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Middx, HA2DE

Dear Sir/Madame,

I have enclosed my application for the Summer internship position in at Consensys. I am a recent graduate
from the University of Warwick with a First-Class degree. This internship presents a chance the best
opportunity for me to have a real impact in the Cryptocurrency world that Ive been following online for
the last few years, whilst being able to abilities and my passion for the space.

I first discovered the cryptocurrency world through online forums in 2014 and was drawn to the libertarian
philosophy underlying many of the seminal white papers at the time as well as the obvious potential of
Blockchain technology. I was given the opportunity to write a research project (I have included a Dropbox
link for the paper) for the Institute of Economic Affairs one of the UKs most renown think tanks on
the possible economic implications of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. I envisioned a future Hayekian-esque
world of competing cryptocurrencies wherein the dominant currency within a country is decided solely by
market forces. While I missed the mark by understating the potential of the Ethereum protocol and the
possible application of smart contracts, the experience did convince me that this industry would
fundamentally change the way humans interact with each other over the next 20 years.

My other internships at Africa Merchant Capital and Goldman Sachs within their corporate advisory and
asset management divisions at helped developed my analytical and team -working skills which will help
me succeed in the Business Analyst role. In both roles, I was tasked with liaising with clients around the
world to scope investment opportunities whilst also helping my senior colleagues manage their firms
current portfolios. Moreover, my role as the President of the Warwick Philosophy, Politics & Economics
Society, my work organising the Warwick Fused V (800+ capacity) annual world music concert, or even
my time as a University Student Ambassador display my ability to lead, but also to work well with other
people to achieve a singular goal. Moreover, my love of communicating complex ideas and concepts -
whether in philosophy, music, technology, or finance - makes this role ideal for me.

My course has taught me how to write and speak about complex topics such as mathematic logic,
cognitive science, and social choice theory; therefore, I am perfectly placed to bring these skills to the
work that Consensys in whatever position required of me. While the internship is not scheduled for next
summer, I am entirely flexible and would be willing to start much earlier (October onwards).

Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Ige