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Name : Putu Widhi Aprilia

NRP : 4215100017
Class : Maintenance Management B

PDAM Pipeline Leakage

Water Supply Company (PDAM) is a company that handles clean water to be distributed to district
in Indonesia. Various problem faced by PDAM today, such as : the high level of leakage water produced,
damage on water meter customer, turbid water and many more. One of the reason is technical problem. The
condition of aged distribution pipelines can cause damage to the pipes and risk to company, customers,
communities and the environment around the damaged pipe. In Banyuwangi, water distribution system
managed by PDAM service. PDAM Banyuwangi covers five districts, Giri, Banyuwangi City, Glagah,
Kalipuro and Kabat. The source of water used by PDAM comes from water springs and boreholes and
distributed through piping network with branch system principle using diameter pipes 50 mm 250 mm
along 274.857 m. Water Supply Company (PDAM) in Banyuwangi have problems with water leakage
level. Water leakage during the last three years shows an increase in 2011 by 9,55 % to 26,77 % in 2013,
as seen in table 1.

Table 1. Historical Data of Water Loss

Years Water Production Water Distribution Water Sold Leakage Level
2011 7.078.492 6.687.813 6.050.301 9,55 %
2012 7.154.697 6.802.172 6.056.132 10,37%
2013 8.549.884 8.549.884 6.261.326 26,77%
Source : PDAM Area Banyuwangi, 2015

Leaks in pipes or pipelines connection cause water loss. The amount of water loss can be
determined by comparison of the amount of water distributed from the source to the customer. Based on
data from PDAM Banyuwangi in 2016, the amount of water distributed by PDAM is 9.626.326 m3/year,
while the amount of water that reaches the customer from the water meter data is 6.930.955 m3/year. From
the data it can be seen that the amount of water lost in a year during 2016 is 2.695.371 m3/year or 27,9 %.
The loss of water caused financial loss to PDAM Banyuwangi. The cause of pipeline leakage can be due to
various factors such as plumbing age, connection installation, and corrosion. The longer the age of the pipe,
then its strength decreases and has the potential to leak. Increase in percentage pipe leakage from year to
year can cause losses to companies and communities also feel the impact. Companies can do several ways
to prevent pipeline leakage. One of them is by implementing asset integrity management system. Asset
Integrity Management (AIM) is a standard of operating that aims to protect safety, equipment, health, and
environment. AIM ensures if we have the business process, system, tools or resources you need to ensure
integrity throughout the asset lifecycle. AIM does not apply merely to aging infrastructure; instead, it
considers all stages of the equipment life cycle, from conception, to engineering and design, construction,
operation, inspection, and finally to repair/replacement when necessary. For Water Supply Company, water
infrastructure is a major asset of significant value. Therefore it must be managed well from the planning
needs, provision of funds, procurement of assets, operation, maintenance. So the company need to
maximize the asset integrity management for manage asset company. The expectation of this solution are
decreasing the level of water leakage so people do not lack of clean water.

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