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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

Eng. Qasim: Project Manager 0777754943
Eng. Sufi: Engineering 0777754942

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

President Message
On behalf of my organization, I cordially welcome you to JDCC (Jahan Design Construction
Company). I thank you for your interest in learning more about JDCC and invite you to
explore the many interesting facets of our firm. JDCC dedicated professionals continually
add new luster to our portfolio of challenging and significant projects today and future as

In JDCC we believe in three Ps (People, Planet and Profit). People are our clients,
customers, friends, partners, family members and all human kind in the planet. We as a team
of engineers are strictly committed to create value to the people. It is our vision. A real value
is trust between us and all other people. Mutual respect, caring about others needs, quality
products and satisfaction are what we are here for. Planet is our mother earth, we believe.
Taking care about our environment, keeping the earth clean, beautiful and natural looking is
our mission. Wild life is respectful for us. Working for reducing global warming, climate
change and wild life extinction is our mission. Profit is what we are gaining from our
business. It is why we are in business. We want to make profit, because we have to grow our
ideas and implement them. We need money to prepare our self for future. The future is closer
than you think. Make money today and prepare self for tomorrow.

Believe it or not, there was nothing yesterday. But, today there are a lot of things. There was
disappointment and problem. But, today there is hope and opportunities. Why? Because,
now; a global team is working in Afghanistan. Strong partners are involved in reconstruction
and renovation. There is a big will and intention. And this brings change.

The last decades of civil war catapulted the nation backwards therefore all progress was lost
which meant that we, as a nation, had to start at the very beginning all over again. Continuous
struggles and efforts are required to get back on track and I really appreciate support of
International Forces and Donor Agencies who are devoting their time and efforts to pave the
way for a bright and prosperous future. I and my team have good experience of working in
Afghanistan and have implemented many projects for US Army, ISAF, Government of
Afghanistan, PRTs and other agencies since 2010. I strongly believe that things are getting
better and many changes have already taken place.

Road Constructions, Infrastructures, Education, Agriculture, Peace and Security, Electricity,

Water Supply, Canalization, Airports Upgrading, ANA and ANP Upgrading are just a few
real examples of achievements that can be observed during the past decade.
This Nation was in a dire need of such a revolution to take place in and required hard work,
dedication, sacrifices and close cooperation of International Security Forces. I hope we all
remain co-operative and unite to build a unique and prosperous Afghanistan, I have the
experience of working on different projects with different organizations witnessing great
changes in related fields which was only possible with the help of locals who were supporting
reconstruction, increasing stability and full co-operation with International Forces to bring
peace and stability as well as unite to fight against terrorism and ignorance.

I think these changes will allow Afghanistan to excel as a stable country in the forthcoming
decades and will show the world, that even though we lost everything in the war, we quickly
regained everything which nobody was expecting. The forthcoming generations will

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

guarantee a bright future for their followers and will lead them to live with peace, comfort
and serenity.

At the end I will invite all forthcoming generations to start working immediately and fight
against terror and drugs in order to develop a bright future and ensure that as a country,
Afghanistan remains free from the production of terrorism and drugs.

With Warm Regards,

Haji Turyalai Wali

CEO of Jahan Design Co. (JDCC)

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43


Organizational Chart
Deputy Director

General Manager Director Senior Engineer

Admin/Logistics Development Survey/Design Structure Design
Officer Manager Engineer Eng.

Finance Officer IT Specialist Survey Engineer QA/QC Engineer

Operation Officer IT Assistant Site Engineer Electrical Engineer

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

Jahan Design Company (JDCC) is a result-based oriented company, because it has a
dedicated and fully qualified designed construction team, self-motivated and energetic .
And we guarantee quality work.

Jahan Design is an indigenous Afghan private company, carrying out construction,

rehabilitation, provision of construction materials and road building activities in all over
Afghanistan with the objective: To contribute in rebuilding of Afghanistan through
planning, designing, execution of construction/rehabilitation work and provision of
construction materials,.

Our Specialization:

Construction and Engineering

Estimation and Design
Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Services and Supply
Logistics and Procurement
Technology and Communication
Security and Safety
Renovation and Refurbishment
Site cleaning and improvement


Jahan Design Company (JDCC) envisions becoming the best, sustainable and leading
construction company through the provision of high-standard, efficient and well managed
service to its clients. JDCC utilizes P3 sure track software in the overall construction project
life cycle.


JDCC is committed to quality - this means delivering services and products which continually
satisfy clients expectations and maintain our competitive advantage.

JDCC maintains daily progress reports photos in its site management


Jahan Design company has been providing construction/rehabilitation services and provision
of construction supplies for residents of Afghanistan, governmental departments, UN
agencies, aid organization (NGOs), embassies, Coalition Forces, ISAF, US Army, US
construction firms etc


JDCC is an engineering firm specialized in the survey, designing, construction of roads,

bridges, buildings (clinics & schools), ANA/ANP complexes, retaining/protection walls,

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

irrigation systems, karizes, intakes, digging/drilling of wells and tube wells as well as
providing the rental service of heavy equipment of newest types the latest model, with its
slogan (Today, Tomorrow, Your Perfect Partner" Helping to Build Your Dreams)

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

Owned Equipment Pictures

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

We are uniquely qualified to offer:

1. Surveys and Designs
2. Building and construction of roads/highways
3. K-Span and pre-engineered facilities
4. Vertical and horizontal construction
5. Building and construction of bridges/culverts
6. Building and designing of runways / taxiways
7. Construction of buildings (ANA/ANP complexes, schools, clinics, protection walls,
hospitals and dormitory & K-Span structure of all sizes)
8. Suspension bridges and wooden boots
9. Construction of irrigations systems/canals/wells & tube wells

We have earned our reputation for excellence in the construction industry. Our scope of
experience provides a unique perspective that follows us to optimize the efforts of the
owners, designers and prime contractors by avoidance of the un-expectations. JDCC is
active in a number of industry sectors, housing, and provide a wide range of professional
services related to the construction business.


JDCC is managed through a team of Executive Body comprising Company President, Vice-
President, Managing Director, Project Manager, Admin/Finance Manager,
Procurement/Contract Manager and Business Development Manager.

There are approximately 15 full time employees working with our company involved in
delivering different services. The Executive Body is responsible for taking on new projects and
finalizing company decisions and project proposals. All new policies and proposals must be
presented to the executive body for review, consultation, advice and give it to the firm
President or Managing Director for final approval. In addition, the executive body ensures to
be updated on the overall activities and the status of the company in terms of progress,
strengths, weaknesses, achievements, problems and all possible solutions.

JDCC actively works in all provinces of Afghanistan & has the capability to deploy

JDCC Personnel and Administration

JDCC recognizes that the achievement of the organization depends on the quality, effort and
co-operation of its employees. We have a responsibility towards our employees, to provide a
high standard of employment and working conditions, to treat employees fairly and equitably
and to provide them with opportunities to help them develop and achieve a sense of
satisfaction from their work.

In every project, there are, therefore, dedicated human resources professionals who assist the
line managers in the management and development of our staff. The Admin/Finance
department is responsible for the compilation and interpretation of policy in relation to the
recruitment, retention and development of company-wide human resources, in addition to a
number of people-related administrative activities.

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

Management of Survey, Design and Construction Process:

In the planning of facilities, Jahan Design Co. (JDCC) sees it

very important to recognize the close relationship between the
survey, design and construction. These processes can be
viewed as an integrated system. Broadly speaking, design is a
process of creating the description of a new facility, usually
represented by detailed plans and specifications; construction
planning is a process of identifying activities and resources
required to make the design a physical reality. Hence,
construction is the implementation of a design envisioned by
architects and engineers. In both design and construction, numerous operational tasks are to
be performed with a variety of precedence and other relationships among the different tasks.

JDCC recognizes that there are several unique characteristics to the planning of construction
facilities and we will keep them in mind even at the very early stage of the project life cycle,
these include the following. In most cases facilities are custom designed and constructed, and
utilize phased review process. Both the design and construction of a facility must satisfy the
conditions of all contract documents.

Because each project is site specific, its execution is influenced by natural, social and other
local conditions such as weather, labor supply, government standards, etc. JDCC strives to
overcome all obstacles that lead to project delays and decline of quality.

In an integrated system, the planning for both design and construction can proceed almost
simultaneously, examining various alternatives which are desirable from both viewpoints and
thus eliminating the necessity of extensive revisions under the guise of value engineering.

Furthermore, the review of designs with regard to their constructability can be carried out as
the project progresses from planning to design. For example, if the sequence of assembly of
a structure and the critical loadings on the partially assembled structure during construction
are carefully considered as a part of the overall structural design, the impacts of the design
on construction false-work and on assembly details can be anticipated. However, if the design
professionals are expected to assume such responsibilities, they must be rewarded for sharing
the risks as well as for undertaking these additional tasks.

Value engineering may be broadly defined as an organized approach in identifying

unnecessary costs in design and construction and in soliciting or proposing alternative design
or construction technology to reduce costs without sacrificing quality or performance
requirements. It usually involves the steps of gathering pertinent information, searching for
creative ideas, evaluating the promising alternatives, and proposing a more cost effective
alternative. This approach is usually applied at the beginning of the construction phase of the
project life cycle. JDCC utilizes all best value engineering techniques

The potential project management unit (PMU) will conduct regular site visits to gain insight in
preparing and evaluating the temporary facility for the project. They will verify access roads,
security measures, water, electric and other service utilities in the immediate vicinity, with the
view of finding suitable locations for temporary facilities and the field office in consultation
with the line ministry and local authorities after approval of the contacting officer.

The PMU will also observe any interference of other facilities with construction if existing and

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

develop a plan for site security during construction. In examining site conditions, particular
attention will be paid to environmental factors such as drainage, groundwater and the
possibility of floods, and most importantly the security situation and coordination with de-
mining agencies regarding UXO in the area.

In general, the JDCC management for construction projects is consisted of three stages that
take place between the time in which the firm starts the plan for the construction of a facility
through the completed closeout process. These are


i) The estimate stage:

This stage involves the development of a cost and

duration estimate for the construction of a facility as
part of the project plan. It is the stage in which
assumptions of resource commitment to the
necessary activities to build the facility are made by
the firm. A careful and thorough analysis of different
conditions imposed by the construction project
design and by site characteristics are taken into
consideration to determine the best estimate. It is
our belief that the success of a project depends
upon this estimate, not only to obtain a job but also
to construct the facility with the highest profit. Jahan Design will look for the time-cost
combination that will allow the firm to be successful in his commitment.

ii) The monitoring and control stage:

In the monitoring and control stage of the construction process, the Head of PMU and
other technical managers will have to keep constant
track of both the project activities' durations and
ongoing costs. Constant and careful monitoring from
the activities is necessary until the project is
complete. The PMU will coordinate any deviation and
incompliance from the project actual plan with the
firm Executive Body to subsequently update the
project Clients and other concerned bodies. Parallel
to the construction progress or process the required
information about the project will be collected. In
case of a road construction project this information could be consisted but not limited to
the collection of information regarding geometry design of the area, Topographic survey,
the road constructed structures.

iii) The evaluation and exit stage:

This stage is the one in which results of the construction process are matched against the
estimate by the PMU and the concluded results are used as lessons learned for

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

improvement of implementation of similar construction projects and introducing

corresponding adjustments in the future. Before phase the remained project debris,
rubbles and trash will be removed from the area and the area will be prepared to its
original shape.


Project Management refers to a project management team consisting of the professional

construction team and other participants/members who will carry out the tasks of survey,
project planning, design and construction in an integrated manner. Contractual relationships
among members of the team are intended to minimize adversarial relationships and contribute
to greater response within the project management unit. The relationship between the firm
professional construction team and owner is to:

Work with the firm owner from the beginning and make recommendations on the
design improvements, construction technology, schedules and construction
Propose design and construction alternatives if appropriate, and analyze the effects
of the alternatives on the project cost and schedule,
Monitor subsequent development of the project in order that these targets are not
exceeded without the knowledge of the owner,
Coordinate procurement of material and equipment and the work of all
construction material suppliers, and check payments to trade
subcontractors/suppliers, changes, claims and inspection for conforming design
Perform other project related services as required by owners.

Project Management Unit (PMU) in our firm is usually used when a project is very large or
complex. The Head of Project Management Unit, in the broadest sense of the term, is the
most important person for the success or failure of the project. The PMU Head is responsible
for planning, organizing and controlling the project. In turn, the PMU Head will receive
authority from the Executive Body of the Firm to mobilize the necessary resources to complete
a project. The project manager must be able to exert interpersonal influence in order to lead
the project team.
Although as we all know that the owner and construction personnel team may have different
perceptions on the project management for construction, but we have a common interest in
creating an environment leading to successful projects in which performance quality,
completion time and final costs are within prescribed limits and tolerances.


A variety of different approaches are possible and used for quality and safety control during
the project implementation based on the nature of project. Jahan Design follows the model
of group responsible for quality assurance and group responsible for safety. In all projects we
are dedicated to quality assurance and to safety of project, which we assign specific individuals
to assume responsibility for these functions on particular projects from among project staff or
subcontract another professional company. However, for smaller projects, the project
manager or an assistant is assigned to these and other responsibilities. In addition to these,
the project manager is concerned of personnel, cost, time and other management issues.

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

These Quality Assurance Teams are responsible that in addition to on-site inspections, samples
of materials and constructed work will be tested by specialized laboratories to insure
compliance. Inspectors to insure compliance with regulatory requirements will also be

As well as a part from the assigned official team or individual to insure Quality control, all the
staff involved in the project implementation will be encouraged to do Quality Control as a
primary objective of their work.

In addition to the various firm bodies involved in quality control, issues of quality control arise
in virtually all the functional areas of construction activities. Such as insuring accurate and
useful information is an important part of maintaining quality performance. Other aspects of
quality control include document control (including changes during the construction process),
procurement, field inspection and testing, and final checkout of the facility.

Quality control in construction typically involves ensuring compliance with minimum standards
of material and workmanship in order to ensure the performance of the facility according to
the design. These minimum standards are to be considered as specified by the clients.

Health & Safety of employees and subcontractors:

Jahan Design Company has a documented Health & Safety Policy and
Safety Action Plan and is fully committed to its written Health & Safety
Policy Statement. These documents ensure that all employees and
sub-contractors both within our premises and on our clients sites
clearly understand their obligation to themselves, to our clients and
to their employers in respect of Health & Safety.

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

Road projects:
Project name: 10 km Road from TirinKhowt to Oshay in Uruzgan Province
Project number: W917PM-059e0reri9
Country: Afghanistan
Year: 2011
Duration: 6 months
Client: Prosima international
Project manager: Roy Chlela
Project value: 2,000,000.00USD
Project name: 4 km Road from Ghazni to Jaghato in Ghazni Province
Project number: W93dlf-06-98-340
Country: Afghanistan
Year: 2012
Duration: 6 months
Client: Prosima international
Project manager: Roy Chlela
Project value: $500,000.00USD
Project name: 26 km Road from Ghazni to Andar in Ghazni Province
Project number: W57Pw-0634-593
Country: Afghanistan
Year: 2014
Duration: 6 months
Client: Prosima international c/o
SSG Offshore
Project manager: Roy Chlela
Project value: $3,000,000.00USD
Project name: 9 km Road from Moquar to Waza Khwa in Paktika Province
Project number: W91g043-fo-345
Country: Afghanistan
Year: 2013
Duration: 6 months
Client: Prosima international
Project manager: Roy Chlela
Project value: $2,000,000.00USD

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

K-Span Projects:
Funding Completed
No. Project Description Location
Agency/Client date
K-Span Facility
Construction Project
consisted of: design, Shindand,
USACE and 3 4 2012
supply, delivery and Herat,
1 Afghan (as
implementation of six Afghanist
Government. scheduled)
40x50m training, an
warehouses, and armor
depot facilities.
Design and Installation of Kabul
USACE Army 25 8
3 K-Span facilities in Airfield,
2 Corps of 2010 (as
support of Afghan Afghanist
Engineers` scheduled)
National Army garrisons. an
Construction of a K-Span
3 facility (15x35) in Helmand 2012
Helmand, Camp Shorab

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

NO Project Title and Location Date Budget Client

1 Feyzabad City Hospital, March 27, 2011 $ 8,235,000.00 Aga Khan
Feyzabad City, Badakhshan Development
Province, Afghanistan Network
2 Headquarter Building January 11, $ 2,500,000.00 The First Micro
upgrades and rehabilitation, 2012 Finance Bank
Pole khumri, Baghlan,
3 Silo Power House, Kishm October 19, $ 3,716,000.00 GIZ
District Center, Badakhshan 2014
Province, Afghanistan
4 Renovation of Alishing July 21, 2013 $ 4,000,000.00 UNDP
Water System (Irrigation),
Alishing District, Laghman
Province, Afghanistan

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

Item of
Description Condition Ownership
New and the
Leveling set (Total station,
complete set
theodolite, auto level,
containing 1
Leveling tripod, GPS, Binoculars,
theodolite, 1 tripod, Owned
instruments Laser, BT1E0701 Automatic
1 GPS, 2 Binoculars,
level) Germany made used
1 BT1E0701 is
within 3 years
Engine 4,330 CC (400HP);
Trucks for Odometer:143,166mi; Lift
Condition: Very
transportation of Gate: Yes; Classification:
Good; Owned
construction Medium Duty;
Quantity: 2
material Make: Isuzu, Japan;
Year: 2000
ABM MIC120 K-span Arch
Sheet Roll Forming Machine
Brief Info:
Arch sheet molding machine
produces sell-locked
corrugated roof panel. It
mainly consists of uncoiled
and its base, coil sheet
guiding equipment, roll
forming system, post-cutting
equipment, controlling
system, and panel Condition: Very
USA Made K-Span
supporter. Good; Rented
ABM Machine.
Arch sheet molding machine
1. Size: 800022001900mm
2. Total Weight: around
3. Controlling System: PLC
4. Main Motor Power:
5. Working Speed:
6. Min. Radius: R=12000mm
7. Max. Span: 38000mm
Output Capacity 35 cum/hr.
Compartment Bin 4 nos.
Concrete plants Owned
Aggregate Charging Yes
Conveyor 20 cum

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

Storage Capacity Yes

Cement / Filler Weighing Yes
System Yes
Water Weighing Tank Optional
Water Storage Tank Twin Shaft Mixer
Admixture Weighing System 60 mm.
Mixer 0.5
Maximum Size of Aggregate Yes
Batch Capacity Swivel Type
Air Compressor Swivel Type
Screw Conveyor for Cement (Optional)
Screw Conveyor for Fly ash Yes
Cement Filling Hoper PLC-AUTOMATIC
Control System Rear-Tandem Axle X
Mobility 4 nos tyres
Discharge Conveyor 8 mtr. length
Connected Load (Optional)
Weight Approx. 34 kw
10 tons
Powered by Sauer PTO
transmission. Complete with
extension chutes and wash-
down hose; Renault Kerax
model DCI 370 fitted with
Condition: New;
Concrete Mixer Euro 3, 370bhp Renault Owned
Quantity: 3
engine, 8x4, 32 ton gvw
cab/chassis. Only 1,000kms
Make: Germany;
Year: 2005
ISKCO Handy-Vib Concrete
Vibrator 2 1/2ft. Hard
Shaft Head, 1.25in. Dia.
Vibrator Head, Model#
Condition: New
Vibrator HV32DT; Owned
Quantity: 2
VPN: 12000;
Power: >2HP;
Make: Germany;
Year: 2007
Caterpillar 206B FT Rubber
Weight: 20T
Condition: Excellent
Excavator Leveling Blade Fitted Owned
Quantity: 1
Safety Check valves fitted to
hydraulic cylinders, Digging
Bucket, Third Valve built in

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

for pear application + Tow

Make: United Kingdom;
Year: 2006
Engine: 6 cylinder diesel
engine; Type: D 846 TI A5;
Water cooled, output: 338
Steering: ZF-Hydro-
SERVOCOM steering, 2
circuit system with hydraulic
servo device and additional
emerg. Pump,
Chassis: Self-manufactured,
Condition: Very
torsion-resistant box-type;
Crane Good To be Rented
Supporting system 4-point
Quantity: 1
system, extendable
hydraulically into horizontal
and vertical direction;
Travel drive: hydrostatic
travel drive, 3 axel piston
variable displacement
pumps are driven within
closed oil circuit. Make: LTC
Year: 2006
Packing: Carton With Steel
Model NO.: SPC160;
Standard: 160kgs
Productivity:1000 Units Per
Condition: New
Compactor Month Owned
Quantity: 2
HS Code: 8430610000
Trademark: CONSMAC
Certificates: CE
Make: Honda, Japan;
Year: 2008
Packing: Carton
Model NO.: SP-1
Standard: 2 Inch
Water Pump for HS Code: 84136090 Condition: New
curing Trademark: CONSMAC Quantity: 2
Discharge Dia: 2inch, 3inch;
Make: Honda, Japan;
Year: 2008
1550 Gallon Water Storage Condition: New
Curing Tank Owned
Tank - Dark Green Quantity: 2

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

Capacity: 1,550 Gallons

Wall Rating: Water Only
Color: Dark Green
Inlet: 1-1/2 " FPT
Outlet: 2 " FPT
Manway/Lid: 16 " Diameter
Weight: 214 lbs
Diameter/Width: 87.00"
Height: 67.00" Length: 0.00"
Make: Afghanistan
Year: 2011
250 KVA, Prime rated;
3 ph, 50 Hz,
Condition: very
Diesel Engine;
Electric generator good Owned
Quantity: 1
Make: Perkins, England;
Year: 2004
Condition: excellent
Sieve Complete set Owned
Quantity: 1
Condition: excellent
Drilling Machine N/A Owned
Quantity: 1
Model: 12SP-8
12 CM/h Condition: New
Borehole Pump Owned
10 HP Quantity: 2
Max Head: 371 at 50 lit/min
Grader/Loaders See pictures

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Jahan Design - House No. 320, Lane No. 3, Street No. 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul, Afghanistan 0799 43 43 43

Contact US:

House # 320, 3rd Sub Street on the right

Street # 15, Wazir Akbar Khan,
Kabul - Afghanistan.
Phone: 0799-434343 & 0777-707072

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