ce...
This means that if someone wished to intercept transmissions they
would need to be at the same location or between the two Characteristics of wireless channel
communicating devices. Characteristics of wireless channel
Wireless Channel Problems The
wireless radio channel poses a severe
Blog Archive challenge as a medium for rel...
v) Reduced Interference
2013 (21) Interference which is usually caused by transmissions which radiate in all Spatial Multiplexing
March (17)

converted by
4th Generation directions is less likely to occur due to the directionality introduced by the 1-Spatial Multiplexing MIMO Concepts
smart antenna. This aids both the ability to reuse frequencies and Introduction availability of radio
intro to GSM
frequency spectrum and transmission
achieve greater range.
Why Wireless problems caused by such ...

Two-Ray Model
Ray Tracing iv) Increased bandwidth Orthogonality (1) OFDM before talking
The bandwidth available increases form the reuse of frequencies and about the orthogonality,first i should
Advantages and
also in adaptive arrays as they can utilize the many paths which a signal discuss the 2 problems Inter-symbol
Disadvantage of
interference (ISI) and...
Smart Antenna may follow to reach a device.
Orthogonality Diversity
Different Channel Disadvantages of Smart Antenna: Diversity MIMO The diversity is a
Coding Techniques technique that combating the fading by
ensuring that there will be many copies
SIMULINK For of the transmitted sig...
Adaptive Modulation i) Complex
Smart Antenna A disadvantage of smart antennas is that they are far more complicated Why OFDM
than a traditional antennas. This means that faults or problems may be Why OFDM OFDM Time domain
Transmit Diversity
analysis: Assume a channel that has the
harder to diagnose and more likely to occur.
Spatial Multiplexing following impulse response h(t). If we
send a pulse S(t) over this ...
Diversity combining
ii) More Expensive Twitter
Diversity As smart antennas are extremely complex, utilizing the latest in
processing technology they are far more expensive than traditional 4G Communication
antennas. However this cost must be weighed against the cost of
Free-Space Path Loss
frequency space.
Transmit and Receive
Signal Models

February (4)
iii) Larger Size
Due to the antenna arrays which are utilized by smart antenna systems,
they are much larger in size than traditional systems. This can be a
problem in a social context, as antennas can be seen as ugly or

iv) Location
The location of smart antennas needs to be considered for optimal
operation. Due to the directional beam that swings from a smart antenna
locations which are optimal for a traditional antenna is not for a smart
antenna. For example in a road context, smart antennas are better
situated away from the road, unlike normal antennas which are best
situated along the road.

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