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Gold Advanced Exit test

Section 1: Vocabulary

1 Read the text and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap.

I rarely act on (1) ___ , so when my grandmother, felt somewhat in awe of her, as she seems
who has the most (2) ___ demeanour of anyone absolutely fearless (10) ___ I seem to be terrified
her age, suggested we go on a walking tour of (11) ___ everything. Gran and my parents have
Australia, I nearly passed out. Ive had a (3) ___ , never (12) ___ any demands on me and have
she told me last night. Lets have an adventure! allowed me to find my own way. They have
Gran is always telling me to make my (4) ___ on always been there to guide me but deep down I
the world, as she wants me to (5) ___ my potential. think they were all hoping that I would (13) ___
Sadly, I dont have her optimism and think that her Grans example. When she came up with her
belief is largely (6) ___ thinking on her part. She suggestion, I found lots of excuses not to go but
wants me to be as courageous as she was in her Gran (14) ___ a command at me: Go pack your
(7) ___ , when she travelled through Africa alone. bag one only. Nothing that (15) ___ up too much
I was brought up with her amazing stories about space! You do not want to argue with my gran
when she was (8) ___ with life-or-death choices, when shes like this. She looked up from the
all of which have been (9) ___ to my memory like computer. I can get tickets for tomorrow morning,
a digital library. But truth be told, I have always so go pack, she said, printing off our tickets.

1 A intuition B instinct C impulse D impression

2 A juvenile B infant C childish D youthful
3 A brainwave B brainteaser C brainstorm D brainchild
4 A sign B mark C success D hit
5 A gain B grow C fulfil D earn
6 A aspiring B ambitious C hopeful D wishful
7 A youth B infancy C adolescence D childhood
8 A encountered B tackled C faced D joined
9 A dedicated B committed C promised D compelled
10 A despite B whereas C otherwise D however
11 A from B by C of D for
12 A had B made C forced D kept
13 A practise B make C pursue D follow
14 A barked B coughed C groaned D muttered
15 A makes B puts C uses D take
/ 15

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2 Read the text. Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form
a word that fits in the gap in the same line.

Biodiversity refers to the (1) ____________ of ecosystems and living organisms VARY
and constitutes the (2) ____________ of life on Earth. It is vital to human FOUND
(3) ____________ on the planet. Without it, we would not have the basic SURVIVE
components of life: oxygen, food, freshwater, fertile soils, medicines, a stable
climate and so on. (4) ____________ , it is the one natural feature on Earth FORTUNE
which has been most affected by human (5) ____________ . The main reason ACT
for this is because it is impossible to put a price tag on biodiversity, so its
(6) ____________ importance has been largely ignored by financial markets, ECONOMY
whose (7) ____________ to this valuable resource has added to the DIFFER
(8) ____________ lack of strategic protection and conservation. SHAME
According to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, there are between five
and thirty million species on our planet but the (9) ____________ of only EXIST
around two million of those has been formally identified. Every day the
(10) ____________ of species is around 1,000 times more than it would EXTINCT
have been without human (11) ____________ , due to the INTERFERE
(12) ____________ of habitats and land being turned over to agriculture, DESTROY
to name but two causes. Climate change, over-exploitation, habitat loss and
fragmentation, pollution and the spread of (13) ____________ alien species INVADE
are contributing to the biggest disaster and loss of life since dinosaurs
disappeared from the planet around sixty-five million years ago.
/ 13

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Section 2: Grammar

3 Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence,
using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three
and six words, including the word given.

1 I am always upset when I hear about children starving in Africa.

I _________________________________ hear about children starving in Africa.

2 We have never told the staff that there might be redundancies.

At _________________________________ the staff that there might be redundancies.

3 They worked late and they didnt get paid for it.
Not _________________________________ they also didnt get paid for it.

4 She knows a lot about British history.

She _________________________________ British history.

5 My parents wouldnt let me train as an airline pilot.

My parents _________________________________ as an airline pilot.

6 Theres no chance whatsoever of getting tickets for the concert.

Its _________________________________ tickets for the concert.

7 We dont think hell be here before 2 oclock this afternoon.

He _________________________________ before 2 oclock this afternoon.

8 The company was in danger of going bankrupt last year.

The company _________________________________ last year.

9 She hasnt visited her parents for ages.

Its _________________________________ her parents.

10 I only know the truth because she told me.

If she hadnt told me, I _________________________________ the truth.
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11 Ill give you a set of keys because I might not be here when you return.
Ill give you a set of keys _________________________________ when you return.

12 My boss thought I had stolen some money from the office.

My boss _________________________________ some money from the office.

13 Hes a great speaker because of his enthusiasm for the subject.

His enthusiasm for the subject _________________________________ a great speaker.

/ 13

4 Complete the text. Use only one word for each gap.

In 1948, Garry Davis, a former American actor and B-17 bomber pilot went to the US Embassy in
Paris and declared that he (1) ____________ longer wished to be an American citizen but a citizen of
the world. (2) ____________ been through the Second World War, he could not (3) ____________
the thought of a third world war, which threatened as the Cold War (4) ____________ East and West
started to ignite. He went to the UN General Assembly and demanded (5) ____________ should
become a single world government, for the whole of the planet. His ideas gained many supporters,
(6) ____________ Albert Schweitzer and Albert Camus. He founded the World Government of
World Citizens, along with the World Service Authority (WSA) in 1953 in Ellsworth, Maine, USA.
Today anyone can apply (7) ____________ a World Passport, provided they fill in the application
form and send in their payment. The cheapest passport is for three years and costs $45; the most
expensive is a World Donor Passport, which lasts for fifteen years and is only issued on a donation of
at (8) ____________ $4,000 to the World Refugee Fund, which helps WSA provide documents for
needy refugees. A World Passport does not supersede a persons national passport, which, by nature,
is exclusive, in (9) ____________ to a World Passport, which is wholly inclusive. It represents the
ideal that we are all human beings who belong to one big family (10) ____________ of belonging to
sovereign states which are constantly vying for predominance. (11) ____________ Garry Davis own
words, The world passport opens the door. Anyone can get it. Everyone is a human being, everyone
has a right to travel. However, not every nation accepts the passport, (12) ____________ there is
evidence that more than 160 nations have stamped World Passports at some time or another,
(13) ____________ a case-by-case basis. Garry Davis died aged 92 in 2013, without seeing his dream
of a peaceful world come true. (14) ____________ his death, his dreams are not forgotten and the
organisation he created still carries his message to the world.

/ 14

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Section 3: Listening

5 06 You will hear five different speakers talking about dealing with forgetfulness.
While you listen, you must complete both tasks.

Task 1
For questions 15, choose from the list (AH) what the result of each speakers forgetfulness is.

A being unable to do something Speaker 1 (1) _____

B failing to deal with a problem Speaker 2 (2) _____
C feeling very worried Speaker 3 (3) _____
D appearing to be stupid Speaker 4 (4) _____
E being unable to get a message across Speaker 5 (5) _____
F disappointing someone
G ending a relationship
H infuriating someone

Task 2
For questions 6-10, choose from the list (A-H) the way each speaker chose to deal with the problem.

A taking photos of what they wish to recall Speaker 1 (6) _____

B recalling something connected to what they wish to remember Speaker 2 (7) _____
C recollecting the original learning experience Speaker 3 (8) _____
D acquiring a technological aid Speaker 4 (9) _____
E writing lists on small pieces of paper Speaker (10) _____
F having short written reminders
G creating an image of whats around them
H using a series of different techniques
/ 10

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Section 4: Reading

6 Read the article below and choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits
best according to the text.

1 What do we learn about Barbara 6 According to Mark Rosenzweig,

Arrowsmith-Young in the first paragraph?
A rats have much larger brains than people
A She has learned over the years how to think.
help her own child. B neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain
B When she was a child, it was thought that to keep on growing.
she would grow out of her problems. C Barbara would not be able to do anything
C Her particular problem went to improve her brain.
undiagnosed until she was a young D the brain requires regular and frequent
woman. stimulation to function normally.
D She believes that children need to be told
7 Barbaras attempt at improving her brain
if they are likely to find school difficult.
A ended up with her giving up from
2 How did her problem manifest itself?
extreme tiredness.
A She could understand the meaning of B made her feel as if her personality was
difficult words. changing.
B She found it hard to remember anything. C included spending a long time focusing
C She had amazing eyesight. on speed tests.
D She could seem quite stupid at times. D failed to help her make connections she
had always found difficult.
3 Her teachers at school
8 What do we learn about the traditional
A thought she was just being lazy.
attitude towards people with learning
B set exams that were too difficult.
C helped her with special lessons.
D said that she would be unable to pass A It was impossible to improve the
university entrance exams. performance of the brain.
B People were taught how to live with the
4 When Barbara was twenty-six years old, she
A was studying neuropsychology in Russia. C Brain exercises have always been a part
B discovered that she was not the only of dealing with learning disabilities.
person in the world with her problem. D They would never be able to function in
C started to write a book about her a modern society.
9 Barbara Arrowsmith-Young
D wrote to a Russian soldier who had the
same problems as she did. A has taught thousands of children to pass
5 What do we learn about the Russian soldier?
B says that every child is able to improve
A His language skills were those of a their brains as she did.
young child. C says if learning disabilities are not
B He knew that his injury had caused diagnosed quickly enough, people cannot
damage to his sight. find work.
C He believed that brain damage might be D says that childrens problems are often
the cause of his problem. not correctly recognised.
D His interpretation of his problem was
slightly different from Barbaras.

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How to rebuild your own brain
Its not the kind of thing you would ever forget. probability, this was the region of her own brain
When Barbara Arrowsmith-Young started school in that had been malfunctioning since she was born.
Canada in the early 1950s, her teacher told her
Then she read about the work of Mark Rosenzweig,
mother in her presence that she would never be
an American researcher who found that laboratory
able to learn. Having helped over 4,000 children
rats given a rich and stimulating environment
overcome exactly the same diagnosis, she can laugh
developed larger brains. Rosenzweig concluded that
at it. But she didnt at the time. Today Arrowsmith-
the brain continues developing rather than being
Young holds a masters degree in psychology and
fixed at birth: a concept known as neuroplasticity.
has published a groundbreaking book called The
Arrowsmith-Young decided that if rats could grow
Woman Who Changed Her Brain. But until she was
bigger and better brains, so could she.
in her mid-twenties, she was desperate, tormented
and often depressed. She didnt know what was She started devising exercises for herself to work
wrong. the parts of her brain that werent functioning. She
drew 100 two-handed clockfaces on cards and
On the one hand, she was brilliant with near-total
wrote the time each told on the back. Then she
auditory and visual memory. I could memorise
started trying to tell the time from each. She did this
whole books. On the other hand, she was a dolt. I
eight to ten hours a day, gradually becoming faster
didnt understand anything, she says. Meaning just
and more accurate.
never crystallised. Everything was fragmented,
disconnected. I was experiencing mental exhaustion like I had
never known, she says, so I figured something was
In exams, she sometimes got 100 percent but
happening. After three or four months of this, it
whenever the task involved reasoning and
really felt like something had fundamentally
interpretation she would fail dismally. The teachers
changed in my brain. I watched an edition of a news
didnt understand, she says. They thought I wasnt
programme and I got it. I read pages from ten
trying and I was often punished. To help her, her
books, and understood every single one. It was like
mother devised a series of flash cards with numbers
stepping from darkness into light.
and letters and, after much hard work, she achieved
literacy and numeracy of a sort, even getting into She developed more exercises, for different parts of
university, where she disguised her learning her brain, and found they worked, too. Now almost
disabilities by working twenty hours a day: I used 30, she was finally beginning to function normally.
to hide when the security guards came to close the It was revolutionary work, and not just for her. At
library at night, then come back out and carry on. that time, she says, all the work around learning
The breakthrough came when she was twenty-six. disabilities involved compensating for what learners
A fellow student gave her a book by a Russian couldnt do. It all started from the premise that they
neuropsychologist, Aleksandr Luria. The book were unchangeable.
contained his research on the writings of a highly Faced with little receptivity for her ideas,
intelligent Russian soldier, Lyova Zazetsky, who Arrowsmith-Young decided to found her own
had been shot in the brain during a battle, and school in Toronto in 1980; she now has thirty-five
recorded in great detail his subsequent disabilities. such schools. Thousands of children dismissed as
For the first time, Arrowsmith-Young says, I impossible to teach, have attended Arrowsmith
recognised somebody describing exactly what I schools and gone on to academic and professional
experienced. His expressions were the same: living success.
life in a fog. His difficulties were the same: he So much human suffering is caused by cognitive
couldnt tell the time from a clock, he couldnt tell mismatches with the demands of the task, says
the difference between the sentences The boy chases Arrowsmith-Young. So many wrong diagnoses get
the dog and The dog chases the boy. I began to see made, so many children get written off, so many
that maybe an area of my brain wasnt working. people take wrong decisions and end up in lives and
The bullet had lodged in a part of the brain where careers they did not choose for themselves but were
information from sight, sound, language and touch chosen for them by cognitive limitations that can be
is synthesised, analysed and made sense of. identified and strengthened. There is hope for these
Arrowsmith-Young began to realise that, in all people.
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Section 5: Writing

7 Choose the correct alternatives to complete the letter.

Dear Mr Jones,
I am writing with (1) regard/concern/referring/reply to your letter of 6 July, in (2) that/which/
where/it you claimed that we owe you 1,090 for work carried out on the company vehicle. We
(3) appreciate/like/would like/obliged to point out that there are several incorrect details in your letter.
(4) Secondly/Firstly/Finally/In addition, we agreed for work to be done up to the value of 500 but
stated that we should be informed if you considered that even more work would be required.
(5) Although/However/Alternatively/As a result, when we came to collect the vehicle, you presented us
with a bill for 1,090, which we refused to pay as it had not been agreed by a member of our staff. In
fact, there is no evidence to indicate that you tried to contact us.
(6) By contrast/Whereas/Furthermore/Likewise, the work you did carry out appears to have been both
unnecessary and sub-standard, (7) according/given/with reference/concerning to an expert who has
checked the vehicle.
As agreed, we have paid you the original 500 and have no intention of paying a further 590, which
was as a result of an error made by you.
I very much (8) hope/advise/ensure/look forward that this will be an end to the matter.

(9) Yours sincerely/Best wishes/Yours faithfully/Truly yours,

Brenda Maynard
8 Put the sentences (AG) in the correct order to make a report.

A My recommendations would therefore be to extend or refurbish the canteen and put the
managing contract out to tender.
B Another major issue appears to be the lecture theatres, which are now extremely outdated.
Considering that the building housing these was built over 100 years ago, it is no surprise that
they are not adequate any more.
C To sum up, the problems can be resolved by extending the canteen and finding better caterers,
and the new lecture block should be built as soon as possible on the land on the edge of the field.
D The aim of this report is to highlight the main problems in the college, identify the areas which
should be looked at more closely and make recommendations as to how this can be done.
E The main problem seems to lie with the student recreational areas. The canteen cannot
accommodate the growing number of students.
F My next recommendation concerns the lecture theatres. Unfortunately, a new purpose-built
building is needed and I would suggest that we look at using part of the field at the back of the
main buildings for this.
G In addition, the food offered on the premises is totally unsatisfactory as well as being overpriced.

1 _____ 2 _____ 3 _____ 4 _____ 5 _____ 6 _____ 7 _____


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Section 6: Speaking

9 Talk to your teacher about yourself and your views. You should:

say what you hope to be doing in five years time.

talk about the job you would do if you could have any job in the world.
describe the advantages and disadvantages of living in a world dependent on technology.
explain how you think technology will change over the next decade.
say what you think humanity has learned from history, if anything.

Your teacher will mark your presentation using the score card below. The teacher circles 1
mark if a student includes the area and 2 marks for communicating it accurately and
effectively. There is a maximum of 10 marks.

The student:
said what they hope to be doing in five years time. 1 2
talked about the job they would do if they could have any job in the world. 1 2
described the advantages and disadvantages of living in a world dependent 1 2
on technology.
explained how they think technology will change over the next decade. 1 2
said what they think humanity has learned from history. 1 2

/ 10
TOTAL: / 100

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